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1. Report Finds 'Good Potential' For Fish Passage Above Grand Coulee
2. Shad Post Record Returns; 6.85 Million And Counting
3. Managers Ask For Expanded Lethal Removal Of Sea Lions On Lower Columbia
4. Perspectives: View Of Fish And Wildlife Program Ebbs And Flows With The Fishes
5. Flex Agreement's Spring Spill Ends; Analysis Begins
6. Dim Forecast For Spring Chinook Returns Got Dimmer
7. Added Fish Passage, Efficiency Expected With New Turbine Design
8. Columbia Basin Runoff Occurring Early This Year
9. Judge Declines To Order Willamette Drawdowns, Spills
10. Oregon's Water Temperature Plans Due By 2027
11. Data Lacking For Economic Analysis Of Northern Pike
12. No Reprieve For Washington In Latest Drought Forecast
13. Brief Mentions: Updates On Lawsuits, FERC Filings, Agency Actions

1. ISAB Finds Northern Pike Will 'Likely' Invade Rest of Columbia
2. EIS Alternatives Range From Low Carbon To 125 Percent TDG Spill
3. Chinook Holding Back At Little Goose As Managers 'Adapt' Flexible Spill Deal
4. Corps Proposes Underwater Construction At Detroit Dam
5. Idaho Conference Perspective: The Power Of Collaboration
6. Washington DOE Proposing 125-Percent TDG Rule Change
7. Columbia Riverkeeper Answers EPA's Appeal, Files New Lawsuits
8. Hells Canyon Complex Wins Water Quality Certification
9. Washington Drought Worries Fish Managers More Than Power Generators
10. Idaho Highlights Fish Accords In NWPCC Overview
11. BPA OKs Plan To Offset Most of Spill Costs This Year With Fish And Wildlife Cuts And Reductions
12. Poor Returns Means Reduced Fishing In Columbia Basin
13. Brief Mentions: Invasive Mussels, Willamette EIS, Klamath Dams

1. Idaho Congressman Surprises Crowd With Dam Removal Talk
2. Examination Of Dam Removal Expected To Start This Summer
3. Indegenous Nations In Canada--But Not U.S.--Join Treaty Talks
4. Oregon, Idaho Sign Deal On Hells Canyon Fish Passage
5. EPA Lays Out Columbia-Snake Temperature Appeal Argument
6. Flexible Spill: No Surcharge, But Plenty Of Discussion
7. Some BPA Transmission Corridors Double As Wildlife Refuge
8. Oregon F&W Says Sea Lion Removal Has Boosted Willamette Steelhead
9. Washington Modifies Dissolved Gas Standard For Flexible Spill
10. NOAA Fisheries Finds Jeopardy Unlikely From Operating Federal Dams
11. Corps Announces Plan to Develop New EIS for Willamette Projects
12. Klickitat Hatchery Reform Aims To Help Wild Chinook
13. Contract Awarded For Initial Work On Klamath Dam Removal
14. Columbia Closes To Chinook, Sockeye Fishing This Summer
15. PacifiCorps Plans Major Restoration Work In Lewis River
16. New Scanners Installed At Bonneville Dam To Help Automate Fish Counts
17. Groups Sue To Reduce Fishing, Help Orcas
18. April Showers Improve Water Supply, But 'Good Portion' Of Washington Remains Dry
19. Brief Mentions: Endangered Rivers, Invasives, Pikeminnow

1. Wealth Of Data Gathered In Month-Long International Salmon Expedition
2. Ocean Conditions Shift, Tentatively Offering Good News For Future Returns
3. Fish Managers Predict Another Dismal Year For Columbia's Salmon, Steelhead Runs
4. Experts: As Climate Warms, Orcas Will Feel Impacts On Many Levels
5. Public Urges Washington To 'Stand Strong' On EPA Water Quality Certifications
6. Montana Seeks Compensation For Libby Dam Storage In Next Treaty
7. Tribes Helping Repeat Spawners To Boost Idaho's B-Run Steelhead
8. In Throes Of Change, BPA Describes Issues Facing Fish And Wildlife Program
9. Corps Proposes Trap-And-Haul For Cougar Dam Passage
10. Low Flows From Cold, Dry Weather Causing Columbia Basin Fish Problems
11. Protest By Competing Contractor Delays Fish Count Reports
12. Hearing On Willamette Injunction Set For April 4
13. Council Releases Annual Fish And Wildlife Costs Report
14. Chelan PUD, Columbia Riverkeeper Settle Over Oil Leaks
15. Burbot Make A Comeback In Idaho's Kootenai River
16. Idaho, Tribe Launch Plan To Reduce Northern Pike
17. Idaho Governor Appoints Jeffery Allen To Northwest Power And Conservation Council

1. Washington State Jumps Into Water Temperature Certification At Federal Dams
2. Bipartisan Support Delivers Wins For Farmers, Fish In Once-Contentious Yakima Basin
3. Report: Stable Snowpack Not Likely To Continue In Coming Decades
4. NW Power And Conservation Council Gets Spill Overview From Feds, States, Tribes
5. Orca Recovery, Flexible Spill Agreement Among Reasons For Dissolved Gas Proposal
6. Walleye: Ravenous Salmon Predator Or Popular Sport Fish?
7. Montana Intercepts 16 Out-Of-State Vessels With Mussels
8. Oregon Releases Fourth Climate Assessment Report
9. Orca Bills Aim To Help Whales With Prey, Noise And Pollution
10. Poor Return Forecasts Curtail Columbia River Chinook Fishing
11. Marion County, Salem Ask Judge To Deny Injunction, Halt Detroit Dam Tower

1. Seattle Company Awaits Permits To Send Chinook Over Chief Joseph
2. New Baby Orca, New Study Offer Hope For Survival
3. WDFW Seeks $6.4 Million For New Hatchery Salmon For Orcas
4. States, Tribes Gear Up To Remove Nuisance Steller Sea Lions
5. Appeals Court Rules Against FERC In Klamath Project Clean Water Act Delays
6. FERC Agrees 'Plan B' Needed For More Klamath Dam Removal Funds
7. Washington's 'State of Salmon' Report Finds Much Work Is Still Needed
8. Action Agencies Expedite Release Of Columbia Basin Federal Dam EIS To 2020
9. Columbia Riverkeeper Appeals Court Decision That Allowed Another EPA Delay
10. Fishermen Earn $1.4M Catching 180,271 Northern Pikeminnows
11. BPA Offers Final Update On 2019 Fish And Wildlife Program Cuts
12. Douglas County PUD Denies Lawsuit Claims
13. Washington, Oregon Initiate Temporary Total Dissolved Gas Changes
14. Vancouver Fined For Raw Sewage Spill Into Columbia
15. Bill To Reclassify Bass, Walleye To Help Orcas Considered By Washington House Committee
16. Washington, Oregon Meet To Develop Joint Fishing Policies
17. Group Seeks Expedited Hearing On Willamette Spill And Drawdowns

1. NW Climate Scientists Prepare To Help Fish Survive As Region's Rivers Warm
2. Groups Seek Court-Ordered Drawdowns For Corps' Willamette Project
3. New Law Streamlining Sea Lion Removal In Columbia Basin Passes
4. Inslee's Orca Budget Includes Funding For More Spill, Dam Breaching Task Force
5. Agreement Breaks 'Groundhog Day Loop' For Hells Canyon Relicensing
6. Fish And Wildlife Program Recommendations Posted, Open For Comment
7. EPA Faces New Court Order Over Oregon's Water Temperature Plans
8. Columbia Riverkeeper Sues Douglas County PUD Over Columbia River Oil Leaks
9. Judge Stays Order Requiring EPA To Set Columbia Basin Temperature Standards
10. Idaho Reinstates Steelhead Fishing On Most Rivers
11. Corps Investigates 192-Gallon Oil Spill At The Dalles
12. Coleman Oil Disputes Ecology's Claims, Plans Appeal
13. Forecasters Await El Nino, Predict Below-Normal Runoff
14. Karier, Booth Retiring From Power Council
15. California Files Draft Environmental Impact Report For Klamath Project

1. Climate Change Study To Help BPA Prepare For Warmer, Wetter Columbia Basin
2. Orca Task Force Recommends More Spill But Punts On Dam Removal
3. Columbia Basin Research 'Among Best In The World,' Independent Scientists Say
4. Oregon Gets Go-Ahead To Kill Sea Lions At Willamette Falls
5. Council Seeks Review Of Region's Salmon-Predator Control Efforts
6. Washington, Oregon Eye 'Concurrent' Columbia River Fishing Policy
7. Idaho Power, EPA Seek To Resolve Water Temperature Issue
8. Lawsuit Prompts Suspension Of Idaho's Steelhead Fishing
9. Group Appeals Dismissal Of Lawsuit Against PGE
10. Columbia River Spill Could Cost Coleman Oil More Than $1 Million
11. EPA Preserves Appeal Option On Water Temperature Ruling
12. Siskiyou County, Water Users Ask FERC To Deny Klamath Dam Removal
13. Chum Are Spawning, Despite Low Precipitation

1. Lawsuit Victory Forces EPA To Identify Sources Of Temperature Pollution
2. Trump Moves Up Deadline For Dam Removal Analysis To 2020
3. DNA Shows Northern Pike Likely Planted Above Lake Roosevelt
4. From Anchovies To Zooplankton: Impacts Of North Pacific 'Warm Blob' Linger
5. Dam Removal Issue Still Undecided As Orca Task Force Moves Forward
6. Yakama Nation Takes Next Step In Mid-Columbia Coho Reintroduction
7. Some Juvenile Salmon Survived Well, Others Didn't Under New Spill Regime
8. Independent Scientists Praise F&W Research, Recommend Improvements
9. BPA Signs Record of Decision On Fish Accords That Commits $448M In Project Spending
10. Groups Threaten Lawsuit Over Idaho Steelhead Fishing
11. Idaho Power, EPA Seek to Resolve Water Temperature Issue
12. Beaver Restoration Helps Salmon Habitat, Council Panel Told
13. Corps Releases Draft Mid-C Master Plan
14. Idaho Takes Over BPA-Funded Hagerman Hatchery

1. Columbia Basin Hatcheries Gear Up for 3 Million More Smolts
2. New 10-Year Pacific Salmon Treaty Awaits Approval
3. Advice to Orca Taskforce Includes Raising Dissolved Gas Levels
4. Orca Taskforce Listens to Pros, Cons on Dam Removal
5. Experts Examine Snake River Temperatures to Help Fish
6. Funding Losses Threaten Caspian Tern Predation Control
7. Draft Fish Accords Draw Wide Range of Comments
8. Group Notifies PUDs of Intent to Sue Over Oil Spilling
9. PUD Proposes to Fund Conservation Instead of Fish Passage
10. Negotiators Visit Portland for Town Hall on Columbia River Treaty
11. Economic Benefits of Hydropower Praised at U.S. House Hearing
12. Oregon DEQ Issues Certification For Klamath Dam Removal
13. Power Council Releases Draft Annual Report to Congress
14. Oregon Group Releases First Report on Ocean Acidification

1. Puget Sound Orcas' Plight Linked To Snake River Dam Removal
2. BPA Proposes Smaller Annual Budget For Fish Accords Extension Through 2022
3. Council OKs Hatchery Test For Pacific Lamprey Recovery
4. More Small Fish Led To Undercount Of Idaho's Prized Steelhead Last Year
5. Task Force Releases Draft Goals For Salmon, Steelhead; Members Get Feedback
6. BPA, Idaho Reach $24 Million Settlement For Albeni Falls Dam Impacts
7. Steelhead Fishing Closed On Large Section Of Columbia River
8. USGS Finds Fish Surface Collectors Performance Varies Widely
9. BPA Outlines 2018 Spill Surcharge For NWPCC
10. Late Intervenor Approved By FERC, Another Applies In Klamath Dam Removal Case

1. Nonprofit Group Takes Major Step Toward Klamath Dam Removal
2. Conflicting Columbia River Uses May Need Balancing In New Treaty, Negotiators Say
3. Columbia River Chinook Rate High On List Of Stocks Needed For Orca Recovery
4. Renewal Of Fish Accords Under Consideration, BPA Tells Council Committee
5. Dam Operations Adjusted To Help Struggling Snake River Sockeye
6. Two Years Later, Montana Hopeful About Overcoming Invasive Mussels
7. NOAA Fisheries Turns To Newer Modeling To Assess Harvest Impacts On Chinook Abundance
8. Corps Responds To Detroit Reservoir Drawdown Concerns In Scoping Responses
9. Salem Files As Intervenor In Willamette River Suit, Plaintiffs Want Limits
10. Bill Revising Fisheries Management Act Passes House

1. BPA's Strategic Plan Prompts Cuts From F&W Program
2. Scientists Find New Link Showing Impact of Pink Salmon On Other Species
3. House Passes Bill Allowing Agencies, Tribes To Kill Sea Lions
4. Northern Pike Suppression Proposal Gets $4.5 Million From NWPCC
5. With Two Boat Inspection Stations, WDFW Looks To Mussel-Sniffing Dog For Help
6. Lawsuit Seeks To Force EPA Approval Of New Temperature Standard On Snake River
7. FERC Agrees To Delay Date On Order That Splits Klamath River Dam License
8. Federal Judge Finds Warm Springs Tribe Can Be Sued In Deschutes River Case
9. Pend Oreille PUD Settles Dispute Over Turbine Replacement
10. Some Columbia Basin Flows Drop, Prompting Irrigation Curtailments, Drought Plans
11. NOAA Goes To Ecosystem Management, Seeks Public Input

1. Opening Days of Treaty Negotiations 'Very Productive,' U.S. Officials Say
2. Snake River Dam Removal Questions Dominate Columbia River Draft EIS Webinar
3. FERC Awaits Detailed Plan For Klamath River Dam Removal
4. BPA's Fish And Wildlife Costs Plummeted In 2017, Largely From High Runoff
5. High Flows Prompt Efforts To Reduce Dissolved Gas, Fish Trauma At Dams
6. NOAA Fisheries Confirms Plan To Complete BiOp This Year
7. Northwest Power And Conservation Council Begins Amendment Process For Fish And Wildlife Program
8. Clarifying Briefs Filed In Pelton Round Butte Case
9. Montana Flood Warnings Issued While Northern Snowpack Remains High

1. No Room For Chinook? An Oceanful Of Pinks, Chum And Sockeye
2. Columbia River Treaty Negotiations Spotlighted At Two Spokane Events
3. Ninth Circuit Upholds Spill; Plaintiffs And Defendants React
4. House Passes Bill To Keep 2014 BiOp, Halt Spill; Measure's Sponsors, Others React
5. CSS Presentation Delves Into Study Of Dam Removal
6. NW Energy Coalition Commissions Study To Replace Energy From Snake River Dams
7. Regional Task Force Closes In On Fish Population And Recovery Goals
8. Federal Agencies Given Until 2021 To Complete BiOp And EIS Concurrently
9. Oregon Abandons Sea Lion Relocation Efforts
10. Fish Managers: Some Concerns, Successes With Columbia Basin White Sturgeon
11. 'Fast and Furious' Runoff Expected In Parts Of Columbia River Basin
12. Judge To Hear Dismissal Requests, New Motions Filed In Lawsuit Against PGE
13. ISAB Offers Ideas To Strengthen NWPCC's Fish And Wildlife Program

1. 9th Circuit Upholds Spill Order
2. Judges Question Both Sides In 9th Circuit Spill Hearing
3. Spring Spill: What's At Stake In The 9th Circuit Court Appeal?
4. NOAA Scientist: The 'Blob' Will Continue To Impact Salmon For Years
5. In Surprise Move, U.S. District Judge Dismisses U.S. V. Oregon Fishing Rights Case
6. Another Rough Year Predicted For Salmon, Steelhead
7. Groups Sue Feds, Alleging Harm To Fish From Failure To Follow Willamette Project BiOp
8. Loss Of Snowpack Will Mean Rising Tensions For Columbia Basin Water
9. Deschutes Water-Quality Lawsuit Against PGE Goes Forward; Tribe Joins Request For Dismissal
10. Power Council To Begin Process To Amend Fish And Wildlife
11. Council Makes Annual Report To Congress, Calls FY 2017 'Another Challenging Year'
12. Agencies Update Columbia River EIS Process; Will Evaluate Snake Dams Breaching
13. Tribal Plan To Release Salmon Above Grand Coulee Dam Discussed
14. Gov. Inslee Orders New Protections For Orca, Chinook Salmon
15. Chelan PUD Reaches Best-Ever Lamprey Passage
16. Steelhead Anglers Seek Temporary Fishing Ban

1. Court's Spill Order To Be Scrutinized At 9th Circuit
2. Irrigators Turn To 'God Squad,' Others Push For Litigation Timeout
3. Riverpartners Seeks Bipartisan Support For House Bill To Protect NW Hydropower
4. High Snowpack, Off Line Generator Mean More Spill At Dworshak Dam
5. Water-Supply Outlook Encouraging For Columbia, Snake Rivers
6. Northwest Water Supply Outlook Ranges From Well Above To Well Below Normal
7. Drought Likely In Eastern Oregon
8. Sea Lions, Seals Play Significant Role In Salmon Losses, Federal Biologist Reports
9. Sea Lions Being Relocated To Save Willamette Steelhead
10. ISAB Offers Recommendations For Upper Columbia Spring Chinook Recovery
11. BPA Proposes Deal With Idaho Over Operations At Albeni Falls Dam
12. Council Committee Recommends Pacific Lamprey Funding
13. Lower Columbia Fishing Policy Under Review

1. NOAA Fisheries Releases Snake River Basin Recovery Plan
2. Judge OKs Spill Plan for Lower Columbia and Snake River Dams
3. Capacity Metric Can Quantify Habitat Benefits, Idaho Experts Say

1. Looking Back At Top 2017 Stories In NW Fishletter

1. Plaintiffs in BiOp Case Tell Court the EIS Approach 'Obscures' Tradeoffs
2. Briefs Filed in Appeal of Spill Order in BiOp Case
3. Idaho Power Files Incomplete Water Quality Application With FERC
4. Mystery of Poor Survival of Sockeye Smolts May Be Solved
5. Chum Salmon Operations Underway at Bonneville Dam
6. NW Likely Experiencing Onset of a La Niña That Could Last to Spring
7. Lawsuit Pending Over Willamette River Chinook and Steelhead
8. Cost Savings From Fish & Wildlife Projects Totaled About $2M
9. Court Denies Motion for Hearing on Spill and Barging
10. NMFS Publishes Notice of Overfishing Determinations

1. Mitigation for Wildlife Losses From Hydro Ops Stalled by Uncertainty
2. NWF v. NMFS Parties Near Consensus on Spill Plan for 2018
3. 2017 Columbia Salmon Returns Off, Prospects Poor for Near Term
4. Jill Smail is State Dept.'s New Columbia River Treaty Negotiator
5. Council Approves BPA-Funded Wildlife Projects With Strings
6. Snake River Steelhead Get Boost From Tribal Kelt Program
7. Dam Passage Survival Estimates for 2017 Juvenile Salmon a Mixed Bag
8. Work on a Juvenile Fish Tunnel Begins at Cle Elum Dam
9. Irrigators Push to Reopen Spill Issue in Columbia River BiOp Case
10. A Decade After Dam Removal, Salmonids Rebounding in Sandy River
11. Rehab Won't Be Finished on Dworshak Dam's Unit 3 Until June 2018
12. La Niña Watch Still in Effect for Winter 2017-2018

1. Draft Results From Model Show Benefits With and Without Snake River Dams
2. Eulachon Recovery Plan Identifies Top Threats and Priority Actions
3. Researchers: Sea Lion Predation May Push Willamette Steelhead to Extinction
4. ISAB Reviews NOAA Fisheries' Life-Cycle Modeling Report
5. Fire in Columbia River Gorge Threatens Juvenile Salmon
6. Council Corrects 2016 Fish Costs in Final Report
7. Current Predictions Foresee Colder, Wetter Weather in the Northwest
8. BiOp Case's Technical Advisor Will Retire
9. Another Stay in Deschutes River Alliance v. Portland General Electric
10. Comment on Northwest Council's Report to Congress

1. Scientists: Toxics Undermining Columbia Habitat Restoration
2. BPA Plans FY 2018 Fish and Wildlife Spending Closer to 2016, 2017 Levels
3. Cool Water Still Needed From Dworshak as Fish Continue Migration
4. Riverkeeper: No Sustained Hot Water Temps if Lower Snake Dams Go
5. Smaller Columbia River Fish Returns Constrain Harvests; Blob Cited As Factor
6. 9th Circuit Denies PGE's Request to Appeal CWA Decision
7. Scientists Press for Columbia/Snake Spill Up to 125 Percent TDG
8. Sediment Buildup Complicates Fish Care, Navigation at Lower Granite Dam
9. Petitioners Decide Not to Challenge Seventh Power Plan
10. Wild Fish Conservancy Sues Company Over Atlantic Salmon Escape
11. Martin to Lead Washington Salmon Recovery Office

1. 9th Circuit Rejects Petition to Toss Council's 2014 Fish & Wildlife Program
2. TMT Tries to Manage Dworshak Outflows to Cool Lower Snake River
3. BPA Adopts Spill Surcharge to Customer Power Rates in FY 2018, 2019
4. Report Says Modernized Columbia River Treaty Ups Value of Basin's Natural Assets
5. Predictions for 2017 Columbia River Fall Chinook and Coho Released
6. Northern Pike Now 40 Miles Farther Downstream in Lake Roosevelt
7. Oregon Publics Ask Governor to Balance Energy and Salmon Recovery
8. Power Council Gets Update on Lower Columbia River Chum Recovery

