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Welcome to FishWEB, where you will find a daily report during the fish run season of the number of adult and jack chinook salmon returning to the Columbia and Snake Rivers.

NOTE: Fishweb is now in the off-season, from November through March, when counting is done by video tape, introducing delays in the reporting of counts. FishWEB's daily reports are on hiatus until fish counts pick up again in the Spring.

For complete records of previous years and current counts, please go to the DART Adult Passage Web site. For ongoing coverage, read the NewsData fish & wildlife newsletter NW Fishletter.

Bonneville Dam
Daily :: Cumulative
Lower Granite Dam
Daily :: Cumulative
Chinook Jacks Chinook Jacks
10/31/18: 0 :: 334,381 0 :: 43,498 0 :: 54,858 0 :: 8,575
10/31/17: 97 :: 485,620 10 :: 66,171 24 :: 62,372 8 :: 18,400
10/yr avg: 203 :: 787,944 38 :: 132,332 39 :: 116,944 39 :: 37,538

Data obtained from the DART Adult Passage Web site.

  • Cumulatively, the chinook run at Bonneville Dam this year is 42.4% of the 10-yr/avg. The cumulative jack run this year is 32.9% of the 10-yr/avg.
  • At Lower Granite Dam, the cumulative chinook run this year is 46.9% of the 10-yr/avg. The cumulative jack run this year is 22.8% of the 10-yr/avg.

Last update: Nov 01, 2018 12:42:46 PDT

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