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NWF.385/Sept. 4, 2018
Puget Sound Orcas' Plight Linked To Snake River Dam Removal
Some orca proponents say recovering Chinook runs in the Snake and Columbia rivers through increased spill and removal of the four lower Snake River dams is a vital component to saving southern resident killer whales from extinction. ...more
BPA Proposes Smaller Annual Budget For Fish Accords Extension Through 2022
The Bonneville Power Administration has renegotiated an extension of the Columbia Basin Fish Accords for four years with all its partners except the State of Washington, and has released the proposed agreements with states and tribes for public comment. ...more
Council OKs Hatchery Test For Pacific Lamprey Recovery
The Northwest Power and Conservation Council (NWPCC) voted Aug. 15 to approve the next step in a long-term plan to recover Pacific lamprey in the Columbia River Basin, but will leave the question of funding to the Bonneville Power Administration. ...more
More Small Fish Led To Undercount Of Idaho's Prized Steelhead Last Year
Biologists say last year's wild B-run steelhead count appeared exceptionally low because the return to Snake River upper tributaries included a large fraction of unexpectedly small fish. ...more
Task Force Releases Draft Goals For Salmon, Steelhead; Members Get Feedback
After two and a half years of work, a task force consisting of diverse interest groups, tribes and government agencies has agreed to a vision and released a draft of its provisional long-term goals for recovering salmon and steelhead in the Columbia River Basin. ...more
BPA, Idaho Reach $24 Million Settlement For Albeni Falls Dam Impacts
The Bonneville Power Administration has agreed to pay the State of Idaho $24 million to compensate for the operational impacts of Albeni Falls Dam on fish and wildlife habitat, permanently resolving any interests by the state for at least 30 years. ...more
Steelhead Fishing Closed On Large Section Of Columbia River
Washington and Oregon closed a large section of the Columbia River and the lower John Day River to steelhead fishing on Aug. 27 due to poor returns. ...more
USGS Finds Fish Surface Collectors Performance Varies Widely
U.S. Geological Survey research has found that performance varies widely for floating surface collectors used in Washington and Oregon to capture juvenile salmon and steelhead at high-end dams on their migration downstream. ...more
BPA Outlines 2018 Spill Surcharge For NWPCC
Bonneville Power Administration officials outlined the methods and reasoning behind the agency's 2018 spill surcharge, in a presentation to the Northwest Power and Conservation Council on Aug. 15. ...more
Late Intervenor Approved By FERC, Another Applies In Klamath Dam Removal Case
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approved a request by the Klamath River Outfitters Association to become a late intervenor, and is being asked to grant another late intervenor request, by the city of Yreka, Calif., in commission proceedings that would split PacifiCorp's Klamath Project license in half and transfer the lower four projects to the Klamath River Renewal Corp. for removal [P-2082, P-14803]. ...more

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