1. Columbia River Salmonid Returns Pegged Below 10-Year Averages
2. Boats Fouled by Invasive Mussels Intercepted in Idaho, Montana, Oregon; Zinke Says Stopping Their Spread is Non-Partisan
3. Fish Passage at Little Goose Dam Improves With Operational Changes
4. NW House Members Urge Trump to Initiate CRT Negotiations; U.S. Negotiator Leaving
5. F&W Program 2016 Costs Drop to 25 Percent of BPA's Total Power-Related Costs
6. Appeal Filed Over Spill Decision in 2008-2014 BiOp Case
7. Progress Reported on Willamette River BiOp Requirements
8. Draft EIS Published on a New Columbia River Harvest Plan
9. Council Approves Columbia River Fish and Wildlife Research Plan

1. Dworshak's Unit 3 Unlikely to Provide Cool Water Flows This Summer
2. Appeals Court Hears Case Challenging 2014 Fish and Wildlife Program
3. Biologists Halve Estimate of Spring Chinook Returning to the Columbia, Later Adjust Number Upward
4. Warming Climate Complicates Cold-Water Species Management
5. Mid-Columbia Coho Restoration Project Gets Direction From ISRP
6. Spill Controversy Persists, But Litigants Agree to a 2018 Spill Process
7. Oregon House Members Ask Gov. to Consider Economic Impacts of More Spill
8. Idaho Groups Urge Feds to Stop Barging Snake River Sockeye

1. So Far Chinook a Low-Show in Columbia River, Poor Showings Elsewhere
2. Hells Canyon Relicensing Delayed at Governors' Request
3. Combating Invasive Mussels Gets Boost From Corps
4. Agencies and Tribe Recommend Operational Changes at Montana Dams
5. Federal Judge Directs Oregon to Remedy High Temperatures in Rivers
6. Tribes Applaud Sea Lion Predation Bill; Yakama Man Monitoring Sea Lions Dies
7. Opinion: Predatory Sea Lions Are Detrimental to Columbia River Fish Runs
8. Council Briefed on Likely Broader Implications of Latest BiOp Spill Ruling
9. Clean Water Act Settlement Reached in Columbia River Pollution Case
10. Wild Fish Advocates Lose in 9th Circuit Elwha River Case
11. PGE Files to Appeal District Court Ruling in Deschutes River Case

1. Court Orders More Spill, Allows Spending At Lower Snake River Dams
2. Adult Coho Expected To Return To Grande Ronde Basin By Fall 2018
3. Hatchery Fish Released Early To Avoid High Gas Levels From Dworshak Dam
4. Scientists OK Six Large Columbia Basin Habitat Projects, With Caveats
5. NASA Tests Snow-Sensing Technologies To Improve Water Supply Forecasts
6. Groups To Sue Corps Over Hatchery Effects On Wild Steelhead In Willamette River Basin
7. NW Power Council Cost Savings For 2016 Is $652,000
8. PGE Loses Bid To Dismiss Suit Over Deschutes River Water Quality
9. Sea Lions Ate Lots Of Salmonids In Bonneville Pool In Early 2016
10. Nez Perce Tribal Member Jaime Pinkman New CRITFC Executive Director

1. Arguments in BiOp Case Resume Over Spill, Capital Projects
2. Council Continues to Question Columbia Basin Habitat-Monitoring Projects
3. Snake River Fall Chinook Redd Count Robust for Third Year in a Row
4. Balancing Act at Dworshak More Acute with Turbine Out of Service
5. State or FERC Jurisdiction at Issue in Pelton Round Butte Federal Case
6. EPA Sued Over Temperature Pollution in Columbia and Snake Rivers
7. New Council Webpages Show Columbia Salmon and Steelhead Goals
8. Regional Water-Supply Forecast is Normal and Higher
9. Bull Trout Suit Against Corps, BuRec and BPA Dismissed

1. Oregon and Conservation Groups File For Injunction
2. BuRec, Riverkeeper Agree To Settlement Over Grand Coulee Oil Pollutants
3. FERC May Approve Conflicting Fish-Passage Terms In Hells Canyon License
4. Study Shows Transported Snake River Chinook Prone To Straying
5. Water Supply Predictions For Columbia Basin Show North and South Divide
6. Fewer Columbia River Salmon, Smelt Returns Expected This Spring
7. PGE And Tribe Say 2016 Sockeye Returns To Deschutes River Were Native
8. Hatchery BiOp Says Changes Slated For Fish Production In Columbia Basin
9. Study: With Low Flows, High Spills Provide Most Significant Fish Benefits
10. Power Council Releases Report On Fish Passage At High-Head Dams
11. Columbia Basin Research Plan Updated And Awaits Public Input
12. Washington Hydro-Plant Owner Agrees To Habitat Conservation Plan
13. NorthWestern Operators Restore Fish Flows In Severe Winter Conditions

1. Idaho Power Seeks Ruling To Break Hells Canyon Relicense Deadlock
2. Army Corps To Free Fed Funds For Mussel Boat Inspection
3. Comments On Columbia River Power System EIS Extended To Feb. 7
4. Council OKs $2 Million For Snake River Steelhead Kelt Reconditioning
5. Grant PUD Fish Biologists Look Back At Wanapum Dam Crack
6. Research Sheds Light On Effectiveness Of Sea Lion Removal

1. Destructive Invasive Mussels Discovered For First Time In Montana Waters
2. NWEC Panel Explores Replacing Power From Lower Snake River Dams
3. 2016 Columbia/Snake Survival Rates Mixed For Juvenile Fish
4. Fish, Enviro Groups Want Changes To EIS Public Scoping Process
5. Fish And Wildlife Program Cost Savings Go To Hatchery Infrastructure
6. Steelhead Killed During Work At Dworshak Dam Unit 2
7. NMFS, Wild Fish Conservancy And Climate Change

1. Columbia River Fall Chinook Return In Lower Numbers Than Predicted
2. Klamath Parties Make Formal Filings To Transfer, Remove Klamath Dams
3. Chum Salmon Operations Start On The Columbia River
4. Proposed Snake River Chinook And Steelhead Recovery Plan Released
5. Study Of Willamette River Chinook Says Above-Dam Reintroduction A Success
6. Deschutes River Alliance Disputes PGE Claim Of Sole FERC CWA Jurisdiction
7. Mitchell Act Hatchery BiOps Scheduled For Completion By January 2017
8. Reappearance Of La Nina And The Blob Has NW Weather, Fish Implications
9. Drones Proving Useful In Fish And Wildlife Management
10. Public Comments Sought On Several Pending Decisions

1. Upper River Spring Chinook Only Columbia ESA Fish Not Trending Up
2. Analysis: How Might The Columbia's Hydro System Be Altered To Strengthen Fish Rebuilding?
3. Upriver Returns Of Fall Chinook OK, But Coho And Steelhead Lagging
4. What Goes Up Must Come Down, Or Not--Latest Climate Predictions
5. Council Agrees To Fund Programs To Control Predatory Fish Populations
6. Oil Spilled At Dworshak Dam Contained
7. Thom Is New NOAA Regional Leader, Norman Appointed To Power Council, Wilson Hired By Snake River Alliance
8. Draft Report To Congress On Power And Fish Available For Comment

1. Public Meetings On EIS For Columbia River Dams Will Start This Fall
2. Alternatives To Current Floodplain Management Broached
3. EPA Takes Legal Heat For 2015 Hot Water Temps In Columbia, Snake Rivers
4. No Mitchell Act Funding Until Hatchery BiOp Completed
5. Reconditioning Steelhead Kelts Improves Their Survival
6. Judge Says Decision To Kill Cormorants Unlawful, But Keeps It In Place
7. NOAA Fisheries Gives OK To Remove Sea Lions That Prey On Salmon
8. Water Quality Problems Alleged At PGE's Pelton Round Butte Dams
9. Alliance For The Wild Rockies Filed A Complaint Against BuRec And BPA

1. 2016 Looking OK For Columbia Sockeye, Chinook Returns
2. Judge Simon Gives BiOp Defendants Five Years For EIS
3. Council Looks At Past Efforts Before Preparing Fish RM&E Plan
4. Environmental Group Sues BPA, Corps, BuRec Over Bull Trout Habitat
5. Council Drafts White Paper on Fish Passage at High-Head Dams
6. EIS Process Started For U.S. v. Oregon Post-2017 Harvest Actions
7. Idaho Power Starts Project To Improve Water Quality In Middle Snake River
8. NOAA Fisheries Seeks Nominations For Columbia Basin Partnership
9. Puget Sound Fisheries Opened But Not Before Things Got Ugly
10. Executive Director Paul Lumley Leaves CRITFC

1. Columbia Basin Fish, Hydro Managers Eye Rising Water Temps
2. BuRec Sued Over Oil Pollutants From Grand Coulee Dam
3. FPC: Federal Dam Fishway Temperatures Longstanding Problem
4. Feds Want 5 Years to Study Columbia River Hydro Options
5. Plaintiffs Say Do BiOp And EIS In 2-1/2 Years
6. Sea Lions Eat Record Number Of Salmon And Steelhead In Columbia
7. Court Says Washington Must Make Culverts Salmon-Friendly
8. BPA And Spokane Tribe Sign Off On New 20-Year Hatchery Agreement
9. Libby Flows Boosted Last Month For Columbia Basin Sturgeon Mitigation
10. Niners Says Albeni Falls Dam Can Revert To Flexible Winter Power Ops
11. Judge Discards Motion On Alleged Factual Errors In BiOp Opinion

1. Judge Decides 2014 BiOp: Snake River Dam Breaching Not Ruled Out
2. Sockeye Begin Return As Above Normal Water Temps Persist
3. BiOp Judge Gives Feds Another 2 Weeks To File EIS Schedule
4. Delisting of Snake River Fall Chinook Rejected
5. FY 2015 Fish And Wildlife Program Costs Reported Two Ways
6. Deschutes River Alliance Plans To Sue PGE Over Water Quality
7. Killing Cormorants Not Improving Steelhead Survival Rates
8. NOAA Forecasts Warm, Dry Summer For West, Northwest
9. Fish On The Move, Facilitating Juvenile Fish Passage 2016
10. 2016 Columbia River Spring Chinook Run Close To 10-Year Average
11. Degassing Equipment Tested At Clearwater River Hatcheries

1. Life-Cycle Modeling Shows Hydro System Op Changes Have Immediate Benefits
2. Predation Control Starts Again In Lower Columbia As Salmon Migrations Begin
3. New BiOp Requires Changes In Flood Insurance To Protect Species
4. 2015 Sockeye Disaster Recapped: Cautionary Tale For The Future
5. Coastal Salmon Fishing Seasons Set, Except In Puget Sound
6. With Some Exceptions, Regional Snowpack At Or Near Normal
7. Wild Fish Conservancy Sues Over Columbia Basin Hatcheries
8. Study of Habitat Above Grand Coulee Approved By Council
9. Dworshak Unit 3 Out For Repairs: Changes In Discharge Call For Fish Test
10. Northern Pike Suppression Plan Gets Green Light From Science Panel

1. BuRec: Temperature, Precipitation Changes Will Strain Columbia Water Resources
2. Columbia Freshwater Spending Helping Fish During Poorer Ocean Conditions
3. Study of Habitat Above Coulee, Chief Joseph Closer To Approval
4. Invasive Quagga At Oregon Border; States Tackle Funding For More Protection
5. Proposed Ocean Fishing Regs Reflect Downturn In Chinook, Coho Abundance
6. More Than $500,000 In Savings Identified In Council Fish And Wildlife Program

1. Snake River Fall Chinook Redd Count Up
2. BPA Fish And Wildlife Future Holds Promise And Uncertainty
3. Judge Dismisses Suit Against Snake River Dredging
4. Citizen Groups Urge Modernized Columbia River Treaty With Ecosystem Function
5. Overall Water Supply Conditions Look Good, So Far
6. Core Klamath Parties Set To Rescue Dam Removal Deal
7. Stakeholders Meet For First Time On Reconciling Disparate Fish-Restoration Goals
8. Coalition Sues To Get Recovery Plan For Puget Steelhead
9. Pacific Lamprey Long In Decline, But ESA Listing Avoidable
10. Scientists Report On Critical Uncertainties Research
11. Washington Legislature Entertains Support For Salmon Above Grand Coulee
12. Moving Salmon Via A Whooshh Pressurized Tube
13. Council Approves Funding For Two Fish Projects, At Lower Levels

1. NRIC Sues Northwest Power And Conservation Council
2. Wild Fish Conservancy Takes Legal Aim At Hatchery Funding
3. Floodplains Key To Cold Water Refuges, Research On Willamette Shows
4. 2016 Run Predictions: Columbia Basin Spring Chinook Good, Sockeye Not
5. Water Supply Forecast Below Average: El Niño Neutral By Summer
6. ISRP Okays Habitat Study Above Grand Coulee; Public Comment Taken
7. Environmental Groups Sue Owners Of Electron Dam
8. More Evidence Found For Salmon Geomagnetic And Chemical Homing
9. Study: Warm Ocean Conditions No Good For Salmon
10. Council Considers Additional Spending For Two Fish Projects

1. Pacific Warm-Water 'Blob' Weakens, NOAA Reports; El Niño Looking Strong
2. 2016 Chinook Returns to Columbia Forecast Higher Than Average, Sockeye Lower
3. Study Shows Most Smolt-To-Adult Returns Not Enough For Recovery
4. One Proposal To Study Salmon Habitat Above Grand Coulee
5. Shared Recovery Goals Sought For Columbia Basin Salmon And Steelhead

1. 2015 Salmon Returns To Columbia River Basin Top 2 Million
2. Cold Water Refuges Are A Reasonable And Prudent Alternative, Says BiOp
3. Council Ends Its Oversight Of Two Hydro-Ops Wildlife-Mitigation Activities
4. Salmon Fraud--It's Probably Not What You're Thinking
5. More Spawners Reported In White Salmon River Since Condit Dam Breached
6. Invasive Northern Pike Reported In John Day Dam Reservoir
7. Northwest Tribal Fish Leaders Receive Honors in 2015
8. Draft Plan Could Put Fall Chinook Above Hells Canyon Dams
9. Wild and Hatchery Coho Returns To Columbia Are Down

1. Proposals To Study Fish Habitat Above Grand Coulee Dam
2. Juvenile Spring Outmigration On Columbia, Snake Unusually Low In 2015
3. A Perimeter Defense Against Mussel Invasion
4. Cormorant Killing Comes To Seasonal End, Litigation Set For March
5. Fall Chinook Run Very Close To 2013 Record
6. Idaho Wild Steelhead Constrain But Don't Stop Fisheries
7. Eulachon Draft Recovery Plan Due In Spring 2016
8. The Chinook-Killer Whale Connection

1. Some Fish Returns Down Despite Cooler Water
2. Fall Leaves And Summer Steelhead: A Trip Down The Klick
3. Panel Says F&W Program Needs Long-Term Cost Planning
4. Three Programs Try To Restore Sockeye Runs Against The Odds
5. NOAA: El Niño 'Bruce Lee' To Persist, Could Chop Region's Water Supply
6. Recovery Plan For Region's Bull Trout Is Official
7. Columbia River Fall Chinook Once Again Wow

1. Managing Columbia River Water Resources In Hot, Dry Year Is Balancing Act
2. Salmon Keep Coming And So Does The Hot Weather
3. Special Operations For Snake River Sockeye
4. Summer Chinook And Sockeye Facing Trouble On Snake River
5. Drought Conditions, Heat And Fish Kills Prompt Wash., Ore. Fishing Closures
6. Council Reports BPA F&W Costs Last Year Totaled $782.3 Million
7. Region Takes Baby Steps Toward Salmon Reintroduction Above Grand Coulee
8. New Northwest Fish Reporter Laura Berg

1. One Last Round For 2014 BiOp Fight
2. State Department Seeks CRT Negotiations, But No Timeline
3. Hatcheries To Play Key Role Rebuilding Snake River Sockeye Runs, NOAA Says
4. Below-Average Runoff Triggers Dry-Year Ops For Fish Protection

1. Upriver Spring Chinook Run Upgraded; 260,000 Now Expected
2. El Niño May Grow: Could Stick Around Through Year's End
3. Critics Of Corps' Dredging Plan Continue Fight
4. Analysis: Chasing Demons In The Ocean

1. Judge Refuses To Halt Lethal Removal Of Cormorants
2. Scientists Update Estimates Of Avian Predation
3. No Quick Fix For Reintro Funding
4. Last Briefs Filed Note BiOp Fatigue Has Set In
5. Spring Chinook Run Gets Optimistic Bumps
6. A Fresh Look At Fish Supplementation
7. Dry Year Won't Keep BPA From Meeting Loads
8. Water Supply Worries Keep Managers On Their Toes

1. NMFS Will Review Status Of Snake Fall Chinook
2. Spring Chinook Run Shows Up Early
3. NOAA: El Niño Likely To Last Through Next Fall
4. Bird Lovers Start Litigation Over Corps' Cormorant Plan
5. BiOp Plaintiffs File Last Arguments Before Court Faceoff
6. 'Spill Bill' Gets Hearing In Oregon Senate, But Goes Nowhere
7. NW Delegation Asks Obama To Make Treaty Decision
8. PFMC Sets Ocean Harvest Seasons

1. BPA Recommends Putting The Brakes On Reintro Issue
2. Ocean Conditions Take A Turn For The Worse
3. Columbia Basin Water Supply Still Above 80 Percent
4. 2014 BiOp Defendants Try A Little Offense
5. Cormorant Plan May Be Challenged In Court
6. Oregon Court Denies Netters' Challenge To New Harvest Regime

1. Another Banner Year Expected For Fall Chinook
2. Columbia River Commercial Fisheries Worth $15M Last Year
3. Higher Returns Expected For Some West Coast Salmon Stocks
4. Fish Recovery Efforts May Be Limited By Habitat Constraints
5. Water Supply Forecast Down 10 Percent: Weak El Niño Declared
6. Washington Appeals Court Dismisses Challenge To New Harvest Policy
7. Region Targets More Fish-Eating Cormorants And Terns
8. Briefs

1. Upper-C Tribes Call For Comment On Reintroduction Plan
2. Group Files To Delist Snake River Fall Chinook
3. Record Redd Count For Fall Chinook In The Snake
4. Chance Of El Niño Slipping Away Again
5. Latest CSS Results Show Barging Helped Some Stocks
6. Bill Introduced Aimed At Killing More Sea Lions
7. Hydro BiOp Update: Judge Allows Extra-Record Materials

1. Judge Says Corps Can Start Lower Snake River Dredging
2. NOAA's New Fish Predictions: Good For 2015, Not So Hot For 2016
3. Sea Lion Numbers Growing In Lower Columbia
4. Upper-C Tribes Offer First Steps For Getting Fish Above Coulee
5. Researchers Explore Substantial Chinook Losses In Lower Columbia
6. Council Elects New Officers For 2015
7. New Director For WDFW

1. Strong Columbia Chinook Runs Expected In 2015
2. Enviros Challenge Corps Over Lower Snake Dredging
3. BiOp Plaintiffs File Motion For Summary Judgment
4. Natural Fish Rule At Redfish Lake
5. Chances of El Niño Getting Stronger
6. Changing Climate May Move Fish Populations North
7. Power Council Discusses Returning Fish Above Coulee

1. BiOp Progress Report Says Goals Are On Track
2. Big Eats In The Estuary
3. B.C. Salmon Get Clean Bill Of Health
4. Corps Calls For Comment On Willamette Trib Fix
5. NOAA Reduces Chance Of El Niņo A Bit
6. Enviros Challenge CGS's New Waste Discharge Permit
7. New Research On Sockeye Routes

1. New F&W Program Gets Go-Ahead
2. Snake River Coho Setting New Record
3. Questions Over NOAA's Latest Juvenile Survival Analysis
4. Kitzhaber Responds To Netters' Concerns
5. Weak El Niño May Still Show Soon

1. 2014 Snake Fall Chinook Run Beating Last Year's Record
2. Snake Sockeye Set New Record
3. PNW Warming Trend Mostly Natural, Says New Study
4. Seattle Judge Dismisses Challenge To State's Water Quality Process
5. Oregon Joins Other Plaintiffs In BiOp Lawsuit
6. Sea Lion Predation On Salmon Up At Dam
7. New Zealand Mudsnails Invade Mid-Columbia Hatchery

1. Fall Run Storms Over Bonneville; New One-Day Record!
2. El Niño Chance Is Still 50-50, Say Australians
3. NOAA Releases Final Columbia Basin Hatchery EIS
4. Corps Will Apply For Pollutant Discharge Permits At Dams
5. Chelan Approves Repair Plan For Rocky Reach Turbines
6. BPA Takes Comment On Idaho Wildlife Mitigation Deal

1. Mother Nature Serves Up Sockeye Surprise
2. Selective Harvest Methods Still On Trial
3. Aussies Say El Niño's On Hold For Now
4. Inslee Proposes New Water Quality Standards
5. Snake River Hatcheries Get Passing Grades
6. Latest BiOp Litigation Slips Into Gear
7. Conservation Groups Threaten Lawsuit Over Elwha Hatchery Ops
8. New Puget Sound Hatchery Management Plans Under Review

