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NWF.211/March 9, 2006
BiOp Plaintiffs Call For Five-Month Extension Of Remand Process

Earthjustice attorney Todd True, representing plaintiff environmental and fishing groups in the ongoing litigation over the hydro BiOp [NWF v. NMFS], filed a motion last week in U.S. District Court in Oregon to extend the remand process until March 2007. Judge James Redden had given the parties a year to produce a new BiOp after he tossed the 2004 opinion and ordered a new remand last October. ...more

Salmon Managers Fight Corps Over Spill For March Hatchery Release

Mid-level policy managers have rejected a request to allow five days of spill in early March to help millions of Spring Creek hatchery fall chinook get past Bonneville Dam. They were handed the task by the Corps of Engineers, which had punted on the request by salmon managers. In the end, the salmon managers lost the fight, with the Corps citing recent data that showed more fish would probably die if spill was added. ...more

Spending For West Coast Chinook Tops ESA Expenditures By Federal Agencies

Federal agencies spent more than $161 million on ESA-listed West Coast chinook stocks in FY 2004, out of a total $1.2 billion funded for ESA activities, according to an annual report released by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Department. ESA expenditures accounted for another $205 million in spending by state agencies. ...more

Judge Redden Dismisses Irrigators' Cross-Claims In Upper Snake BiOp Case

U.S. District Court judge James Redden has dismissed cross-claims by three irrigation districts in Oregon. The cross-claims were in response to litigation over NOAA Fisheries' BiOp on Upper Snake River water operations by the Bureau of Reclamation [American Rivers v. NOAA Fisheries and Bureau of Reclamation]. ...more

Enviros Say Canadian Sockeye Runs In Big Trouble

A report commissioned by the Sierra Club of Canada says at least 38 British Columbia sockeye runs are endangered, with a good chance that many more are at risk as well. ...more

Harvest Managers Weigh West Coast Fishing Options

State, federal and tribal fisheries managers are meeting all week in Seattle to come up with options for this summer' commercial and recreational salmon fishing regimes. ...more

Washington OK's Bonds For Water Studies

A key element in the recent legislation on the future of Washington state's management of its share of the Columbia River water passed into law yesterday when state politicians passed the 2006 supplemental budget. The budget includes bonding authority to fund $20 million in annual spending over the next 10 years to pay for $132 million in studies and $68 million for conservation projects. ...more

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