1. Enviro, Fishing Groups Say Latest BiOp Still Flawed
2. Harvest Managers Keep Counting Chinook, Sockeye Coming On Strong
3. Tribes Quash Science Review Of Draft F&W Program
4. Corps Declares War On Lower Columbia Cormorant Colony
5. BPA Fish Costs Total Nearly $14 Billion
6. Nearly All Hatchery Fish Sport Clipped Fins, Says New Report

1. Spring Chinook Losses Above Bonneville Remain A Mystery
2. Chinook May Face Heavy Sea Lion Predation In Lower Columbia
3. Minijacks -- A Major Headache At Some Hatcheries
4. Some CWT Funding Realigned After State Talks
5. Spring Run Still Coming On Strong
6. Fishing Groups Take Aim At 2014 Hydro Biop In 9th Circuit

1. F&W Program Draft Calls For More Spending
2. West Coast Sea Snails Show Signs Of Ocean Acidification
3. NOAA Salmon Predictors Do More With Less
4. Big Spring Chinook Run On Track, Managers Say
5. Wanapum Fish Ladder Performing Well
6. Wild Fish Folks Block Hatchery Releases In Puget Sound
7. Increased Odds Of El Niño By Summer's End, Says NOAA

1. Wanapum Fish Ladder Working As Planned
2. Robust Spring Run Showing Up In Columbia
3. ISAB Explains Problems, Possibilities With Oregon's Spill Proposal
4. Harvest Managers Set Ocean Salmon Seasons
5. Aussies Say El Niño On The Way
6. NW Lawmakers Urge State To Act On Columbia River Treaty
7. Irrigators Ask Govs To Convene God Squad Over ESA Salmon Issues

1. El Niño May Come Knocking, Maybe Not
2. Mid-C Fish Ladder Mods Expected By April 15
3. Ocean Salmon Harvest Options Under Review
4. Oregon Judge Cuts Sandy Hatchery Coho Release
5. Judge Orders Cuts In Elwha Hatchery Releases
6. Groups Sue To Stop Puget Sound Hatchery Releases
7. Economists Suggest Ways To Improve Next F&W Program
8. British Columbia Issues Final Treaty Principles
9. Corps Will Kill Some Fish-Eating Birds
10. Fishing Groups Intend To Sue BPA Over BiOp In 9th Circuit

1. Wanapum Spillway Crack Downgraded To Non-Failure Emergency
2. New Study Suggests Ocean Plays Largest Role In Sockeye Returns
3. From California To Canada, Millions Of West Coast Salmon Expected
4. Water Supply Finally Reaches Average In Columbia Basin
5. Columbia Basin Tribes Want Fish Issues In Treaty Talks
6. Snake River Sees Another Redd Count Record In 2013
7. Groups Want Sandy Hatchery To Stop Releasing Fish
8. Columbia Will Soon Irrigate Crops In Odessa Area

1. 1.6 Million Fall Chinook Expected In Columbia
2. Nearly A Million Coho Predicted For Columbia River
3. BPA Says Oregon's Spill Proposal Is Over The Top
4. Wetter Weather Boosts Water Supply: Columbia Near Normal
5. Science Panel Reviews F&W "Expert Panel" Process
6. Enviros Bill Feds Over Hydro BiOp Litigation
7. CBFWA Closeout Process Nears End

1. NOAA Releases Supplemental Hydro BiOp To Satisfy Judge's Concerns
2. New BiOp Stays The Course, Says Latest Implementation Plan
3. Action Agencies Raise More Questions Over Spill Proposal
4. Judge Tosses Out Management Plan For Sandy Hatchery Operations
5. BPA Gets Congressional Complaint Over Fish-Tag Funding Flap
6. Water Supply Declines To 82 Percent At The Dalles
7. Analysis: Déjà Vu, All Over Again, And Again

1. Regional Views On Salmon Recovery Aired In New Report
2. Council Sends Spill Proposal To ISAB For Scientific Review
3. Mostly Rosy Fish Predictions For 2014
4. Despite High 2011 Flows, Spill, Barging Still Benefited Some Stocks
5. Water Supply Climbing in Northwest Basins

1. Analysis: Treaty Talk--Facts and Fiction of 'Ecosystem Function'
2. BPA To Reduce Its Share Of Fish-Tag Spending
3. Smolt Researchers Keep On Trackin'
4. Corps Prepares For Battle With Hungry Birds
5. 2014 Spring, Fall Runs Predicted To Be Very Good
6. Latest Results From Corps' Annual Research Review

1. FPC Memo Defends CSS Spill Analysis
2. Groups Sue EPA Over Washington's Fish-Consumption Standard
3. Fall Chinook Run Nearly Over, Finally
4. Juvenile Steelhead Survival Down This Year
5. Some Steller Sea Lions Delisted From ESA
6. Council Approves More Funding For Yakima Coho Hatchery
7. Power Council Recommends 75 F&W Projects
8. B.C. Draft Seeks Continued But Improved Columbia River Treaty
9. Analysis: Dreaming Of Salmon Above Coulee

1. Council OKs Next Step In Walla Walla Hatchery Construction
2. Columbia Fall Run Tops One Million Fish When Jacks Included
3. Steelhead Expectations Drop; Fall Chinook Numbers New Top
4. Some Agencies Want 10-Year Spill 'Test' In Next F&W Program
5. BPA Customers Call For Maintaining F&W Program Focus
6. Niners Uphold Lethal Removal Of Sea Lions At Bonneville Dam
7. Niners Rule 6th Power Plan Gave Due Consideration To Fish
8. B.C. Takes Comments On Columbia River Treaty Consultation Draft

1. New NMFS BiOp Explains Why More Spill Is A Non-Starter
2. Power Council Hears From Supporters Of Huge Spill Test
3. Newest Fish Plan Adds More Habitat Actions
4. Columbia Fall Chinook Run On Way To New Record
5. Snake Fall Chinook Run Poised For Best Wild Return Since 1960's
6. Best Catches Ever For Some Sporties
7. Idaho Sockeye Hatchery Open For Business

1. Analysis: Random Thoughts On The Salmon Recovery Bubble
2. Council Recommends Few Changes In BPA's Fish Tag Costs
3. Fall Chinook Run Off To Great Start
4. U.S. Entity To Withhold Some Treaty Technical Info
5. Analysis: Columbia River Treaty Future Stirs Conflicts--And Possibilities
6. Corps Postpones Lower Snake Dredging Until Next Year
7. Mainzer OKs Power, Transmission Hikes

1. Hydro BiOp At Half-Way Point; Agencies Report On Progress
2. Feds OK Lower Columbia Recovery Plan; Estimated Cost $2 Billion
3. Canadian Virus Lab Loses Its Reference Status, Reputation
4. Columbia Summer Chinook, Sockeye Runs Get Upgrades
5. Oregon Passes Bill That Paves Way For Salmon Harvest 'Reform'
6. BPA Gets More Complaints Over Possible CWT Spending Cuts
7. Black Canyon Estimate Upped 32.5 Percent; Silt Destroys Fisheries

1. Big Questions Still Haunt Lower Snake Hatchery Plan
2. Oregon Judge Says Sandy Hatchery BiOp Inadequate
3. Colville Tribes Open New Hatchery Below Chief Joseph Dam
4. Model Being Developed To Gauge Fish-Tagging Costs
5. PDO Goes Positive For First Time Since 2010
6. Canada's Surveillance Program Finds No ISA Virus In Wild Fish
7. Summer Chinook Run Has Started; 3 Million Shad Already In
8. Sea Lion Predation Down This Year
9. Corps Says No Area-Wide EIS On Coal Export Terminals
10. U.S. Wants Ecosystem On Par With Power, Flood Control In Columbia River Treaty

1. ISA Virus Monitoring Program Finds No Trace In West Coast Salmon
2. Spring Chinook Run Downgraded At Halfway Point
3. More Fishing Time For Spring Chinook Run
4. BPA F&W Spending Tops $13 Billion Since 1978
5. Bonneville's Turbines Tuned To Reduce Fish Descaling
6. Corps Not Convinced Turbine Tweaks Will Help Young Sockeye
7. Washington State Will Appeal Culvert Ruling
8. Analysis: 2013 --Another Mixed Message From Mother Nature

1. Fish Tag Costs Face More Scrutiny
2. Walla Walla Hatchery On Track Despite Nagging Questions
3. Dam Operations Begin For Transporting Spring Fish
4. 7,000-Fish Day At Bonneville: Lots of Jacks, Too
5. PacifiCorp Wraps Up Condit Removal; Fish Not Yet Convinced
6. ODFW Commission Delays Discussion Of Lower River Harvest Reform
7. USFWS Calls For New Montana Dam Ops For Sturgeon

1. More Dam Passage Not Necessarily A Bad Thing
2. Panel Says Stick With Expensive Habitat Monitoring Programs
3. Spring Run Early Compared To Past Two Years
4. Water Supply Shoots Back Up, Hits 96 Percent
5. Managers Make Another Steelhead Prediction
6. EPA Must Take Another Look At Oregon River Temps
7. Environmental Groups To Sue BNSF, Six Coal Companies
8. Final Klamath EIS Favors Dam Removal
9. Washington On Hook For More Than $2.4 Billion In Culvert Fixes For Fish

1. Science Panel Takes A Hard Look At Hatchery Policies
2. Judge Calls For Large Cut In Chinook Release At Oregon Hatchery
3. Managers Select Possible Ocean Harvest Options
4. Water Supply Declines To 90 Percent
5. Latest NMFS Analysis On Seasonal Barging Strategy
6. Power Council Calls For Amendments To F&W Program
7. The Wright Stuff: An Exit Interview With BPA's Steve Wright

1. Ocean Workshop Looks For New Ways To Use Research
2. Federal Judge Upholds Lethal Removal of Sea Lions
3. $58 Million In Fish Tagging Efforts Get More Scrutiny
4. NMFS' Pesticide BiOp Thrown Out On Appeal
5. Good News For Fall Chinook Everywhere
6. Washington Removes Catch Limits For Some Salmon Predators
7. Chelan PUD Says HCP Working At 10-Year Check-In
8. Water Supply Still Near Normal Thanks To Early Precip

1. NOAA's Spring Chinook Forecast More Optimistic Than Harvest Managers'
2. New Research Takes On Future, Past Fish Runs
3. Some 2012 West Coast Fish Runs Near Records With Ocean's Help
4. Water Supply Drops Below Average
5. Latest Salvos Filed In Suit Over Salmon Recovery Effort
6. Washington May End Bass, Walleye, Catfish Catch Limits To Save Salmon
7. Oregon Gillnetters Granted Reprieve
8. Anders To Replace Measure As A Montana Member On Power Council
9. Wash. Congressman Seeks Review Of NOAA Fish Recovery Assessment
10. Comment: Paul Lumley: BPA Should Maintain/Build On Tribal Fish Partnership

1. Washington Follows Oregon's Lead, Kicks Gillnets Out Of Mainstem Columbia
2. Gillnetters Appeal Oregon Harvest Changes
3. Latest Data Shows Barging Fish Still Best For Most Snake Stocks
4. NOAA Builds Its Own Crystal Ball For Fish Predictions
5. Customers Irked At BPA's Call For More Dialog With Fish Advocates
6. Experts Say Cutting Chinook Harvest Won't Help Killer Whales
7. Lamprey Comeback May Depend On Ocean
8. Energy Dept. Picks Bill Drummond For New BPA Administrator
9. Power Council Picks New Leaders For 2013

1. Barging Fish In May Still Beats Swimming
2. NOAA Fisheries Goes Fishing For Salmon Recovery Advice
3. Oregon Approves Changes To Lower Columbia Fisheries
4. Gillnetters Gripe Over Effort To Reform Harvest
5. Council: Power Plan Complaint Misreads Power Act Mandates
6. Washington Appeals Court Says State's TDG Limits Reasonable
7. Water Supply Forecast Climbs: El Niño Prospect Dissipates
8. Managers Predict Spring Chinook Run Lower, Summers Higher Next Year
9. NOAA Head Lubchenco Announces Resignation

1. The ISAB Weighs In On Fish Goals, Spill Benefits
2. BiOp Plaintiffs Say Implementation Way Behind Schedule
3. BPA Finesses Fish And Wildlife Budget Fix
4. Positive Revenue Results For BPA In FY 2012
5. Oregon Gillnetters Survive Ballot Measure, Take On Gov's Proposal
6. Cohen Commission Sockeye Decline Report: It's Complicated
7. Little Elwha Could Become Big Muddy

1. Juvenile Chinook Survival Second Highest In Recent Years
2. Study Says Hatchery Fish Are Boosting Idaho Chinook Run
3. Snake's Fall Jack Count Signals Another Bonanza Likely In 2013
4. Council Staff Recommends Changes For Data-Management Projects
5. First Brief Filed In Litigation Over NPCC's 6th Power Plan
6. El Niño Possibility Dims As Tropical Pacific Grows Cooler

1. BPA VP Apologizes For F&W Budget Woes
2. Oregon Sportfishing Groups Switch Sides On Gillnet Measure
3. Science Panel Looks At Estuary Restoration
4. Oral Argument Over Sea Lion Removal Scheduled For October
5. Snake Fall Chinook Run Running A Close Second To 2010 Record
6. Chance Of El Niño Weakens, Aussies Say
7. Commentary: BPA's 75th Birthday Generates Legacy Reflections

1. BPA Tries To Slow Fish & Wildlife Budget Increases
2. Feds, BiOp Plaintiffs Meet Out Of Court For A Change
3. Corps Nixes Fish Managers' Request To Delay McNary Fish Trucking
4. Oregon Governor Goes After Non-Tribal Gillnetters
5. Hastings Bill Reins In Chu Memo; Promotes Hydropower
6. Steelhead Run Coming Up Short, Fall Chinook On Schedule
7. Analysis: Out Of The Global Warming Frying Pan And Into The News Cycle

1. Redfish Lake Sockeye Count Down From Recent Years
2. Harvest Managers Expect Another Good Year For Fall Chinook
3. Good Ocean Conditions For Spring Smolts
4. This Year's Water Supply Now Fifth Highest Since 1960
5. Council Continues To Fret Over F&W Program's Forgone Revenue
6. Tribes Offer Spirited Defense Of Hatchery Supplementation

1. Columbia Sockeye Run Hits Half-Million Mark
2. Columbia River Summer Chinook Run Downgraded
3. BPA F&W Spending Totaled $650 Million In FY 2011
4. Council Approves Funding For New Sockeye Hatchery In Idaho
5. Fish Scientists Identify Virus Type In Recent Outbreaks
6. El Niño May Show Up By Fall
7. Studies Continue On Post-2024 Possible River Operations
8. 17,000 MWh Of Wind Displaced As OMP Litigation Lingers
9. BPA's Wright Retiring; Calls For 'Orderly Transition'

1. Virus Outbreaks Deadly For Northwest Fish Farms
2. Snake Spring Run One Of The Best In Last 50 Years
3. Judge Denies Motion To Stop Killing Sea Lions At Dam
4. Turbines Tweaked For Juvenile Sockeye At Bonneville
5. Corps Versus Cormorants: Round Two
6. Oregon Anti-Gillnet Initiative Will Likely Make Ballot
7. Lorenzen Appointed to NPCC

1. 18,000 Fish Counted At Bonneville Dam In One Day
2. Spill Cut At Bonneville To Aid Adult Fish Passage
3. High Flows Create Some Headaches For River Managers
4. High Water Season Arrives Early: BPA Cuts Wind Generation
5. Expert Panel Questions Link Between Chinook Harvest And Orca Survival
6. Analysis: Judge Breaches Silence Over Lower Snake Dams

1. Spring Chinook Run Later Than Ever
2. Increasing Ocean CO2 May Affect Food Webs, Salmon Populations
3. Ocean Harvest Regimes Announced By Pacific Fishery Management Council
4. Study Says Chinook Bypass Mortality Similar To Turbine Passage, Spill
5. La Niña Now Nada, Say Aussies, As Equatorial Pacific Heats Up
6. BPA Spends Another Million To Protect Columbia Estuary
7. Science Panel Reports On Latest Review Of F&W Proposals
8. BPA Oversupply Management Protocol Still Looking For Love
9. Treaty Group Wants Columbia River Ops To Favor Power Generation

1. Reviewers Give Strong Support For BPA-Funded Ocean Research
2. Feds OK Lethal Removal Of Sea Lions
3. Colvilles Want Closer Look At Upper Columbia Fish Runs
4. West Coast Harvest Options Unveiled At March PFMC Meeting
5. Water Supply Hits 110 Percent At Grand Coulee; 108 Percent At The Dalles
6. Million Dollar Payday For Environmental Attorneys

1. Wild Snake Fall Chinook Return Triples Recovery Goal Again
2. Snake River Fall Chinook Redd Count Nearly Beats Last Year's Record
3. Salmon Futures Look Promising, But Jack Numbers Confound Analysis
4. Managers Expect Fourth Largest Fall Return To Hanford Reach
5. 2011 West Coast Ocean Salmon Fisheries Worth $32 Million
6. Canadians Develop Salmon Virus Surveillance Plan
7. Valentines For NOAA Administrator

1. NOAA Fisheries Scientists Say Ocean Conditions Are Prime
2. Ocean Researchers Defend Projects In New Report
3. Corps Tries To Outsmart Cormorants
4. Science Panel Says FPC Bypass Analysis Leaves A Lot Out
5. Columbia Basin October-January Precip Reaches Nearly Normal Levels
6. BPA Announces $5.3-Million Land Purchase In Columbia Estuary
7. Corps' 2012 Mitigation Budget Tops $124 Million For Columbia, Willamette
8. Canada Can't Confirm ISA Virus In Latest Samples

1. Latest Survival Data Good News For Barged Fish
2. Estimating Fish Benefits From Habitat Actions May Take Decades
3. Fish Fitness Will Get Another Look
4. Quick Productivity Decline For Hatchery Steelhead In Wild
5. Fish Virus Experts Testify In Vancouver
6. Water Supply Forecast Below Average, But Building
7. Dukes To Chair NWPCC In 2012; Whiting Voted Vice Chair
8. Big Spring Chinook, Sockeye Runs In The Columbia Predicted For 2012

1. 2002 Research May Have Found Signs Of ISA Virus In Wild Salmon
2. Latest NMFS Analysis Backs Up Late Spring Barging Strategy
3. Estuary Birds Double Smolt Consumption In Past Two Years
4. Managers Want More Water Below Bonneville For Spawning Chum
5. Puget Sound Orcas Take A Big Bite Out Of NW Chinook Runs
6. Sea Lion Task Force--Nearly Unanimous Support For Lethal Option
7. BiOp Judge James Redden Announces Retirement, But Will Keep Watching
8. Feds Say No Thanks To Plaintiffs' Idea Of BiOp Settlement Judge
9. New District Court Judge To Take Over Hydro BiOp Case
10. Judge Redden's BiOp Legacy--Shakedown Or Salvation For Fish?

1. Canadian Government Can't Confirm B.C. Salmon Virus
2. Fish Virus Possibly Detected In Adult Fraser Coho, Chinook, Chum
3. Snake Fall Run Second Highest Since Dams Built--Or Is It?
4. How Many Fall Chinook Expected After Condit Is Removed?
5. BiOp Plaintiffs Ask For Settlement Judge To Iron Out Differences

1. Questions Over "Deadly" Virus In Two B.C. Sockeye Smolts
2. Possible Future Treaty Operations Getting A Closer Look
3. Sea Lion Task Force To Meet Again
4. ISAB Says FPC Analyses Of Latent Mortality Incomplete
5. Feds File Notice Of Appeal In BiOp Case
6. Okanogan PUD Dumps Shanker's Bend Proposal
7. Analysis: Elwha Prognosis -- Cloudy, With A Chance Of Chinook

1. High Flows Play Havoc With Juvenile Hydro Survival
2. Lower River Predation By Pinnipeds May Trump Losses At Dam
3. Most 2010 Barged Fish Beat Inrivers, Study Finds
4. Fall Chinook Run Comes On Strong; Hatchery Fishery Opens In Snake
5. No Smoking Gun For Sockeye: Inquiry Into 2009 Fraser Run Failure Nearly Finished
6. La Niña Back Again, Says NOAA
7. Wild Fish Advocates Threaten Lawsuit Over New Elwha Hatchery

1. No Changes In Latest Status Review Of Listed Fish Stocks
2. Upper Willamette Recovery Plan Approved By NMFS
3. 50-Percent Chance Of Another La Niña This Winter
4. States Re-Apply For Lethal Removal Of Sea Lions
5. Niners Uphold Lake Roosevelt Water Plan
6. Fall Chinook Begin To Show In Lower Columbia

1. Judge Sends Mixed Message In Ruling On Salmon Plan
2. Analysis: Salmon Plan On Snooze Alarm
3. Extra-Large Fall Run Expected In Columbia And Snake
4. Tribes Unhappy After NMFS Suspends States' Authorization To Kill Sea Lions
5. Anglers Nab Nearly 90,000 Pikeminnow
6. BPA Sets 7.8-Percent Average Rate Increase

1. High Flows Peak, But Plenty Of Water Still To Come
2. Power Council Wants More Answers From Ocean Research
3. Summer Chinook, Sockeye Runs Strong
4. Canadians At Odds Over Mitigating Chinook Harvest Cuts
5. New Fish Accord Proposed For Kalispel Tribe
6. BPA Issues Report Card On Environmental Redispatch

1. Spring Chinook Run Ends With Another Puzzling High Jack Count
2. Water Supply Now 3rd Highest Since 1970
3. Tern Colony Collapses In Columbia Estuary
4. Harvest Managers Expect Strong Summer Columbia Chinook Run
5. BPA'S 2010 F&W Costs Total $802 Million; $12 Billion Since '78
6. Council Recommends Funding For Another $30M In F&W Projects
7. Pacificorp OKs Condit Surrender, Sets Breach For October
8. BPA, BC Hydro Propose Long-Term Non-Treaty Storage Agreement
9. Latest Review Keeps Oregon Coastal Coho On ESA List

1. Water Supply Still Grows As Runoff Begins To Fill Reservoirs
2. GBT Kills Thousands Of Farmed Steelhead Below Coulee
3. Earthjustice Loses Challenge To Washington State's TDG Standards
4. Flows Slow Spring Chinook Run; Jack Count Huge
5. NMFS Reauthorizes Lethal Take Of Sea Lions
6. Local Predation Not Linked To Fraser Sockeye Debacle
7. Rockefeller Leaving Washington Senate For Power Council
8. NMFS OK's Puget Sound Chinook Management Plan
9. Feds Propose "Experimental" Designation For Deschutes Hatchery Steelhead
10. Wind Farms Curtailed Again As BPA Copes With Runoff

1. Chinook Run Better Late Than Never; 16,000 Fish In One Day
2. Salmon Judge Gets Earful At BiOp Hearing
3. New Report Finds Fraser Sockeye Decline Mirrors Larger Trend
4. BuRec Report Catalogs 'Possible' Climate Impacts
5. Puget Sound's Optimistic Chinook Plan May Not Meet Goals
6. Steelhead-Munching Mid-Columbia Terns Fingered In Report
7. Water Supply Now 121 Percent Of Average

1. Selective Fishing Methods May Help Future Wild Runs
2. 2010 Juvenile Survival Through Hydro System Near Record Highs
3. Salmon Fishing Boosted Off California, Cut Off Washington
4. Columbia Spring Chinook Run Late Again
5. Water Supply Up A Whopping 9 Percent From March
6. Oregon Works On Building Chum Population In Lower Columbia
7. PGE'S Pelton Round Butte Fish Facility Garners Two More Awards

1. Feds Plan To Stick With Judge's Spill Regime
2. PFMC Harvest Options Disappoint Salmon Fishermen Off Wash. Coast
3. 700,000 Chinook Predicted For Sacramento; Other Runs Up
4. Power Council Gets Update On New Idaho Sockeye Hatchery
5. Sockeye Snafu Spoils 2010 Barging Study
6. Hastings Pushes Sea Lion Removal Bill
7. Water Supply Keeps Going Up; Now 104 Percent And Rising
8. Oregon Bill Tries To Push Gillnetters Out Of Mainstem Columbia

1. BiOp Fight Nears End, Or Does It?
2. Snake Basin Fall Chinook Redd Count Breaks 2009 Record
3. Another Record Run Expected For Natural-Origin Snake Fall Chinook
4. Spring Chinook Season Nearly Here
5. New Report Says WDFW Lowballed Value Of Commercial Fishing Industry
6. La Niña Conditions Weakening In Equatorial Pacific
7. NWPCC Adds Another Montana Subbasin To Region's F&W Program
8. Bodi No Longer 'Acting' V.P. At BPA
9. Hydro Operations For Fish Complicate Wind Generation

1. No Cost-Benefit Analysis In Latest Hatchery Scrutiny
2. BiOp Plaintiffs Fire Off Final Arguments
3. NOAA Fisheries Will 'Fix' Sea Lion Program
4. Mystery Virus Possible Suspect In Fraser Fish Decline
5. La Niña On Vacation Until Late February, Says Accuweather's Bastardi
6. Whales May Put Big Wrinkle In Puget Sound Harvest Plan
7. ODFW Starts Sea Lion Hazing Program On Willamette
8. Pacificorp Raises Specter Of Klamath Removal Delay

1. Feds Say New BiOp Comes With No Guarantee, But That's OK
2. Pacific Ocean Partially Demystified
3. Scientists Call For Years-Long $25 Million Study Of Basin Food Webs
4. Task Force Says Sea Lions Should Be Shot
5. Huge Redd Count On Lower Snake Encourages Biologists
6. First Columbia Basin Water Forecast Estimated At 103 Percent
7. Oregon Senate Confirms Bradbury To Power Council Slot
8. Power Council Officers Re-Elected To New Terms

1. Tribes Defend Supplementation Efforts
2. Barging Gets High Marks At Research Review
3. Lower Columbia Dams Getting Close To Survival Goals
4. From Boom To Bloom? Federal Scientists Discount Volcano Theory
5. Counties Clobber Feds' Hatchery Plans For Columbia Basin
6. Niners Halt Controversial Lethal Sea Lion Removal
7. BPA Proposes 8.3-Percent Rate Increase
8. Harvest Managers Expect Nearly 200,000 Upriver Springers Next Year

1. Salmon BiOp Back On Front Burner
2. Sea Lion Task Force Gets Mixed Messages
3. Fall Run Gets Extra Boost From Ocean Harvest Cuts
4. Willamette Wildlife Agreement Too Rushed, Critics Say
5. Bull Trout Critical Habitat Expanded Nearly Five-Fold
6. Proposed Washington Irrigation Diversion Studied

1. Snake River Fall Chinook Coming On Strong
2. Late Surge Of Fall Chinook Confounds Harvest Managers
3. New Sockeye Record For Baker Lake
4. Juvenile Fish Survival Good, But Fewer Barged In 2010
5. Toxics Action Plan Takes Shape
6. BPA Reviews High-Water Operations In Wake Of June Event
7. Ocean Too Full Of Salmon?
8. New Study: Fish Issues Trump Whether Or Not Columbia River Treaty Ends
9. Analysis: "Is Everything I Read Wrong?"

1. Fraser River Sees Largest Sockeye Run Since 1913
2. Fall Chinook Run Picks Up Steam
3. Most 2008 Snake Runs Did Better By Barge, Says FPC Analysis
4. Supplemental BiOp Takes Hits From Oregon
5. New Type Of El Niño Could Confound Forecasts
6. Analysis: Reality Check At Redfish Lake

1. It's Official: La Niña Will Stay For Winter
2. Feds Tackle Hatchery Reform
3. Report Says Invasive Mussels Could Gain Foothold In Upper Snake
4. NW Sockeye Runs Full Of Surprises
5. Idaho Sockeye Will Get New Hatchery
6. First Take On Columbia River Treaty Options Released

1. Sockeye Run Breaks 1947 Record
2. Summer Run Downgraded; Big Fall Return Expected
3. June Rains Push Basin Water Supply To 76 Percent Of Normal: La Niña On The Way
4. State Of The Ocean--2009
5. Fraser Sockeye Prediction Gets Complicated
6. Enviros Sue Nwpcc Over Newest Power Plan

1. Spring Chinook Run Third Highest To Bonneville Dam
2. Summer Chinook Season Begins, Huge Fall Run Expected
3. Heavy Rains Force Curtailments, Raise Water Supply Outlook
4. Judge Sets Schedule For Arguments Over Supplemental BiOp
5. Little Goose Top Spill Weir Has Been A Mixed Blessing
6. Delwiche Named VP Of Power Services At BPA
7. Washington State Sued Over Spill Levels At Dams
8. New Predation Study Begins on Bass Note

1. Spring Chinook Run Declining Fast
2. Amended Salmon Plan Handed Back To Judge
3. Fish Managers Tap Dworshak To Help Smolt Migration
4. Libby Sturgeon Pulse Complicates A Lousy Water-Year
5. Stelle Back As Regional NMFS Head
6. New Hatchery Gets Final Nod

1. Feds Reluctantly Spread The Risk
2. Columbia, Snake Sockeye Runs Riding High
3. Spring Chinook Run--More Than Half Over?
4. Oregon Releases Billion-Dollar-Plus Lower C Draft Recovery Plan
5. El Nino Shifts Into Neutral

1. Feds Prepare For Low-Flow Operations
2. Science Panel Pans Feds' Low-Flow Transport Proposal
3. Corps Announces Plan For Possible Breaching Studies
4. Spring Chinook Beginning To Show
5. Despite More Precip, Water Supply Drops 2 Percent
6. Corps Alters Spill Plan To Accommodate 10 Million Hatchery Fish
7. El Nino Slowly Subsiding

1. Water Supply Keeps Dropping, Fish Ops May Change
2. Science Panel To Examine Barging Question
3. Better Days Coming, Say Harvest Managers
4. Some Salmon Fishing Possible Off California This Year
5. Six Sea Lions Euthanized At Bonneville Dam
6. Puget Sound Orcas Part Of Slow Food Movement
7. Pacific Smelt Listed For ESA Protection
8. Analysis: Dam Breaching Would Leave A Big Carbon Footprint

1. Redden Proposal Would Give Feds Three Months To Fix BiOp
2. Power Council Hears Update On Growing Mussel Threat
3. UW Study Says Dams Could Cope With Climate Change
4. Water Supply Forecast Dropped Fast
5. 2009 Sacramento Fall Chinook Run Lowest On Record
6. Lower Expectations For Columbia River Coho

1. Northwest Snowpack Up Since 1970s
2. Columbia Basin Snowpack Feels El Niño
3. Latest Barging Analysis Still Touts Survival Benefits
4. Ocean Productivity Declined In 2009
5. Feds Want Limited BiOp Remand
6. Sport Group Launches Anti-Net Initiative In Oregon
7. Nearly 1,500 Fall Chinook Redds Counted In Snake River
8. Measure Named NPCC Chair

1. Nearly 500,000 Springers Predicted For Columbia Next Year
2. Biop Judge Says Salmon Plan Is Close
3. Judge Questions Legality Of BiOp Additions
4. Barges Still Beat River For Moving Steelhead
5. Birds Rule Lower River
6. Questions Over Corps' Going Acoustic

1. Feds Get Last Words In BiOp Fight
2. Stimulus Funding Will Fill Hole In Corps' Dam-Fix Budget
3. Pikeminnow Catch Down From Previous Years
4. Great Returns For Upper Columbia Steelhead
5. Skagit Chinook Run Best In Over 30 Years
6. Sea Lions Eat More, Enjoy It Less
7. Enviro Groups Pick New Water Fight
8. Washington F&W Commission Adopts Hatchery Reform Policy
9. Canada To Investigate Fraser Sockeye Debacle

1. Analysis: Dam Breaching Made Simple
2. BiOp Plaintiffs File Same Old Complaints
3. Plaintiffs Want Docs From NOAA's 'Secret' Science Panel
4. Juvenile Steelhead Survival Soars In Hydro System
5. Huge Jack Count For Fall Run In The Snake
6. 700 Sockeye Make It All The Way To Redfish Lake
7. New Klamath Settlement Targets BuRec As Likely Removal Entity

1. Administration Hopes BiOp Tweaks Will Satisfy Judge
2. BiOp Plaintiffs Turned Down Settlement Talks
3. Estuary Science Confab In Astoria
4. No Benefit To Snake Springers From Court-Ordered 2007 Spill
5. Fall Chinook Taper Off; Jack Count Going For Record
6. Steelhead Numbers Keep On Climbing
7. Fraser River Runs Pink
8. Anderson Named New WDFW Director

1. House Bill Would Give Congress OK To Breach Snake Dams
2. Judge Gives Administration Another Month To Study BiOp
3. Harvest Managers Expect More Fall Chinook This Year
4. Mussels Will Eventually Bug Northwest Dams, Experts Say
5. Dam Managers Tweak Reservoir To Aid Fish
6. Council OKs $70 Million In Wildlife Funding
7. Niners Uphold Puget Sound Harvest Plan
8. Fraser Sockeye Run Major Disappointment

1. New El Niño Heading For An Ocean Near You
2. BPA-Funded Acoustic-Tag Study Gets Nod From Peer Review
3. Idaho Sockeye Numbers Beating Last Year's Record
4. Obama Administration Gets More Time To Study BiOp
5. Managers Tweak Sockeye, Summer Chinook Run Estimates
6. New Date Set For Klamath Agreement; Oregon Bill Signed
7. Condit Removal Delayed Again; PacifiCorp Cites Permits

1. 80,000 Jacks Can't Be Wrong, Or Can They?
2. Canada Ocean Report: 2008 Coldest Water In 50 Years
3. Sockeye Run Starts Strong As Summer Run Cranks Up
4. Corps Fights Birds At John Day Dam
5. More Data Shows Hatchery Steelhead Relatively Unfit For Reproductive Duty
6. Sea Lions Split For The Season
7. Feds' Report Outlines NW Climate Change Impacts

1. Spring Jack Count Going For New Record
2. Optimism Wanes As Judge Offers 'Guidance' Over BiOp Changes
3. Obama Officials Get Crash Course In New Salmon Plan
4. New Colville Tribal Hatchery On Track For Full Funding
5. WDFW Wants Public Comment On Hatchery Reform

1. Is Time Running Out For Spring Chinook?
2. Stimulus Spending Gives Hydro BiOp A Big Boost
3. Estuary MOA May Save Agency Jobs And Fish
4. NOAA Releases More Pesticide Rules
5. Oregon Anti-Gillnetting Bill Dies In Committee

1. Hatchery Operations Get Serious Scrutiny
2. BiOp Judge Wants Breaching Language Added To Salmon Plan
3. Analysis: Judge Alarmed Over Extinction Clock
4. Cold River, Slow Start To Chinook Season
5. Salmon Closure Hits Cal, More Opportunity In NW Waters
6. Water Supply Improves 10 Percent From February

1. Pretty Good BiOp, Says The Judge
2. Council Hears Hot Fish Predictions
3. Ocean Is Number One Suspect In Sacramento Fish Declines
4. Niners Nix Challenge To Feds' Hatchery Policy
5. Mark-Selective Chinook Fishery A Possibility Off Washington Coast

1. NWPCC Approves New, More Expensive F&W Program
2. Judge Sends Mixed Message Over New BiOp
3. BiOp Judge To BPA: Can You Tap Stimulus Money For Salmon?
4. Robust Forecasts For Columbia Coho, Fall Chinook
5. Colvilles Call For More Selective Fishing To Save Summer Run
6. Niners Deny Appeal: Sea Lion Trapping To Begin
7. West Coast Salmon Numbers Expected To Improve
8. Oregon Senate OKs Bill To Fund Klamath Dam Removals
9. Last-Minute Sparring Over Salmon Plan

1. Feds Say Big Sockeye Returns Had Little To Do With Spill
2. More Questions Than Answers Over Salmon/Whale PCB Study
3. States Reach Split Decision Over TDG Monitoring
4. Salmon Treaty's Endowment Fund Sinks With Stock Market
5. Big Gaps In New EPA Report On Columbia Basin Toxics
6. Lohn Resigns As Regional NOAA Fisheries Administrator
7. Judge Rules Against Stay To Halt Lethal Action Against Sea Lions
8. Tacoma, Skokomish And Agencies Settle Cushman Disputes

1. La Nina May Take Another Bow Before Next Summer
2. Salmon Go Acoustic At Research Confab
3. Mixed News Over New Bird, Barging Results
4. Feds Back Down From Their No-Spill Spring Barging Strategy
5. Battle Over Spring Chinook Harvest Goes On
6. Most New F&W Proposals Flunk First Science Review
7. Feds Say Black Rock Project Too Expensive

1. More Scrutiny For New Fish Projects Likely
2. Enviros, Oregon Call For Even More Spill, Flow In 2009 Dam Operations
3. Columbia River Sea Lions May Bite The Bullet
4. Salmon-Munching Bass Getting A Closer Look
5. Puget Sound Action Agenda Unveiled
6. NOAA Fisheries Releases First Pesticide BiOp
7. WDFW Director Koenings Resigns

1. Feds File Strong Defense In Latest BiOp Case
2. If Hydro BiOp Flops, So Does New Harvest Plan, Irrigators Say
3. Study Finds Similar Fish Survival In Fraser, Columbia Rivers
4. No More March Spill At Bonneville For Early Hatchery Release
5. Analysis: What Kind Of Bang For A Billion Salmon Bucks?

1. Columbia Basin Coho Run Comes On Strong
2. Science Panel's Spill/Transport Review Faces More Scrutiny
3. New Harvest Proposal Irks Netters
4. Niners Reverse District Court Ruling Over Harvest Lawsuit
5. BiOp Judge To Go On Tour

1. Science Panel At Odds With New BiOp Over Barging
2. Decision Near On Dissolved Gas Waiver
3. Juvenile Fish Survival Suffers Big Drop In Lower Columbia
4. Fall Chinook Run Upgrade Boosts Harvest Rates
5. Mid-C Steelhead Recovery Plan Ripe For Public Comment
6. Shoshone-Bannock Tribes Sign MOA
7. Lone Ratepayer Challenges BPA Fish Accords
8. Feds Release Disaster Aid For Coastal Salmon Fishermen

1. Fall Chinook Count Climbing Fast
2. Judge Says No To BiOp Science Review
3. La Nina Lingers, But For How Long?
4. Power Council Finishes Draft 2008 F&W Program
5. Deal Reached Over Flows For Kootenai Sturgeon

1. Sockeye Slapdown: NMFS Pans FPC Spill Memo
2. Sides Line Up As New BiOp Heads For Court
3. Fall Chinook Season Opens On Columbia
4. 2007 Snake Fall Chinook Run Makes Big Gain
5. Settlement Reached Over Pesticide Review
6. DFO's Latest Ocean Report Good News For Salmon Numbers

1. Basin Sockeye Keep On Coming Home
2. Oregon Files BiOp Complaint
3. Council Gets Complicated Message On Toxics
4. ISRP OK's Latest Klickitat Fish Plan
5. ISAB Weighs In On Invasive Species

1. Enviros, Oregon Go After New Hydro BiOp
2. Science Panel Blesses Feds' Passage Model
3. Enviros Send Feds' BiOp Bill
4. BPA Calls For Changes In Fish Recovery Yardsticks
5. Ocean Stays Cool, But pH is Dropping
6. B.C. Fishers Expect Big Cuts From Treaty Changes
7. Summer Season Starts With Big Sockeye Bang

1. U.S., Canada Cut New Harvest Deal To Save More Chinook
2. Spring Chinook Run Downgraded By 30 Percent
3. BPA'S 2007 Fish Bill Adds Up To $716 Million
4. High Flows, Debris, Affect Fish Passage At Dams

1. New BiOp Based On Best Science And Better Collaboration, Say Feds
2. BPA Customers Raise Big Questions Over New F&W Agreements
3. Super-Hot Sport Fishery Shuts Down Early
4. Feds Declare West Coast Salmon Fisheries Official Failure
5. Mysterious Sea Lion Deaths Haunt Salmon Run
6. Niners Deny Idaho Appeal Of 2004 Hydro BiOp

1. BPA Buys Tribes' Support For New BiOp
2. PFMC Closes Most of West Coast To All Chinook Fishing
3. Sporties Catch Thousands Of Chinook Below Bonneville Dam
4. Federal Court Upholds Puget Sound's ESA Harvest Policy
5. Humane Society Tries To Kill Fed's Bonneville Sea Lion Decision
6. Alaska Cuts Chinook Quota Nearly 50 Percent

1. Some Sea Lions May Die Over ESA-Salmon Diet
2. NW Salmon Runs Dodge A Bullet
3. Puget Sound Stocks Still Doing OK
4. Science Panel Questions TRT's 'Gap' Analysis
5. Action Agencies Reverse Course On Hatchery Spill Decision
6. Feds Will Look At West Coast Smelt Populations

1. Proposed 2008 Hydro Operations May Short Spring Chinook Survival
2. BiOp Judge Nixes Call To Boost Bonneville Spill
3. Fight Brews Over Upcoming Spring Harvest
4. Spring Harvest Adjusted To Help Weak Willamette Run
5. Agencies Say No To Spring Creek Hatchery Spill
6. 92 Members Of Congress Say Feds' Columbia Salmon Plan Needs More Work

1. Cold Ocean Means More Salmon
2. BPA May Shell Out Tens Of Millions More For BiOp Support
3. Judge Grants May Extension For Completion Of Hydro BiOp
4. Northwest Fish Experts Debunk Controversial Sea Lice Study
5. Power Council Elects New Chair, Gets New Member
6. Feds Put Oregon Coho Back On ESA List

1. BiOp Plaintiffs Agree To Last Year's Hydro Operations
2. Future Harvest Regime May Nab More Listed Steelhead
3. BiOp Critics Ignore Science Board Findings
4. The Case Of The Vanishing Fall Chinook
5. Latest Water Supply Forecast: 95 Percent Of Average At The Dalles
6. NOAA Fisheries Wants Comment On Sea Lion Assessment

1. Feds Come Out Swinging In Support Of New BiOp
2. Enviro Groups Promise More Litigation Over Future Dam Operations
3. Harvest Managers Predict Huge Spring Chinook Run
4. Latest Research Strongly Supports Fish Barging Effort
5. Fish Passage Center Tries End Run Around Science Panel
6. Washington Pens New Water Agreement With Tribes

1. Scientists Tell FPC To Dump Upriver/Downriver Comparisons
2. Feds Want Fish Projects To Include Survival Targets
3. Columbia River Sea Lions And Birds May Soon Be On The Run
4. CBFWA Asks For Millions More To Meet Critical Needs
5. Science Panel Named To Help Puget Sound Rehab Effort
6. Whale Scientists Endorse Snake River Dam Removal

1. Feds Give Thumbs Up To Latest Salmon Plan
2. Power Council Prepares To Open F&W Amendment Process
3. Idaho Delegation Supports Craig Language In Water Bill
4. Idaho Gov. Names Jim Yost To NPCC

1. Draft Hydro BiOp Nearly Ready For Prime Time
2. Upper Columbia Recovery Plan Finally Finished
3. Judge Gives NMFS 60 Days To Finalize Oregon Coho Listing
4. New Study Says Hatchery Steelhead Fitness Shows Rapid Decline In Wild
5. Enviro Groups Target Report Language On Upper Snake BiOp
6. Snake Fall Chinook Run Holds Its Own
7. La Nina Heading Our Way

1. Agencies Release Assessment Of Future Dam Operations
2. Do Ocean Conditions Trump Dam Effects?
3. Feds Slam Latest Fish Passage Center Fish Study
4. Oregon Judge Dismisses FPC Staffers' Lawsuit
5. New Review Suggests Changes At Gorge Hatcheries
6. Upriver Columbia Fall Run Gets Severe Downgrade
7. Council Finds Coal Cutbacks Vital To Lower CO2 Emissions

1. House Hearing Fails To Link Klamath Fish Kill To VP Cheney
2. Hatchery Reform Group Says Harvest Changes Needed As Well
3. House Committee Mulls Sea Lion-Kill Bill
4. Property Rights Group To Appeal Two ESA/Hatchery Fish Rulings
5. No BiOp Appeal For Feds In Ninth Circuit
6. West Coast Sockeye Score: Bristol Bay 30 Million, Redfish Lake 3

1. Idaho Wants Niners To Re-Hear BiOp Case
2. Oregon Judge Says NMFS Dissed 'Best Available Science' In Coho Decision
3. Montana Takes Proposal On Reservoir Ops To The Mat
4. Feds Say 'No' To Montana Plan For Late-Summer Reservoir Releases
5. BPA Customer Groups Sound Off On Salmon Program
6. Scientists Say Ocean Is Full Of Fish
7. Nearly 350,000 Fall Chinook Expected Back To Columbia

1. Supreme Court Says ESA Is No Trump Card
2. BiOp Judge Calls For New Panel To Sort Out Salmon Science
3. Oregon Water Bill Dries Up In State Senate
4. Oregon Water Quality Commission OKs 2-Year TDG Waiver At Mainstem Dams
5. Summer Season Opens: Fewer Columbia Chinook, Sockeye Expected

1. 2006 Juvenile Fish Survival Best In Years
2. Lower Granite Jack Count 400 Percent Of 10-Year Average
3. States Split Over New Salmon Plan
4. Feds Fight Off Puget Sound Harvest Lawsuit
5. Earthjustice's Biop Bill Nearly $1 Million
6. Sea Lions Digest 4 Percent Of Upriver Run
7. Little Goose Spill Changed After Test Blocks Adult Migration
8. Federal Judge Rules NMFS Hatchery Policy Illegal
9. Appointments Made To Fish Passage Center Oversight Board

1. Federal Agencies Release Newest Salmon Plan
2. Chinook Jack Counts Going Through The Roof
3. Puget Sound Steelhead Added To ESA List
4. ISAB Says Fish Plans Need To Deal With Climate Change
5. River Managers Reject Call To Maximize Spring Chinook Barging
6. Judge Chides BPA And Corps Over April Dam Incident
7. Grover Named To Head Power Council's F&W Division

1. Puget Sound Cleanup May Cost Billions More Than Expected
2. Mixed Review For Lower Columbia Netpen Project
3. New Look For FPC Oversight Board OK'd By Power Council
4. Chinook Run Picks Up Speed In Columbia
5. Elwha Dam Removal Timeline Slides Three Years
6. State Study Clears Way For Further Condit Removal Permitting

1. Oregon Meets With Critics Over Drawdown Issue
2. Quit Trying To Measure Latent Mortality, Says Science Panel
3. Niners Soundly Reject 2004 BiOp Appeal
4. Climate Change May Stymie Salmon Recovery Plans
5. Management Council Picks Ocean Harvest Option

1. Spring Chinook Show Up In Lower Columbia
2. North Coast Harvest Options Shrink For Chinook, Better For South
3. US Wants Canadians To Develop Mark-Selective Chinook Fishery
4. Customs Court Dismisses ESA Salmon Case
5. McDermott Introduces Latest Version Of Breaching Studies Bill
6. Feds Tell BiOp Judge 'Proposed Action' Ready For Review By April
7. Power Council Re-Constitutes FPC Oversight Board
8. NPCC's Marker Leaves For "New Opportunities"

1. BPA Working On "Secret" Drawdown Deal With Oregon
2. Economists Flunk Enviro Report On Economics Of Dam Breaching
3. Spring Creek Spill Nixed For Hatchery Release
4. NOAA Fisheries Calls For Less Harvest On Listed Lower Columbia Chinook
5. Aussies Say El Nino Is Officially Over
6. Power Council Miffed At BPA's Final F&W Budget Decisions
7. Enviros Petition To Raise TDG Standards In Washington For More Spill

1. Important Fall Chinook Study In Limbo
2. Columbia Fall Chinook Runs Expected To Be Down, But Coho Up
3. Spill Boosters Take On Status Quo
4. Lower Columbia Tribes List Gripes Over BiOp Remand
5. Value Of 2006 West Coast Salmon Season Down 62 Percent
6. Washington Releases EIS On New Columbia Water Management Plan

1. BPA, Corps Make Deal With Tribes Over 2007 Dam Operations
2. Niners Say BPA Must Continue Fish Passage Center Funding
3. Corps Says No Flex In 2007 Libby Dam Operations
4. Feds Approve Puget Sound Recovery Plan, But Much Uncertainty Remains
5. Seattle Mixes Salmon With New Art Park
6. Power Council Wades Into BC Coal Mine Controversy
7. Zebra Mussels Found In California's Lake Mead
8. Idaho Governor Appoints New NPCC Member

1. Snake Fall Chinook Studies Get More Complicated
2. BPA Says Latest Comparative Survival Study Incomplete
3. States, Politicians Gang Up On Sea Lions
4. Forecasters Say 2007 Spring Run Should Be Down, But Redfish Sockeye Up
5. Feds Building New Fish Forecasting Tool
6. El Nino Still Growing
7. Study On Economics Of Dam Breaching Takes Another Hit
8. Hydro BiOp Remand Extended At Least Through Next July
9. Grant PUD Sets Vernita Bar Flows For Fall Chinook
10. Corps To Be Sued Over Libby Dam Operations

1. Corps Admits Big Foul Up In Montana Dam Operations
2. A Revolution In Fish Tracking Gets Under Way
3. CSS Study Gets One More Year Of Funding
4. Enviros Say Region Would Save Billions Without Lower Snake Dams
5. Scientist Says Dams May Not Be Limiting Fish Recovery
6. NOAA Says Oceans Are Cooling Temporarily
7. Idaho Senator May Try End Run Around BiOp Judge

1. Council Boosts Funding For Controversial Fish Survival Study, Questions Others
2. Success Of Updated Hatchery Programs Still Unproven
3. Snake Fall Chinook Return Beats 10-Year Average
4. BiOp Plaintiffs Charge Feds With Changing Directions In Remand
5. Washington Says To Limit Consumption Of Puget Sound Chinook

1. BiOp Judge Tells Feds To Add More Water To Salmon Recovery Recipe
2. BiOp Updates Show Evidence Of Little Progress
3. Upper Columbia Recovery Plan Released For Comment
4. Groups File Suit To Reduce Harvest Of ESA Chinook In Puget Sound
5. Early Forecast Calls For Below-Average Water Year
6. Columbia Fish Numbers Still Strong, Others Miss Forecasts Big Time
7. Washington Calls For Comment On Water Management Plan

1. Power Council Makes Draft Recommendations For 2007-09 F&W Budget
2. Budget Battle Nearly Doomed Netpen Fishery Project In Lower River
3. Seattle Judge Dismisses Challenge To Current Harvest Practices
4. Fall Chinook Run Late And Less Than Expected
5. El Nino Likely Heading Our Way

1. New Report Supports Earlier Analysis Of Canadian Harvest Changes
2. Feds Stick To Upper Snake Agreement In Remand
3. More Briefs, Barbs Exchanged Over Fish Passage Center
4. Yakamas Sign Fish Protection Settlement With Grant County PUD
5. Feds Release Proposed Recovery Plan For Hood Canal Chum
6. WDFW Calls For Comment On Steelhead Report
7. Niners Tell Corps To Keep On Dredgin'

1. West Coast Salmon Recovery Fund Fully Restored . . . For Now
2. Feds Tell BiOp Judge Breaching Not In The Cards
3. Compromise Operation Developed For Montana Reservoirs
4. PacifiCorp Says Klamath Dam Removal May Be OK With Them
5. Nearly Half Million Fall Chinook Expected In The Columbia River

1. Summer Chinook Run May Set Record
2. Lake Washington Sockeye Run Passes 200,000-Fish Mark
3. Good Hydro Survival For Juvenile Salmon
4. Montana Flow Proposal Gets Shot Down Again
5. Feds File Third Progress Report On Remand
6. Judge Turns Down Request For One Big BiOp

1. Science Panel Questions Big-Ticket Items In BPA's Next F&W Budget
2. Ocean Conditions Improve For This Year's Outmigration, So Far
3. New Cracks Show In Collaborative BiOp Effort
4. Summer Chinook Season Begins Right On Schedule
5. Enviros Want Judge To Reconsider Upper Snake BiOp Decision
6. 103 House Members Ask Feds To Look At Dam Breaching
7. Pit-Tag Results Puncture Conventional Wisdom Of Dam Effects On Returning Salmon

1. Late Spring Chinook Run Beats Pre-Season Estimate By Nearly 40 Percent
2. Yawning Survival Gaps Face BiOp Writers
3. Niners Hear BiOp Appeal From All Sides
4. Redden Combines 'Faulty' Snake-Columbia BiOp Consultations
5. Power Council OK's New Supplementation Effort For Grande Ronde, But Questions Remain
6. Northwest Dams Compare Favorable To Others, BPA Study Says
7. Botulism Kills Millions Of Fall Chinook At Ringold Hatchery

1. Chinook Run Stymies Managers, Finally Builds Momentum
2. Judge Mulls While Enviros And Water Users Trade Shots
3. Feds Say FPC Lawsuit In Wrong Court With Wrong Targets
4. Hydro Remand Gets 3-Month-Plus Extension
5. Enviros Want Oregon's Coastal Coho Stocks Back On The ESA List
6. PacifiCorp Calls For Trap And Haul At Klamath River Dams
7. Power Council Pans Corps' Proposal For $30 Million Flood Control Review
8. Surplus Sales Lift BPA Revenues
9. Mainstem F&W Proposals Undergo First Review

1. Feds Downplay Fundamental Disagreements In Remand Report
2. Feds Come Out Swinging Against BiOp Judge In Appeal Brief
3. Spring Chinook Run Even Later Than Last Year
4. South Coast Gets Some Chinook Fishing This Year, Cuts In North And Puget Sound
5. Feds Recommend Fish Ladders At Pacificorp's Klamath Project
6. Lawsuit Challenges NMFS' New Hatchery/Wild ESA Fish Policy
7. Fish Passage Center Gets Contract Extension Through November
8. Nez Perce Side With Feds In Lawsuit Over Upper Snake Water

1. Council Gets Update On Sea Lions, Hatchery Review
2. Fish Passage Center Gets Last-Minute Reprieve
3. Science Panel Slams FPC's Latest Survival Study
4. BiOp Judge Denies Immediate Remand Extension
5. West Coast Harvest Managers Offer Lukewarm To Grim Fishing Prospects
6. Council OK's Funding For Ocean Tracking Study
7. Puget Sound Steelhead Proposed For 'Threatened' ESA Status

1. BiOp Plaintiffs Call For Five-Month Extension Of Remand Process
2. Salmon Managers Fight Corps Over Spill For March Hatchery Release
3. Spending For West Coast Chinook Tops ESA Expenditures By Federal Agencies
4. Judge Redden Dismisses Irrigators' Cross-Claims In Upper Snake BiOp Case
5. Enviros Say Canadian Sockeye Runs In Big Trouble
6. Harvest Managers Weigh West Coast Fishing Options
7. Washington OK's Bonds For Water Studies

1. More Salmon Scrutiny Planned By Northwest Congressmen
2. Washington Politicians Hammer Out Agreement On Columbia Water
3. Region Creates One Of World's Biggest Bird Feeders
4. Waldo Hired To Ride Herd On Hatchery, Harvest Review

1. Feds Call For Less Harvest Of ESA Fish--Everywhere
2. BPA Picks Short-Term Replacements For Fish Passage Center
3. Oregon Coastal Coho Don't Make ESA List
4. Too Early To Evaluate '05 Summer Spill, Says Science Panel
5. Karier To Chair Northwest Power And Conservation Council
6. Columbia Harvest Managers Hope Spring Season Lasts Past April
7. Will Northwest Salmon Be Around In 100 Years?
8. Corps Calls For Public Comment On Flood Control Report
9. "It's Still The Ocean, Stupid"--10 Years Of NW Fishletter

1. BiOp Judge Orders More Spring Spill, Less Steelhead For Idaho
2. Feds Call For Public Comment On Puget Sound Recovery Plan
3. Sportfishers, Gillnetters Clash Over Share Of Spring Chinook Run
4. West Coast Steelhead Status Re-Determined

1. Judge OKs Summer Spill, Balks At More Flows
2. Feds Announce Appeal Of 2004 Hydro BiOp
3. New Lawsuits Over Feds' ESA Listing Policy
4. 2006 Fish Forecasts Reflect Changes In Ocean Conditions
5. Grant PUD Finishes Settlement Talks Over Fish Issues

1. Feds Say Proposed Dam Operations Would Kill More Fish, Cost $450 Million A Year
2. BiOp Plaintiffs Ready To Square Off In Court
3. Talks Begin On How To Break Up Fish Passage Center
4. Federal Scientists Slam FPC Survival Study
5. Council Hears Comment On How To Replace Controversial Fish Passage Center

1. Lawsuits Target Canadian Interception Of US Chinook
2. Mass Marking Threatens Integrity Of Salmon Harvest Analyses, Experts Say
3. BiOp Plaintiffs Ask For Changes To Winter, Spring Dam Operations
4. Enviros' Spill And Flow Strategy Could Add Hundreds Of Millions In Power Costs
5. Upriver Tribes Want In On BiOp Remand Talks
6. Wash. Extends Agreement To Study 'Modest' Drawdown At Grand Coulee
7. Early Forecast Tool Calls For Near-Average Water Year
8. Grant PUD's New Turbine Passes Fish Test
9. BPA Says FPC Study Short-Changes Benefits Of Fish Barging

1. Politicians Get Earful On Salmon Harvest, Canadian Interceptions
2. Salmon War Surfaces At Boise Fish Conference
3. 'Speeching' Won't Avoid Breaching The Dams, BiOp Judge Warns
4. Tribes Write Senators To Save Fish Passage Center
5. Latest Survival Study From Fish Passage Center Ignores NMFS' Concerns

1. Biop Judge Gives Feds One Year To Produce New Hydro BiOp
2. BiOp Parties Have Different Ideas Over Future Remand
3. As Chinook Run Winds Down, Politics Heat Up; Salmon Hearings Scheduled
4. Critical Habitat Designated For Bull Trout
5. Lower Snake Dredging Lawsuit Finally Dismissed

1. So Much Spill, So Few Fish
2. Lawsuit Planned Over Canadian Harvest Of ESA-Listed Stocks
3. New BiOp Talks Shaping Up To Satisfy Judge
4. Montana, Kootenai Join Biop Fray
5. Business Coalition Weighs In On Puget Sound Salmon Recovery Effort
6. Terry Flores Named Director Of Northwest River Partners
7. Big Fish Days At Bonneville Dam

1. BiOp Settlement Talks Take Several Tacks
2. Critical Habitat Designated For West Coast Salmon
3. Feds May Face Lawsuit Over B.C. Sport-Caught Salmon
4. BPA Explains July Power Shortage
5. BC Fishers Keep Fingers Crossed Over Fraser Summer Sockeye Run
6. Suzumoto Named To Run NMFS Hydro Branch
7. USFWS Announces Three-Year Review Of Columbia Basin Hatcheries

1. Niners Uphold Spill Injunction
2. Niners' Panel Hears Spill Appeal In Seattle
3. Court-Ordered Spill Constrains Emergency Protocols
4. Northwest Lawmakers Rally Behind Fish Passage Center
5. Some Northwest Salmon Runs Fizzle, Others OK
6. Council Gets Schooled In Current Harvest Policies
7. Flow Proposal Gets Nixed For Second Time

1. Spill Now, Argue Later, Says Ninth Circuit Court
2. Summer Chinook Corralled By Spill Problems At Lower Snake Dam
3. Commercial Harvest OK'd For Upper Columbia Summer Chinook
4. Billion-Dollar Salmon Recovery Plan For Puget Sound
5. Energy Bill Language Cuts Funding For Fish Passage Center
6. Idaho Comes Up With BiOp Water After All
7. Niners Uphold Ruling On Pesticides Near Salmon Streams

1. Judge Calls For $67 Million More In Summer Spill
2. Feds Appeal Spill Decision to Ninth Circuit
3. American Fisheries Society Review Flunks Latest Hydro Biop
4. Snohomish Fish Plan Moves Forward, But Harvest Issues Remain
5. Brian Lipscomb Named New CBFWA Director
6. Spring Chinook Run Hits 100,000, Shad Count Nears 3 Million
7. NMFS Announces New ESA Hatchery Policy, Stock Status

1. Judge Finds Hydro BiOp Legally Flawed
2. Enviros Go All Out To Sell Judge On Expanded Summer Operations
3. Who Ate All The Fish? Just About Everybody It Seems
4. Mid-C Utilities Question USFWS Study On Hanford Fish Stranding

[1] BiOp Foes Square Off In Court; Decision Expected Soon
[2] Feds Say Proposed Summer Hydro Operations Will Kill More Fish
[3] BPA Outlines Limits To Its Future Fish Obligations
[4] Chinook Run on the Columbia Goes Up And Down; Harvest Managers Keep Most Fisheries Closed
[5] More Consumer Confusion Over Farmed, Wild Fish Safety
[6] House Told ESA Burdens Co-op Power Suppliers

[1] Spring Chinook Run Either Real Late, A Lot Less Than Expected, Or Both
[2] Power Council Gets Mixed Messages On 2005 River Operations
[3] Wash. Knocks Both Sides In Biop Beef; Oregon Waffles On Injunction
[4] BiOp Judge Confused, Says Irrigators' Attorney
[5] Feds Say Oregon's Fish Recovery Efforts Lagging; ESA Funds Jeopardized
[6] More PCBs In Puget Sound Salmon

[1] Harvest Changes Coming To Summer Chinook Fishery In Columbia
[2] Irrigators Argue Fish Better Off With Barging And Dams In Place
[3] Enviros Ask Judge For More Summer Flows And Spill For Fall Chinook
[4] The Case Of The Mysterious, Reappearing Fall Chinook
[5] What's Next For Subbasin Plans?
[6] Lower Columbia Harvest Project Gets Mixed Review
[7] Tacoma Not Liable For Cushman Damages: Tribal Claims Moved
[8] Scientists Debate Hatchery/Wild Issues in Seattle

[1] BPA Customer Groups Sound Off Over Future Fish Costs
[2] Old NMFS Tool Used To Fault Feds' 'Over-Optimistic' Take On Fish Runs
[3] Irrigators Add New Blood To BiOp Litigation
[4] Columbia River Initiative Goes On Hold
[5] Dry Winter Could Limit BPA Revenues, Stream Flows, Not Power
[6] Cost Estimate Doubles For Proposed Yakima Basin Reservoir

[1] Columbia River Fish Trends Looking Good To Great
[2] Feds Say New Hydro BiOp Fixes Old One
[3] Sporties, Commercials Battle Over Possible Boost In Steelhead Bycatch
[4] Upriver Fall Chinook Forecast Expected To Be 4th Largest Since 1964
[5] Makah Winter Chinook Fishery Makes Waves

[1] Salmon Recovery Effort Stymied By Too Much Harvest, Too Little Logic
[2] Oregon's Deja Vu Drawdown Scenario Stuns Salmon Wonks
[3] Preliminary Estimate Of Subbasin Improvements At $3 Billion And Still Counting
[4] Upper Columbia Recovery Fish Recovery Plan Partially Revealed
[5] Oregon's Eden To Chair Northwest Power And Conservation Council
[6] PacifiCorp Postpones Condit Removal To Pay Higher Permitting Costs
[7] BPA Customer Groups Move To Intervene In BiOp Lawsuit

[1] Council 'Got It Right' On Montana Flows, Says Science Panel
[2] Environmental, Fishing Groups File Amended Complaint Over New BiOp
[3] Fish Recovery Plan Calls For 75-Year Effort To Reach Sustainable Goals
[4] Strong Forecast For 2005's Spring Chinook Run In Columbia River
[5] Montana's New Governor Appoints Two To Power Council
[6] Puget Baker Settlement Terms Would Cost $360 Million
[7] Puget Sound Businesses Get Salmon Recovery News

[1] Revised Hydro BiOp Released; More Litigation Expected
[2] American Fisheries Society Approves Tribes' Call For BiOp Review
[3] Citing New Info, Feds Propose Huge Cuts In Critical Fish Habitat
[4] New Lawsuit To Target Proposed ESA Hatchery, Relisting Policy
[5] Joan Dukes Named Power Council Member From Oregon
[6] Grant PUD Sets Winter Flows For Vernita Bar Spawners
[7] Settlement Reached In Lewis River Hydro-Licensing

[1] Science Panel Finds Big Holes In Summer Flow Analyses
[2] Fish Researchers Still Looking For Answers To Flow-Survival Conundrum
[3] Columbia River Initiative Handed Off To New Governor
[4] Judge Nixes Corps' Lower Snake Dredging Proposal
[5] Power Council To Fund Review Of Region's Fish Data Management
[6] Douglas PUD, Colville Tribes Reach Deal on Wells Land Charges

[1] Higher Canadian Catches May Hurt Puget Sound Recovery Efforts
[2] Council Promises More Scrutiny Of Fish Passage Center
[3] Regional Flow Symposium Set For Nov. 9-10 In Portland
[4] Draft Salmon Plan Takes Licks Before Election
[5] Greg Delwiche Named BPA's VF For Environment, Fish And Wildlife
[6] Feds Call For Public Comment On Future Of Mitchell Act Hatcheries
[7] Half Of Sub-Basin Plans Released For Comment

[1] Concerns Aired Over Draft BiOp; New Round Of Litigation Promised
[2] Fall Chinook Study Challenges Old Assumptions
[3] Ninth Circuit Upholds Corps' Operations On Lower Snake
[4] Biologists Take Aim At Feds' Proposed Hatchery Policy
[5] Tribal Fishery May Not Reach Fall Chinook Goals

[1] Draft BiOp Goes Public, Gaps and All
[2] Fall Chinook Mysteries Haunt New BiOp
[3] Upriver Run Gets Late Boost; Snake Fish May Set Record
[4] Council News: Progress on Subbasins, Flow Symposium Planned

[1] New BiOp Delayed To Re-Vamp Fall Chinook Fish Analysis
[2] Niners Reject Spill Appeal, Feds Ask For Dismissal
[3] Fall Chinook Run Begins To Soar
[4] Appeal Likely For Hatchery Lawsuit Snuffed By D.C. Judge
[5] Weak El Nino May Be On The Way

[1] Feds Appeal Over Summer Spill, Say Judge's Assumptions 'Inaccurate'
[2] BiOp Judge Kills Spill Plan, Says Added Water For Fish Not New
[3] Power Council May Expand Fish Passage Center Budget Review
[4] Bonneville Spillway Flows Lowballed For Last 30 Years
[5] FERC OK's New Turbines For Grant PUD
[6] Tern Management Plan Released For Public Comment

[1] Oregon Joins Spill Suit, Decision Due By Month's End
[2] Washington Endorses Spill Proposal
[3] Spill Proposal Trimmed To Reflect New Analysis
[4] Feds Nix Montana Flow Changes
[5] Columbia River Summer Chinook, Sockeye Run Near 40-Year High
[6] Power Council Wades Into Swamp Of Conflicting Hatchery Mandates
[7] Ambitious Salmon Restoration Planned Behind Deschutes Dams
[8] Tacoma Says 240 Cfs Order Is 'Punishment' By FERC

[1] Spill Proposal Could Cut Rates 2 Percent, Save Up To $31 Million
[2] Politics Played Big Role In Adding Summer Spill To 1995 BiOp
[3] BiOp Judge Worries About Approaching 'Train Wreck'
[4] Summer Chinook Harvest Begins; Another Big Fall Run Expected
[5] Wet And Wild May Adds Little To Streamflow Forecast
[6] Fish Managers Say No To Montana Flow Change

[1] Spring Run Fizzles: Mysteries Of The Deep Deepen
[2] Reduced Spill Proposal Expected By Week's End
[3] Feds Keep All ESA Stocks Listed, But Upbeat About Future
[4] Hatchery Hysteria Dies Down Fast After Media Flap
[5] Judge Redden Gives Feds Till Nov. 30 To Complete New Hydro BiOp
[6] Nez Perce Tribe Settles Claim To Snake River Water
[7] Yikes Stripes! Live Zebra Mussels Show Up At Washington Border

[1] Proposed Hatchery Policy Leaked, But Is It Really News?
[2] Feds To Announce De-Listing Decisions For Eight Fish ESU's Soon
[3] Puget Sound Hatchery Reform Points To Coming Changes In Columbia Basin
[4] Chinook Run Slows: Size Estimate Drops Nearly 50 Percent
[5] Bill Maslen Named To Head BPA's F&W Division
[6] Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Methow Water Case
[7] Ninth Circuit Court Upholds Pesticide Ruling
[8] New Fight Over Dworshak Reservoir Water
[9] BPA's Rate Impact Of Declining Runoff Uncertain

[1] Spring Spill Curtailed; Summer Spill Proposal Needs More Work
[2] Enviros Promise Motion To Head Off Potential Cuts In Summer Spill
[3] Umatilla Tribes Intend To Sue Over Summer Spill
[4] Summer Spill Plays Role In Setting Ocean Harvest Quotas For 2004 Fisheries
[5] Less Snow, More Climate Scientists Likely In NW's Future
[6] New Agreement Reached For Fish Protection In Hanford Reach

[1] Feds' New Analysis May Turn Hydro BiOp On Its Head
[2] Agencies Finally Announce Summer Spill Proposal
[3] Feds Ask For More Time To Review Fish De-Listings
[4] Panel Bucks New Direction In Proposed Hatchery Policy
[5] National Research Council Weighs In On New Water Withdrawals
[6] Therese Lamb And Terry Larson To Leave BPA'S Fish Policy Arena

[1] Feds To Announce Their Summer Spill Option By Mar. 26
[2] Oregon Offers Little Support For BPA's Summer Spill Proposal
[3] DeFazio, Nine Other NW House Members Endorse Spill Study
[4] Latest News From BiOp Battle Fronts; Idaho, Irrigators Join Fray
[5] Spring Run Starts Slow At Bonneville Dam, But Hopes Are High
[6] Buoyed By Niners' Ruling, Farmers, Builders Contest Steelhead Listings
[7] Full Ninth Circuit Panel To Hear $5.7 Billion Cushman Claim
[8] PacifiCorp Files Klamath River Hydro Project Relicense

[1] New Coalition Of BPA Customers Fights For Cut In Summer Spill
[2] BPA Will Spill For Hatchery Release Next Week
[3] Ninth Circuit Dismisses Appeal Of Hogan Decision
[4] Fish Seasons Set For Big Spring Run
[5] Co-Managers To Get Role In Drafting New BiOp 'Tech Memos'
[6] Irrigators In Limbo Over BiOp Suit; Call For Judge To Step Down

[1] Feds Spell Out Proposals For Summer Spill Operations
[2] BPA Gets Little Support From Salmon Managers For Reduced Spill Proposals
[3] BiOp Judge Wants Feds To Pay More Attention To State, Tribal Input
[4] Removable Spillway Weir At Ice Harbor A Top Priority For 2004
[5] Attorneys Promise More Lawsuits Over Northwest Salmon Issues
[6] Danielson Elected To Chair Power Council For Second Term
[7] PGE Announces Agreement To Improve Fish Passage At Sullivan Project

[1] NOAA Says Snake River Spring Chinook Return Rates As Good As They Get
[2] Fish Managers Predict Monster Spring Chinook Run For 2004
[3] Debate Sharpens After Economists Take Cost-Effective Look At Spill
[4] Hydro BiOp Rewrite Near, Just How Much Still Unclear
[5] Another Year Of High Redd Counts For Snake River Fall Chinook
[6] Controversial Study Says Farmed Salmon May Pose Health Threat; Some Wild Fish Risky, Too

[1] NOAA's Lohn Updates Power Council On Upcoming Spill Evaluation, Hints At BiOp Changes
[2] BPA Customers Call For Major BiOp Re-Write, End To Summer Spill
[3] Skeptical Scientists Say Extinction Estimates A Risky Business
[4] Judge Redden Denies Motion To Expand Hydro Biop's Action Area
[5] Zero-Flow Scenario Debated For Lower Snake River Dams

[1] Farmed And Dangerous? Wild Salmon Advocates On Defensive
[2] Corps Again Nixes Lower Snake Dredging: Barges May Hit Bottom
[3] Idaho Water Talks Fizzle, But Crapo Doesn't Give Up
[4] Another Potential Lawsuit Over Idaho Water: Users Intend To Sue Feds
[5] Feds Cry Foul Over Attempt To Add Upper Snake Issue To BiOp Case
[6] Economists Add Up Costs, Benefits From More Columbia Irrigation
[7] Idaho Redd Counts Stay High For Spring Chinook
[8] Comment: Cyrus Noe On The Salmon Crossroads Conference

[1] Fish Policy Prognosticators Predict Recovery Will Stay A Big Business
[2] Only Three Sockeye Return To Idaho's Sawtooth Valley
[3] Idaho's Wild Steelhead Show From 2001's Drought-Plagued Migration
[4] NOAA Weather Computer Says More, Less, Or Average Winter Due
[5] NOAA Fisheries Must Re-Do "Essential Fish Habitat" Designation
[6] Pollution Control Board Scuttles Water Rights Settlement
[7] Power Council's Cassidy Named Chair Of Pacific Salmon Commission
[8] National Research Council Weighs In On Klamath Basin Dams

[1] West Coast Chinook, Coho Catch Tops One Million Fish Again
[2] Robust Spill Evaluation Faces Tough Hurdles
[3] Conservationists Put Idaho Water Talks On Hold
[4] New Hatchery, Harvest Agreement Announced For Upper-C Steelhead
[5] Letter From Congress Urges Consideration Of More Drastic Fish Recovery Options

[1] Judge Gets Good News Update In Biop Lawsuit
[2] 46,000 Fish In One Day: Fall Chinook Run On Way To New Record
[3] Lower Granite Fall Chinook Numbers Headed For New High
[4] Recent Ocean Surveys Support Regime Shift In Eastern Pacific
[5] Hatchery Fish May Not Be Good Stand-Ins For Wild Fish
[6] Study Says Methow Irrigation Canals Recharge River Flows
[7] Crapo Calls For Mediation In Idaho Water Dispute
[8] Grant PUD Meets Fish Survival Goals

[1] Feds Keep On Spilling, Spending Millions For Few Fish Benefits
[2] BPA Wins Lawsuit In Ninth Circuit Over 2001 Hydro Operations
[3] Fall Chinook Run Hits Big At Bonneville Dam
[4] Washington Proposes Fishery On Lower Snake Hatchery Chinook
[5] Niners Affirm Lower Court Ruling In Methow Water Suit
[6] Review Of Columbia Basin Hatcheries Nearly Completed
[7] Feds OK Mid-Columbia PUDs' Conservation Plan
[8] Environmental Groups May Sue Feds For More Upper Snake Water
[9] Hydro Managers Flunk Again, Says American Rivers
[10] BPA Names Terry Larson To Head Fish And Wildlife Division

[1] To Spill Or Not; That's Still The Question
[2] Feds Knocked After Nixing Proposal To Cut Flow And Spill
[3] Montana's Call For Changes Climbs Shaky Policy Ladder
[4] Questions Raised Over Salmon/PCB Study
[5] New Assessment Of ESA Stocks Shows Reduced Risk Of Extinction
[6] Baker Lake Sockeye Return Breaks Old Record
[7] Correction

[1] Latest Spill Analysis: A Costly Strategy With Small Benefits For Fall Fish
[2] Montana Wants Fish Managers To Assess Benefits Of Hydro Operations
[3] Summer Chinook Numbers Get Big Boost
[4] BiOp Judge Calls For Meeting To Outline Expectations Over Remand
[5] Irrigators File Notice To Sue Feds Over Hydro Biop's 'Flaws'
[6] La Nina Likelihood Down From 70 Percent To Nearly Nada
[7] Yakama Nation Adds BPA To Suit Over Fish Funding
[8] New Paper Suggests Hatchery Fish Can Crowd Out Wild Stock
[9] Seattle Judge Calls For Interim Stream Buffers In Pesticide Use

[1] Redden Rules To Keep BiOp In Place During Year-Long Remand
[2] Feds Say Dams May No Longer Be Jeopardizing Fish Runs
[3] Senator Crapo Wants More Bucks For The BiOp
[4] Power Planning Council Unhappy With BPA Head's Senate Testimony
[5] La Nina Most Likely On The Way, NOAA Forecasters Say
[6] Summer Spill Study Begins At Ice Harbor Dam
[7] Summer Spill Analysis: Little Bang For Lots Of Bucks
[8] Bush Administration Wants Oregon Coho Off ESA List
[9] BPA Rate Increase Proposal Comes In At Net 5 Percent
[10] Kempthorne Says No White House Calls Over EPA Job

[1] Council's Science Board See-Saws On Supplementation
[2] Council Recommends $34 Million In Mainstem Spending
[3] Hydro Conference Focuses On Saving Dollars And Salmon
[4] Governors Unite Against New Dam Breaching Rhetoric
[5] Environmental Groups Make Case For BiOp's Immediate Demise
[6] Spring Run Beats Prediction; Jacks Signal Even Stronger Run Next Year
[7] Changes In Forest Service Policy May Speed Up Hydro Relicensing

[1] Oregon Judge Dumps BiOp Over "Uncertainties"
[2] Judge Calls For More Briefs In BiOp Decision; 1-Year Remand Likely
[3] American Rivers Goes After FERC Over Hells Canyon Dams
[4] Second Phase Of Puget Sound Hatchery Review Completed
[5] Enviros Say They Will Sue State Over Hatchery Effluent
[6] Washington State Doles Out $22 Million More In Salmon Recovery Dollars
[7] Fish Managers Call For Less Power Peaking At Upper Columbia Dams
[8] Patt Named New CRITFC Director

[1] Oregon Judge May Toss Out Hydro Biological Opinion
[2] Battle Over Hydro BiOp Goes Public; Ruckus Over RPA
[3] Hanford Fish Stranding; Much Ado About Very Few?
[4] Jury Still Out On What's Killing Seattle's Salmon

[1] Power Planning Council Signs Off On Marathon Mainstem Amendment Process
[2] Oregon Council Member Questions Value Of Summer Spill
[3] Snake Spill Starts After Debate Over Water Supply, Science
[4] Late Snow Bumps Up Latest Water Forecasts
[5] Study Points To Importance Of Nutrients For Snake Salmon
[6] 9th Circuit Rejects Petition Over Baker Dam Operations
[7] Scientists Outline Difficulties In Determining Restoration trategies
[8] Early Show For Columbia Springers; Willamette, A Different Story
[9] Two Extinct Coho Populations Reappear In Lower Columbia
[10] Repairs Blocked Winter Fish Passage At John Day Dam

[1] Hatchery Versus Wild Fish: Latest Round Leads To Petition
[2] New Regulation Calls For Marking All Federal Hatchery Fish
[3] Lower Columbia Gillnetters Get One More Day Of Fishing
[4] Power Council Adjourns Early To Rewrite Mainstem Amendments
[5] Latest Water Supply Forecast Up Slightly
[6] Groups Sue Over Puget Sound Hatchery Operations

[1] No Surprises From Feds In ESA Fish Status Updates
[2] This Year's Spring Chinook Run Starts With Big Mystery
[3] Spill At Bonneville Dam Ok'd To Aid Hatchery Release
[4] NOAA Fisheries Announces New Division To Focus On Recovery
[5] Stream Restoration Measure To Get Seattle Vote
[6] Methow Basin Redd Counts In: Another Fantastic Year
[7] Annual Flap Over Fish Report Card Makes More Headlines

[1] Scientists Take Issue With Old Flow Augmentation Paradigm
[2] Steadier Flows May Be Key To Improving Fish Survival
[3] Locke Talks Money With Puget Sound Salmon Troopers
[4] Colvilles Submit $950 Million Claim Over Wells Dam
[5] Tribes Complain About BPA Budget Cuts, Call For Audit
[6] ISAB Responds To Question Of Excess Hatchery Fish
[7] BPA Plans Rate Increase As Last Option

[1] Power Council Continues To Struggle With BPA Budget Crunch
[2] NMFS Attorney Sees God Squad On Horizon For BiOp Lawsuit
[3] Some Idaho Spring Redd Counts Are Best In Nearly 30 Years
[4] Senate Gives BPA Additional Borrowing Authority
[5] Groups Threaten To Sue For More Wild Steelhead Protection In Lower Columbia Gillnet Fishery

[1] Council Hears Up And Downriver Perspectives On Fish Needs
[2] Lawsuit Over Dredging Plan Dredges Up Old Arguments
[3] DC District Court Ruling On NW ESA Fish Issues Expected Soon
[4] Scientists Say Hatchery Steelhead May Hurt Wild Chinook Recovery
[5] Environment, F&W VP Alex Smith Moves To BPA's Business Line
[6] Scientists To Start Another Study Of Fish And Flow Issues
[7] Judge Says Corps Complied With CWA Over Snake Dam Operations
[8] Conservation Groups To Petition For ESA Protection Of Lamprey
[9] Power Planning Council Calls Another Emergency Meeting

[1] BPA Calls For Deep Cuts To FY 2003 Fish Spending
[2] Council Hears More Tutorials On Flow And Survival
[3] Huge Columbia Chum Run Floods Lower River
[4] Climate Computer Prognosticates On Columbia Basin's Watery Future
[5] Unmarked Hatchery Fish Still Being Released

[1] Marathon Fish Research Review Comes Up With Some Winners
[2] Power Council Gets First Subbasin Plan And Earful From Science Panel
[3] New Fish Studies Suggest Cheap Survival Boost Possible At Some Dams
[4] Washington Irrigators Win New Water Rights
[5] Oregon Adopts Rules To Protect Native Fish
[6] Puget Sound Chum Run May Be Largest Since 1913
[7] More Record Redd Counts In Northwest Rivers
[8] BPA Pushes Rate Increase Decision To Next Year

[1] Oregon Plays Musical Chairs At Power Planning Council
[2] Steelhead Bonanza Hits Idaho Reel Hard
[3] Possible Changes In Hydro Ops May Save Fish And Money
[4] BPA Begins Swinging Budget Ax At F&W Program

[1] Power Council Votes On Proposals For Changing Mainstem Operations
[2] Latest Word On More Flow: Little Help To Fish
[3] Too Many Steelhead In Upper Columbia River, Biologists Say
[4] NMFS Says 2001 Upper Columbia Spring Run Should Be OK
[5] FERC Staff Pushes Scaled-Down Box Canyon Dam Conditions
[6] Puget Sound Salmon Recovery Begins Next Phase

[1] Fall Chinook Run On Track, But Prices Head Down
[2] Salmon Soldiers March Back Into Court Over BiOp
[3] State Wants More Info On Condit Dam Removal
[4] Funding For Oregon Hatcheries OK'd Again
[5] Review Out On Puget Sound Hatchery Operations
[6] Meyer Named Director Of Washington's Salmon Recovery Office

[1] BPA Says GAO Report Seriously Underestimates Fish Recovery Costs
[2] BPA Explains Last Year's Billion-Dollar Fish Costs
[3] Proposed Changes To Hydro Operations Could Save Millions
[4] RAND Report Stirs Dam Breaching Issue Back To Life
[5] Brogoitti Removal Hearing Canceled Indefinitely
[6] Debate Continues Over Steelhead Bycatch In Lower River Fishery

[1] Flow Proponents Sound Off As Council Begins Hydro Analysis
[2] Idaho, Montana Present New Recommendations For Hydro Operations
[3] State Sends Mixed Messages To Methow Water Users
[4] Six Hundred Thousand Fall Chinook Heading Our Way
[5] Oregon's Brogoitti Hangs On At NW Power Planning Council
[6] National Wildlife Federation Holds Off On Suing Grant County PUD
[7] More Mitchell Act Hatcheries May Face The Budget Axe

[1] NMFS Unveils Proposals For New ESA Listing Policy
[2] Oregon Council Member Fired By His Governor
[3] PacifiCorp Asks FERC To OK Condit Dam Removal Or Do Nothing
[4] NMFS To Action Agencies: Hydro BiOp Largely On Track
[5] Enviros Push NMFS To Designate Critical Habitat For West Coast Fish
[6] Researcher's Model Says Hatcheries Select For Less Fit Fish In Wild
[7] NMFS Concedes Need For Harvest EIS For Puget Sound

[1] High Chinook Jack Count After 2001 Drought
[2] Power Planning Council Waits For More Mainstem Amendments
[3] Final Supplemental EIS Issued In Support Of Condit Dam Removal
[4] ESA Reform Bill Leaves House Committee
[5] Judge Says EPA Must Consult With NMFS Over Pesticides
[6] Groups Say Puget Sound Chinook Hatcheries Violate ESA
[7] Power Council Says No To Oregon Over Changing Chair Vote
[8] Researcher Disputes Accuracy Of NMFS Extinction Analysis

[1] Council Members Get Good News From Ocean Research Update
[2] Researchers Say Fish Size May Explain Differences In Dam Survival
[3] Judge Yule Rules Again For Irrigators: Ecology May Yet Appeal
[4] Lower Granite Spring Run Tops Out At 75,000 Chinook, One Shad
[5] Critics Of Condit Dam Removal Cry Foul
[6] Hatcheries Face Federal Budget Cuts
[7] ESA Reform Bill Goes To House Committee For Mark Up

[1] NW Senators Want To Triple Federal Salmon Recovery Budget
[2] Columbia's Spring Chinook Run Second Best On Record
[3] ISAB Reviews Mainstem Passage Report
[4] Kitzhaber Calls For Voting Changes At NWPPC, Bigger Role For Tribes
[5] NMFS Approves Corps Of Engineers' Lower Columbia Dredging Plan
[6] Okanogan County Appeals Ruling Over Flows For Fish
[7] Washington State's Point Man On Salmon, Curt Smitch, To Retire
[8] Sando Named To Head CBWFA

[1] Astronomical Goals Set For Puget Sound Salmon Recovery
[2] Federal Judge Accepts Consent Decree On Critical Habitat
[3] Locals, Feds Reach Final Methow Valley Water Agreement
[4] National Wildlife, Others May Sue Grant PUD Over Priest Rapids
[5] Little Evidence For Last Year's So-Called 'Salmon Massacre'
[6] Council Wrestles With Questions Over Mainstem Flow Policy
[7] FPC Oversight Board Appointed After Long Wait
[8] NHA, American Rivers Press Feds For Turbine Research Funding
[9] Action Agencies Say They're On Track With New BiOp

[1] Methow Irrigators Say OK To Potential Settlement
[2] Conservation Groups File Petition To Protect Wild Fish Only
[3] Fish Managers Twice Downsize Chinook Run
[4] Scientists Piece Together Last 2000 Years Of Salmon Productivity
[5] Energy Bill Passes Senate; BPA Scores Borrowing Victory

[1] NMFS Releases Interim Recovery Goals For Columbia Basin Stocks
[2] DC Judge Says No To Enviro Intervention In Critical Habitat Lawsuit
[3] Chelan Proceeds With Construction Of $80 Million Fish Bypass System
[4] Power Council OK's More Fish And Wildlife Spending
[5] Hatchery Releases Sick Fish; Bonneville Dam Disinfected
[6] Spill Program Starts With Few Fish Yet To Save

[1] Judge Rules For Feds In Methow Valley Water Case
[2] House Bills Call For Peer Review In ESA Processes
[3] NMFS Hosts Watershed Workshop In Seattle
[4] Judge Yule Rules: Irrigators Back To Square One
[5] FERC Grants Tacoma Speedy License For Cowlitz Hydro Project
[6] Experimental Fishery Nets Early Spring Profits
[7] Budget Woes Hit Washington State Salmon Recovery Office

[1] NMFS Caves On Critical Habitat
[2] Debate Over BPA Spill For Hatchery Fish Now Annual Event
[3] Sports Fisheries Bring Cash Boon To Northwest
[4] Survival Of Wild Broodstock Coho Lower Than Wild Ones
[5] Environmental Groups Flunk Feds' Slow Salmon Recovery Efforts
[6] Giacometto Resigns From NWPPC; Hines Appointed In His Place

[1] Test Fishery May Net Lower Columbia Gillnetters Big Bucks
[2] Salmon's Two-Way Street: Cheap Protein And Expensive Icon
[3] Feds Accept Most De-Listing Petitions For West Coast Salmon Stocks
[4] NMFS Says It's Sorry Over Harvest Critique
[5] Shared Strategy Nearly Ready To Announce Recovery Goals

[1] Irrigators Win Flap Over Federal Flow Targets
[2] Council's Mainstem Program May Collide With BiOp Over Flows
[3] Methow, Wenatchee Fish Numbers Go Through Roof
[4] Fish Recovery Budget Up 19 Percent; Fish Counts Up 340 Percent
[5] Water Forecasters Still Predicting Below Normal Water Year
[6] Negative Influence On Wild Stocks By Hatchery Fish Chronicled In New Paper
[7] State Culverts Block 1,700 Miles Of Spawning Streams In Oregon
[8] IDFG Director Resigns, Cites "Philosophical Differences"
[9] BiOp Mediator Named By Judge
[10] Wright Named BPA Head

[1] NMFS Calls For Mediation In BiOp Lawsuit
[2] Methow Valley Water Lawsuit Gets Messier All The Time
[3] Council Shrugs Off Scientific Review, Shoots Down Methow Land Buy
[4] Irrigators Win Skirmish With State Over Flow Issues
[5] PacifiCorp Drops Bid For Priest Rapids; Yakamas Persist
[6] Flow Reductions On Upper Columbia Spark BC Probe Of Fish Kill
[7] Good Returns Slated For Snake River Spring Chinook Run
[8] Marker, Allee Named To NW Power Planning Council F&W Positions

[1] Ninth Circuit Stays Hogan Ruling
[2] Fish Runs Are Over; Big Run On The Courts Begins
[3] Power Council Cranks Up Sub-Basin Planning Effort; Scientists Skeptical
[4] Arrowleaf Proposal Bounces Back To Science Panel For Another Look
[5] Two Years Late, Corps Announces Its "99 Decision," Says Dams Will Stay
[6] Enviros Say BPA Could Have Spilled More For Fish; Agency Disagrees
[7] BPA Ends Fiscal Year In Red; Slight Loss Projected Next Year
[8] So Many Culverts, So Little Money, Says GAO Report
[9] Another Big Run Forecast For Columbia River
[10] Chum Salmon Spawning Successfully In Lower Columbia
[11] BPA Releases Draft Study of Juvenile Spring Migrants

[1] NMFS Changes Course After Decision Not To Appeal Hogan Ruling
[2] Region Reacts To NMFS' ESA Policy Shift; Enviros Can Intervene In Case
[3] Optimistic Redd Counts Coming From Idaho
[4] Mid-C Fish Show Little Ill From Low Flows
[5] Science Panel Knocks NMFS Over Harvest Policies

[1] Judge Hogan Wants More Time To Decide Coho Appeal
[2] Two More De-Listing Petitions Filed In Wake Of Hogan Decision
[3] Latest PIT Tag Study Finds "Modest" Benefits For Fish Transport
[4] Forecasters Hedge Bets For Normal Water Year
[5] PacifiCorp, Yakamas Start Competition For Priest Rapids License
[6] High Priority Fish Habitat Goes High And Dry
[7] Steelhead Season Opens On Upper Columbia
[8] BPA Faces Lawsuit Over This Year's Operations
[9] Respected Salmon Researcher Dr. Ted Bjornn Dies

[1] Puget Sound De-Listing Petition Filed: Enviros Go After Hogan Decision
[2] Fish Litigants To NMFS: Revoke Chinook Listings
[3] Irrigators Pour Disdain On New Water Initiative
[4] Sept. 11 Events May Affect Next Year's Salmon Budgets
[5] Montana's Stan Grace To Leave NW Power Planning Council

[1] Oregon ESU Ruling May Pave Way For More Fish De-Listings
[2] Irrigators Petition To De-list 7 Salmon And Steelhead Stocks
[3] Region Differs On De-listing Decision, Kitzhaber Supports Appeal
[4] Too Many Steelhead, So Little Time, Say Fish Managers
[5] BPA Just Says No To Direct Funding For State F&W Efforts
[6] IG Audit Surfaces On NMFS' Role In Salmon Recovery
[7] NOAA Picks Recovery Team For Columbia Basin

[1] Fall Chinook: The Good, the Bad, And The Ugly
[2] Science Panel on Salmon Recovery
[3] F&W Managers Ask For Moon: BPA Will Give Something Less
[4] Contingency Plan OK'd For Chums
[5] Terns Win Harassment Suit
[6] Lohn Named To Head Northwest NMFS Region
[7] BiOp Judge Suggests Mediation

[1] Columbia River Water Supply Improves: Flows, Spill Boosted
[2] The Mystery Of The Missing Steelhead
[3] Fall Chinook Season Gets Under Way
[4] PacifiCorp, Yakama Nation Will Apply For Priest Rapids License
[5] Court Dismisses Rest Of Skokomish Claims Against Tacoma
[6] More Emergency Fish Mitigation Recommended

[1] BPA Allows Some Summer Spill After All
[2] BiOp Lawsuit Simmers On Low Heat As More Intervenors Added
[3] Feds Face New Lawsuit Over Water And ESA, Maybe More
[4] Fall Fishing Season In Columbia River Now Open
[5] WA Lawmaker Introduces Bill To Fund Dam Breaching Study
[6] States, Tribes Weigh In On Big BiOp Implementation

[1] Lower Water Forecast Means No Summer Spill
[2] New Mainstem Planning Process Gets Underway
[3] Administration Hears From Region On BiOp, Pledges Support
[4] Mid-C Setback For New Fish Bypass Construction
[5] No Spill At Lower Snake Dam Helps Adult Run
[6] NMFS' Push For Brownlee Water Drowns After DC Meeting
[7] Good Salmon Show Throughout NW

[1] Spring Spill Ends: Is There Enough Left For Summer?
[2] Council's Power Reliability Report Questions BPA Spill Strategy
[3] FERC Gives Qualified 'Yes' To Less Spill At Grant Dams
[4] Region Weighs In On FERC's 'No-Spill' Option
[5] Idaho Power To Oppose NMFS Push For Brownlee Water
[6] New Twists To Old Fish Arguments In Journals
[7] Lamprey Harvest Ok'd For Willamette

[1] BPA Ups Spill Ante Over Memorial Day Weekend
[2] Congressmen Hear Testimony On Drought, Power and Fish
[3] No Decision From FERC Over Possible Changes To Mid-C Spill Regime
[4] Corps Of Engineers Gives Judge New ROD In CWA Lawsuit
[5] Smolts Show At McNary, But Spill Kills Barging Study
[6] 400 Scientists Discuss Ecosystems And Salmon Nutrients

[1] BPA's Spill Strategy Off Again, On Again
[2] Agreement Reached Over Excess Methow Hatchery Fish
[3] States, Tribes Called On To Help Implement Hydro BiOp
[4] High Priority Projects Get Funding
[5] Updated Extinction Study Excludes Abundant Years

[1] Feds Unveil Plan For Columbia Hydro System
[2] Power Planning Council Looks At Mid-C Spill Issues
[3] 27,000 Fish In One Day!
[4] Conservation Groups Threaten Lawsuits Over Flows
[5] Mike Field Says Goodbye To Power Council

[1] Power Council Wades Deeper Into Water Crisis
[2] Spring Run Builds Record Momentum
[3] WA State Settles With Irrigators Over New Permits
[4] Okanogan County Pulls Out Of Methow Basin Talks

[1] WA Says Council Process Flawed: Wants Direct Funding For ESA
[2] NWPPC Predicts Possible Power Deficit
[3] Feds Still On Fence Over Dam Operations
[4] Spring Chinook Run Starts Off With A Bang
[5] Spring Harvest BiOp Hits The Street
[6] State Fires Back In Culvert Lawsuit

[1] BPA Dumps Contingency Plan: Water Year Close To 'Rock Bottom'
[2] Water Forecast Down to 55 Percent
[3] Boondoggle at Bonneville? $2 Million Spill For Hatchery Fish
[4] High Priority Real Estate To Be Funded for Fish Protection
[5] Scientists Knock Regional Planning Tool
[6] Utilities Push Irrigation Buyback Deals
[7] Locke Declares Drought Emergency

[1] Judge Rules That Corps "Erred" Over Water Quality Issues
[2] Water Forecast Worsens: Hydro/Fish Debates Continues
[3] Spring Harvest Rates Boosted To Nab More Chinook
[4] Catholic Bishops Release Pastoral Letter On Columbia River
[5] BPA To Use F&W Contingency Credits To Pay Treasury

[1] BPA Floats Contingency Plan To Save Its Bacon--And Fish
[2] NMFS' Newest Survival Study Reinforces Earlier Results
[3] Runoff Forecast Continues To Drop
[4] Fish Managers Pan NMFS Transport Studies
[5] Methow Water Users Intend To Sue Feds
[6] Regional NMFS Job Down To Three Candidates
[7] New Study Looks At Impacts Of Hatchery Steelhead

[1] Fish Managers Fear Power Needs Will Short Salmon
[2] Power Council Adds Up BPA Fish And Wildlife Costs
[3] NMFS Watershed Workshop Plays To Sellout Crowd
[4] BPA Clarifies Position On BiOp Funding
[5] BPA Rate Increase Still Out Of Control
[6] 'Shared Strategy' For Puget Sound Meets Again
[7] Interim ODFW Director Named

[1] BPA Blinks At New BiOp
[2] Region Races To Court Over Fish
[3] Council Hears Briefing On BiOp
[4] Chum's The Word: NMFS Tries To Balance Listed ESUs
[5] Skagit Chum, Chinook Take Possible Hit
[6] Unhappy Legislators Help ODFW Director Out The Door
[7] Water Forecast On Low Side
[8] Wenatchee Chinook Numbers Excellent
[9] New Faces On Council

[1] Hydro BiOp: The Final Version
[2] The Difficulties Of Measuring Salmon Success
[3] Wild Fish Counts Up In Idaho
[4] Redd Counts Way Up In John Day River
[5] Large Numbers Of Fall Chinook Spawn Above Hanford
[6] Power Council's Rolling Fish Review Gets Underway
[7] Puget Sound Gears Up For Salmon Rules
[8] NMFS Survives Gorton Budget Language
[9] Insurance Policy Against Extinction: Freezing Salmon Sperm

[1] New NMFS Research: More Water May Mean Less Fish
[2] Bush And New Biop: An Iffy Situation At Best
[3] Crapo Calls For More Time To Improve BiOp
[4] Corps Research Review Unlocks More Salmon Secrets
[5] Bristol Bay Forecast May Signal Regime Shift
[6] Johansen To Leave BPA For Private Sector
[7] BPA Tries To Smooth Flows For Chums

[1] NMFS Takes Late Hits Over BiOp, But Says It's On Right Track
[2] Big Bucks BiOp In The Offing
[3] NWPPC Wades Into Hatchery vs. Wild Fish Debate
[4] Eastern WA Irrigators, City Of Pasco Sue State DOE Over Water Permits
[5] Northwest Salmon Science Goes To Center Stage
[6] Cushman Relicense Back At FERC Over ESA Issues
[7] Congress OKs $40 Million For Puget Sound Watershed Restoration

[1] Tri-County Salmon Effort Slowly Moves Ahead
[2] It's Unanimous! Council Approves New Fish and Wildlife Plan
[3] Showdown Over Hatchery Standards Tabled For Now
[4] Fall Chinook Run Falls Off: Steelhead Counts High--With Discrepancies
[5] Idaho Enviros Intend To Sue Everybody Over Stream Flows

[1] New Problem For Northwest: Too Many Fish!
[2] WA Knocks Federal Fish Recovery Planning
[3] President Threatens Veto Over Fish Issues: Dam Study Rider Dumped
[4] Hatchery Fish Will Seed Barren Streams

[1] NMFS Extinction Analysis Questioned At Workshop
[2] Most Tribal Fishermen Keep BPA-Purchased Nets From Getting Wet
[3] Gorton Goes After Gore On Breaching; Administration Fires Back
[4] House OK's $600 Million For 3 Years Of Salmon Recovery
[5] Senate Hears More Gripes Over Water For Salmon
[6] Corps Says 'Enough' To More John Day Drawdown Study
[7] Irrigators Point To Conflicts In Draft F&W Program

[1] NMFS Shuts Down Methow Irrigators Over Low Flows
[2] Council Faces Future Water Fights In New Planning Effort
[3] New BiOp Could Mean Big Change In Fall Power Generation
[4] Stelle To Step Down: NMFS Regional Administrator Leaves Sept. 15
[5] Upriver Tern Colony Takes Toll On Fish
[6] Federal Agencies Have Different Takes On 'Take'
[7] Extra Salmon Eggs May Fill Old Hatchery Basket
[8] Senators Grill Salmon Policymakers Over New BiOp

[1] NMFS Hints At More Input Into Power Council Process
[2] Power Planning Council Unveils New Vision Of F&W Program
[3] BPA Pulls Rank To Ease Power Crunch
[4] EPA Tells Corps It's Violating Clean Water Act
[5] Captive Broodstock Success--226 Sockeye Return to Redfish Lake
[6] Seattle City Council Endorses Dam Breaching On Snake
[7] Fish Supplementation Workshop Results Distilled
[8] Tacoma Hopes Salmon Plan Will Speed Cowlitz Relicense
[9] Montana Dam Relicense May Go To Court
[10] Cushman Ghost May Return To Haunt FERC Chambers
[11] Briefs: Fall Chinook Running Hard; NMFS Says "Never Mind" To Estuary BiOp; Senate Will Review Hydro Opinion

[1] Clinton Administration Says Snake Dams Will Stay For Now
[2] 400-Page BiOp Hits The Streets
[3] NW Governors Agree On Salmon Recovery Principles
[4] GAO, IEAB Find Fault With Corps' Lower Snake EIS
[5] Power Council Considers Standards For Hatcheries

[1] Four Dead Smolts Lead To Idaho Flow Agreement
[2] Next BiOp Still Promised By End of July
[3] Saving Water For Later Policy Nixed On Snake
[4] Grant PUD Dams Spill More For Fish
[5] Northwest Fish Runs Stay Hot, Alaska Cools
[6] Salmon Need Salmon, Says New Study
[7] Stelle Says He Will Stick Around
[8] Judge Marsh Resigns from US v. Oregon

[1] NMFS Announces 12-Step 4(d) Rule For Salmon Recovery
[2] Science Conference Struggles With Hatchery Technology
[3] More Water For Fighting May Mean Less For Fish
[4] Cal Faces New Options For Fish, Water Future
[5] Fishways Study Nixed By Appeals Court
[6] Briefs: Hydro System In Emergency Mode, And More

[1] Fish Managers Kill NMFS Chinook Survival Study
[2] Tribes Say No To Selective Fishing Methods
[3] Spring Chinook Run, One For the Record Books, Sort Of...
[4] Methow Irrigators Still Wrestling With NMFS
[5] Washington State Stumbles Over Spring Hatchery Surplus
[6] FERC Rejects Shortcut Relicensing For Priest Rapids Over Fish Issues
[7] Briefs: Hanford Hot New National Monument; Pikeminnow Program Reviewed

[1] Politics May Trump Science In Upcoming BiOp
[2] Fish Managers Boost Estimate As Spring Run Peaks
[3] Making Amends: Council Gets Input On F&W Program Changes
[4] Oregon Adopts Temporary Rule To Harvest Endangered Coho
[5] FERC Won't Reconsider Ruling On Enloe Dam License

[1] Up Close And Confusing: Next NMFS BiOp Close At Hand
[2] More Federal Feuding: EPA Blasts Corps; Snake DEIS
[3] BPA's MOA Means Big Buck Bonanza For Fish And Wildlife
[4] Big Spring Runs Bring Big Problems
[5] Hatchery Fish No Bargain, Economist Tells Power Council
[6] Pasco Hosts House Hearing On Salmon Issues
[7] Corps Lays Egg In Court Over Tern Relocation

[1] DC Paper Says White House Pressured Corps Over Snake EIS
[2] NMFS' 'Sobering' Extinction Estimates Questioned At Senate Hearing
[3] Columbia Fish Count Stays Hot-Tops 90,000
[4] Hearing Gets Mixed Report On WA Salmon Progress
[5] BPA Tells Senate It Won't Foot The Whole Fish Recovery Bill
[6] Oregon Sets Sport Fishery For Coho Salmon
[7] Unmarked Hatchery Fish Releases Confound Fish Counts
[8] PUD Wants More Collaboration On Enloe Dam License
[9] Study Says Snake Dams Can Be Replaced With Clean Energy Resources

[1] Spring Chinook Counts Start Off With Big Bang
[2] Snake Hatchery Return Rates Way Up, Says New Study
[3] Upper Columbia Stocks Could Be Down For The Count
[4] NMFS Modelers Go Public With 'Dire' Situation
[5] Fish Survival Standards Being Developed For Hydro System
[6] Proposed System Spill Options: High Costs, Dubious Benefits
[7] Judge Wants More Facts In Clean Water Act Lawsuit
[8] Corps' Final EIS On Snake Delayed Until After Election
[9] BPA Buys New Nets For Tribal Fishers
[10] Seattle Judge Puts Tern Relocation Plan On Hold
[11] Editor's Note: NW Fishletter's 100th Issue, Or, "It's The Ocean, Stupid"

[1] From The Ocean To Ice Harbor: Council Hears All About Water
[2] States Tell NMFS What's Wrong With Its 4(d) Rules
[3] Historian Warns Of Complicated Nature Of Fish Declines
[4] Fish-Friendlier Turbine Shows Promise At Bonneville Dam
[5] Enviro Groups Stage Pro-Breaching Event In DC
[6] Fall Chinook Numbers Up 300 Percent In Snake
[7] States Say Feds Unfair Over ESA Spring Harvest Issue

[1] Dam Bashers Dominate Seattle Hearing
[2] NMFS Draws Line In Sand Over Spring Harvest
[3] Kitzhaber Endorses Breaching Lower Snake Dams
[4] Feds Sued Over Fish Flows
[5] Dam License Rescinded Over NMFS Demand For Fish Ladder
[6] Puget Sound 4(d) Proposals Unveiled
[7] New Report Says WA State Has Failed To Enforce Environmental Laws
[8] Seattle Puts Fish First On The Skagit

[1] NMFS Responds To Critics Of Its Extinction Risk Assessment
[2] Possible Mid-Columbia Fish Goals Discussed
[3] EDT's Rosy Hatchery Assumptions Questioned
[4] Corps Declares War on Birds
[5] Mainstem Water Quality Issues Still Unsettled
[6] Precipitation Pretty Darn Average
[7] Administration Seeks More Salmon Money

[1] All Framework Alternatives Will Produce More Fish, Says Analysis
[2] Canadian Points To Ocean for Salmon Declines
[3] U.W. Researchers Unlock Mysteries of Deep and Not-So Deep
[4] ODFW Director Changes Tune Over Wild Fish Policy
[5] Tribes Take Fish Concerns to DC
[6] Drawdown Study Finds Few Fish Benefits
[7] Basin Forum Reheats Regional Controversies

[1] Power Council Begins F&W Amendment Process
[2] Justice Dept. Says Dam Breaching Best From Legal Standpoint
[3] Next BiOp Includes Recipe For More Spill
[4] Questions Raised Over Release of Unmarked Hatchery Fish
[5] Tribes Estimate Harvest Impacts to ESA Stocks
[6] Proposed Salmon Rules Likely To Shake Up Region
[7] Locke Says No To New River Governance Plan
[8] BPA Rate Case: F&W Testimony Tossed

[1] To Breach Or Not, That Is Still The Question
[2] Region Gets 4,000 Pages Of Dam Studies, But No Answer
[3] Federal 'Family' Still Feuding Over Salmon Recovery Options
[4] Power Council Funds New Nez Perce Hatchery
[5] Pros And Cons Of Hatchery Supplementation
[6] New Paper Raises More Questions on Fish Fitness
[7] NMFS 'Incidental Take' Rules Out Soon
[8] Vernita Flow Agreement Kicks In To Protect Salmon Eggs
[9] NMFS OK's Corps' $197 Million Dredging Project

[1] The Methow: Water for Fighting, Water For Fish
[2] More Legal Battles Coming Over Fish
[3] Judge OKs Killing Oregon Hatchery Fish
[4] More and Less Money For Hatcheries
[5] Enviros Call For Salmon Summit While Idaho Sporties Wait for Big Fish Year
[6] Skokomish Tribe Sues Over Dam Damage
[7] NW Governors Agree on Principles For New Governance Entity
[8] Caucus Seeks New Name For "Four-H" Paper

[1] Snake River Spring Run Shaping Up Big
[2] NMFS Releases Four H's Of The Apocalypse
[3] Feds Respond To 'A-Fish' Critics
[4] The Fifth 'H' Surfaces In Puget Sound Study
[5] Oregon Supports Enviros In CWA Lawsuit
[6] Council OK'S $33 Million More For Fish & Wildlife Program

[1] War of Words Over New Salmon Treaty
[2] NMFS Workshop Stresses Uncertainties About Salmon Recovery
[3] Suspect Study Used in National Anti-Dam Campaign
[4] Seattle Utility Steadies Flows For Fish
[5] More Money For Elwha Dam Removal
[6] GAO Study Finds Feds Overstate Hatchery Benefits
[7] Book Review: Salmon Without Rivers
[8] Puget Sound Bull Trout Listed
[9] Scientists Find Evidence For Two Regime Shifts Since 1965
[10] Net Ban Initiative Fails in Washington

[1] NMFS Says 1999 Survival Rates High
[2] Uncertainties Riddle Fall Chinook Analysis
[3] Hydro Ops Help Fall Chinook Below Bonneville
[4] Power Council Adopts Final Hatchery Report
[5] NWPPC Nixes $42 Million in F&W Proposals
[6] BPA Names New Fish Head
[7] PGE To Propose "Salmon-Friendly" Power
[8] Experts Say Snake Hotter Before Dams

[1] NMFS Releases Draft 'White Papers' on Flow, Fish Transport
[2] Net Ban Rhetoric Heats Up On Both Sides
[3] PacifiCorp Reaches Agreement To Remove Condit Dam
[4] Oregon Illegally Harvests Listed Coho
[5] NMFS Hosts Habitat Modeling Workshop
[6] Power Planning Council OKs $68 Million in F&W Projects
[7] Budget Rider Keeps BPA From Saving For Future Dam Breaching

[1] Water Fights Flare Up Over Fish Needs
[2] Kitzhaber Calls For New Forum To Save Northwest Power and Fish
[3] Alaska Catches Close To Record, Fraser Fizzles
[4] Fall Harvest On Columbia
[5] No Listing for Deschutes Fall Chinook
[6] BPA Says Fish Constraints Dim Outlook for Power Surplus
[7] Utility Buys Deschutes Spawning Habitat
[8] Frameworkers Updated on Analysis, Process Schedule

[1] NMFS Policy Workshop Focuses on Snake Issues
[2] EPA Tries To Sell Region On New Temperature Model
[3] Modelers Say John Day Drawdown Won't Help Snake Fish
[4] Corps Bumps Draft Snake Study Ahead Two Months
[5] Fall Chinook Show Up On Schedule

[1] Tribes Call NMFS Scientists Biased in PATH Funding Flap
[2] Harvest Rate Boosted For Snake River Fall Chinook
[3] Council Looks at Future Fish Framework
[4] 22 Sockeye Seen Heading for Idaho's Redfish Lake
[5] 107 House Members Sign Letter to Clinton About Dams
[6] More Dam Facts From Corps of Engineers
[7] Methow Biops Strongly Criticized
[8] Coho Harvest and Recovery Issues Pondered at OSU Conference
[9] Power Council's Hatchery Review Goes to Congress in October
[10] Adult Survival to Lower Granite Up Four Times

[1] NMFS Still Fighting Locals Over Methow Water
[2] Trout Unlimited's Extinction Study Panned
[3] New Salmon Modeling Effort Unveiled By NMFS
[4] Corps Releases Estimates of Social, Economic Drawdown Costs
[5] Oregon Lists Last Wild Coho Under State's ESA
[6] Anti-Breaching Decree Passes House Resources Committee
[7] New Faces On Salmon Recovery Front

[1] Ocean Biggest Salmon Abundance Driver?
[2] Caspian Terns Test Biologists' Mettle
[3] Back to the Future for IT Policymakers
[4] More Motions in Clean Water Act Suit
[5] BPA's Johansen Speaks Out
[6] Northwest Govs Call for Annual F&W Assessment
[7] Seattle Watershed's HCP OK'd by City Council

[1] Science Panel Pans PATH, Hatchery Funding
[2] Agreement Over Pacific Salmon Treaty
[3] Locke Signs Salmon Bills
[4] Gorton Amendment Limits BPA's Future Dam Breaching Costs
[5] Tired Of Debating, BPA Prepares To Press Ex Parte Button
[6] Oregon Wild Fish Policy Debate Heats Up
[7] Senate Hearing Knocks "Secret" Federal Fish Meetings
[8] Columbia River Basin Forum Goes For Goals
[9] Don't Raise Utility Rates For Salmon, Poll Finds

[1] Dam Breaching Issue Aired By House Committee
[2] Record Run For Columbia Spring/Summer Jacks
[3] US-Canada Salmon Treaty Close At Hand
[4] Two Oregon Dams Slated For Removal
[5] Stakeholders Take Issue With Feds' Memo on Fish Costs
[6] NMFS OK With BPA's Future Fish Costs
[7] WA Legislature Passes Important Salmon Bills
[8] Kitzhaber Opposes Bill to Repeal Wild Fish Policy
[9] Court Dismisses DSIs' 1995 BiOp Complaint
[10] Tribes Say Only Dam Breaching Would Support Treaty Obligations
[11] PATH Process Meets the Mid-C's

[1] Bonneville Jack Count Third Highest On Record
[2] NMFS Shuts Down Methow Irrigators
[3] Rogue F&W Recovery Estimates Ruffle Some Regional Feathers
[4] Framework Fleshed Out, Forum Still Bare Bones
[5] Corps Releases Preliminary Recreation Study
[6] Spring Chinook Stay Cool In Oregon Streams
[7] Dam Removal Hearing Slated For May 27
[8] Congress and Climate Change Policy
[9] Briefs: WA's Timber/Fish Bill Passes; AK Tells NW To Fix Habitat

[1] Oregon F&W Commission Raises Questions About PATH
[2] Puget Sound Salmon Goals Unclear
[3] Tribes Want Tribs Exempt From Wild Fish Policy
[4] Economic Coalition To Sue NMFS Over Salmon 'Over-Harvests'
[5] BPA's Lohn Will Move To Power Planning Council
[6] Briefs: Cutler Called In; Ocean Fishing Regs Announced; Coast Guard Nabs Illegal Gillnetter

[1] NMFS Fish Appendix Finally Out
[2] Senators Bash Dam Breachers at Hood River Hearing
[3] Salmonless in Seattle: Senators Talk Recovery
[4] PFMC Sets Sport Coho Fishery
[5] Enviros Take Corps to Court Over Water Standards
[6] F&W Processes May Be Coming Together
[7] NMFS Issues Columbia Basin Hatchery BiOp
[8] Bias Question Over ISAB Members' Anti-Dam Stance
[9] Briefs: Am Rivers Top Ten, Spill Starts, Hanford Flows

[1] 200 Scientists Tell Clinton to Breach the Dams
[2] 1998 Wild Fall Run on Snake Revised Downward
[3] Canada Says Harvest Cuts Have Paid Off
[4] Tribes Knock Federal F&W Caucus
[5] Framework Process Nearly Out of Money

[1] Nine More Salmon and Steelhead Stocks Added to ESA List
[2] Corps Says Claims for Breaching Inaccurate
[3] Chapman on Dam Breaching
[4] Operations Begin to Help Hanford Fry
[5] NMFS Pushes New Regional Forum to Help With '99 Decision
[6] Ninth Circuit Upholds '95 NMFS Biop
[7] Oregon Report Finds No Benefit From Hatchboxes in Streams
[8] Questions Over Spill Study At The Dalles
[9] BRIEFS: Salmon Hearings, IDFG Head Ousted And More

[1] Wetter, Colder Climate Regime May Be Here
[2] Dam Backers Surprised By Locke's Support
[3] Lethal Solution Recommended For Sea Lions
[4] Path Process Gets Public Airing
[5] Precip: Snow, Wind Mark Blustery January
[6] OSU Study Says Barged Fish Not Stressed Out
[7] Fish and Wildlife 'Visions' Outlined By Committee
[8] Oregon Hatchery Audit Finds Costs Outweigh Benefits
[9] Briefs: Fish Recovery, Alaska Runs, Climate, Hanford Reach, New CRITFC Head

[1] Pacific Ocean Pastures May Be Shrinking
[2] Debate Over Salmon Models May End Up In Congress
[3] Power Managers Propose Changes to Reduce Stranded Fish
[4] Hatchery Workshop Finds Little Consensus
[5] Montana Joins In As Forum Takes Shape
[6] ISAB Supports Dam Improvements for Adult Passage
[7] OR, NMFS Give Up Appeal of Coho Listing
[8] Clinton Budget Includes $100 Million for Salmon Recovery

[1] Power Council Gets Earful On Juvenile Fish Survival
[2] PATH Scientist Questions Dam Breaching Recommendation
[3] More Discussion Over Fish Stranding Policy
[4] New NWPPC Chair Elected
[5] Salmon Treaty Fix Offered By Conservation Group
[6] Precip Report: Wet and Wetter
[7] Oregon Science Panel Notes Problems With Hatcheries
[8] Locke Steps Up To Address Salmon Recovery
[9] Gorton Wants $310 Million For Fish
[10] Nez Perce Tribe Settles Fish Claim
[11] Judge Tells Feds to Respect MT's Drawdown Rule Curves

[1] More Polarization Over PATH Process
[2] Political Climate Shift Hits Idaho
[3] Basin Forum Still Two States Short
[4] F&W Frameworkers to Flesh Out Alternatives
[5] B-Run Steelhead Still in Decline
[6] Canada Announces New Direction For Salmon Allocation

[1] PATH Modelers Report on Year-End Results
[2] Scientists Find Fault With Basin Hatcheries
[3] More Discussion on Hanford Reach Stranding
[4] Heat Generated by Temperature Workshop
[5] Salmon Recovery Scorecard; More Processes Than Ever
[6] Framework Committee Starts Cooking
[7] PGE Considers Removing Little Sandy Dam
[8] Tri-State Fish Commissions Meet
[9] Exotic Virus May Threaten Fish

[1] Snake Fall Chinook Numbers Still Going Up
[2] Framework Workshop Goes Almost Nowhere
[3] Economists Pan ONRC Dam Study
[4] Corps Goes on the Road with Dam Study
[5] Energy Coalition Endorses Dam Breaching, With Caveats
[6] Power Council Contributes to Bird Re-Location
[7] Kitzhaber Wades in Over BPA's PATH Gripes
[8] Region Sticks With Present Flow Policy
[9] Hanford Reach Fish Stranding Study Updated

[1] Washington Habitat Plan Close at Hand
[2] NMFS Orders More Water for Spawners
[3] Budget Boost for Lower Columbia Net Pens
[4] Hatcheries and Endangered Fish: A Perspective
[5] Oceanic Climate Regime May be Shifting Gears
[6] More Flows for Cushman

[1] High Fish Survival Highlights Corps' Research Review
[2] Controversy over PATH Process Continues
[3] Gorton, White House Still at Odds Over Dams
[4] Governors Get Update on River Governance
[5] Framework Group Drafts Eco-Overview
[6] Corps' Budget Picture Improves
[7] Trouble on the Tucannon
[8] Little Success for Lower Snake Hatcheries
[9] Fed-State Conservation Partnership Announced

[1] Gloves Come Off Over Salmon Models
[2] Terns Produce Database Bonanza in Estuary
[3] Twice Tagged Salmon Runs Out of Luck
[4] Panel Says Region Needs Unified Fish Plan
[5] Corps Spending Bubble Bursts
[6] Council Budget Approved at $131.4 Million
[7] WA Salmon Recovery Process Plan Revs Up
[8] McGinty To Leave Top Environmental Spot at White House

[1] NMFS Coughs up In-River Harvest BiOp
[2] Administration Approves BPA's Fish Funding Principles
[3] Region Comments on F&W Principles
[4] Habitat Focus for Salmon Forum in Seattle
[5] Puget Sounders Still In Fish Recovery Denial
[6] Progress Detected in Framework Process
[7] Legislative Games Over Dams and Campaign Spending
[8] Principles for Sustainable Harvest Developed in New Report

[1] NMFS Policies Panned at Pasco Hearing
[2] Fall Harvest in Full Swing
[3] Judge Says NMFS Can't Bypass ESA Over Fall Harvest Concerns
[4] Feds OK More Fall Fishing
[5] BPA Extends Comment Period on Future Fish Options

[1] Agreement Reached Over Columbia River Fishery
[2] ISAB Calls for End to Hanford Fish Stranding
[3] Council's Scientific Framework Process Proceeds
[4] Aluminum Industry Goes after BPA in Ninth Circuit
[5] Corps Takes Heat, Gives Some Back
[6] Study Finds Higher Chinook Mortality from Contaminated Estuaries
[7] Analysis: Columbia River Fish Management Plan and the ESA
[8] McGinty, Gorton Trade Views; House Hearings Near on NMFS

[1] Policy Managers Hear Latest PATH Results
[2] NMFS Caves on Steelhead Harvest Reductions
[3] July Heat Tough on Salmon
[4] Senate Hearing on Three Sovereigns Amendment
[5] Slow Progress For Funding Framework Process
[6] Idaho Senator Wants $46 Million for Salmon Recovery
[7] Gorton Asks Corps to Drop Drawdown Survey
[8] Tacoma, Tribe Want Rehearing on Cushman Relicense
[9] Bodi Will Work for BPA
[10] Feds List Oregon Coastal Coho Under ESA

[1] More Scrutiny For Future BPA F&W Options
[2] Dam Language Softened In Appropriations Rider
[3] Closer Look at Elwha Costs
[4] Another Elwha Removal Bill Sees Light
[5] Late Start, Logistics Sinks NMFS Net Exchange
[6] Justice Dept. Appeals Oregon Coho Decision
[7] Congressional Hearings Slated Over NMFS, ESA Issues
[8] Governors Want Input on River Governance Options

[1] State Water Managers Voice Concern Over NMFS Flow Policy
[2] Salmon Numbers Adding Up Slowly
[3] US, Canada Agree to Share Fraser Catch; No Deal with Alaska
[4] Tempers Flare Over Water Temp Questions
[5] Judge Rules Against Oregon's Coho Appeal
[6] Puget Sounders Want State, Local Governments to Solve Salmon Issues
[7] River Governance Task Force Meets Again
[8] Oregon Finds Problems with Steelhead Supplementation

[1] Power Council Wants $3.4 Million for New Scientific Framework
[2] Science Panel Reviews F&W Budget Recommendations
[3] House Slashes Salmon Budget; Compromise to Come
[4] Salmon Bills Fighting Through Congress
[5] Lawsuit Threatened Over BPA's Subscription Process
[6] Bodi Not Directly Involved in Potential BPA Suit
[7] El Niño Fizzling Fast
[8] CRITFC Director Reported Ready to Step Down
[9] NW House Members Want Feds to Share Fish Costs
[10] Oregon Senate Confirms Bloch
[11] Chelan & Douglas Sign HCP "Declaration": Grant On Hold
[12] Harvest Agreement Near Between Canada, Washington State

[1] Judge Says Oregon Plan No Excuse Not to List Fish
[2] Three Sovereigns Process Develops New Twist
[3] NMFS Rule Change May Give Some Tribes More ESA Fish
[4] BPA Pressured to Develop New Fish Cap by Sept. 1
[5] Public Power Council Urges F&W Budget Restraint
[6] Two Bull Trout Populations Listed Under ESA
[7] Oregon Dam Gets Temporary Reprieve
[8] New Dam Slated for Umpqua Tributary
[9] Chemicals Found to Disrupt Immune Systems in Fish
[10] BPA Head Talks Turkey About Fish
[11] New Paper Explores Effects of Hatchery Stocks
[12] Judge Rules Against Proposed Steelhead Hatchery EIS

[1] State, Tribes Air Views on Salmon Recovery
[2] Canadians Close All Coho Fishing in BC
[3] Analysis Finds Future Fish, Power Benefits from BPA
[4] Review of Corps Screen Project Down to Wire
[5] New Proposals for River Governance from NW Politicians
[6] Locke Names Members to Power Planning Council
[7] American Rivers v. NMFS Appealed to Ninth Circuit

[1] PATH Facilitator Says Idaho Fish and Game Misled Public
[2] Different Perspective on Salmon Extinction
[3] Canada Considers Big Cuts in Fleet, Fishing
[4] HCPs For Two Mid-Columbia PUDs Nearly Ready
[5] Sardines Stick Around BC All Year
[6] Show Biz on the Snake - TV Takes on the Corps
[7] New NMFS Biop Signed by Action Agencies

[1] NMFS Wants Tribes To Cut Catch of Listed Steelhead
[2] Ocean Salmon Seasons Set by PFMC
[3] Council Hears More About Flows, Fish, and Framework
[4] Montana Wants More Say in Shaping Water Flows
[5] Critics Knock Gorton's Elwha Bill
[6] Possible Effects of ESA Listing Discussed at Seattle Seminar
[7] NW Lawmakers Meet Over Water, Three Sovereigns Issues
[8] BPA Costs Out Future F&W Options
[9] States Slash Fish & Wildlife Budgets
[10] GAO Report Looks At Corps' Spending
[11] NMFS Takes Small Oregon Irrigators To Court Over Coho

[1] ISAB Admits Few Facts Back Its Barging Concerns
[2] Draft Steelhead BiOp Hits the Streets
[3] Steelhead BiOp Draws Fire from All Sides
[4] Three Sovereigns Process Goes Two Ways
[5] Salmon Modelers Take Heat From Peer Review
[6] Oregon Hatchery v. Wild Steelhead Dispute Temporarily Settled
[7] Gorton Introduces Elwha Dam Bill
[8] Locke Signs Salmon Recovery Bills
[9] Spring Chinook Showing Up at Bonneville
[10] More Water For Basins, But Still Below Normal
[11] Kreidler to Leave Power Council

[1] Science Panel Says Barging Fish Has Downsides
[2] Spring Flows Wasted, Says New Report
[3] Lower Columbia Steelhead Make ESA List
[4] Kitzhaber Mad Over NMFS Forest Recommendations
[5] Congressmen Rap Three Sovereigns Process
[6] New Faces Square Off Over Salmon Diplomacy
[7] Bloch Named Power Council's Western Oregon Rep
[8] Canadians Plan May Mackerel Attack
[9] WDFW Director Hangs On By A Thread

[1] NMFS Proposes More ESA Listings; Puget Sound Stocks Named
[2] NMFS Downgrades Threats to Snake River Fall Chinook
[3] Power Council Cuts Millions From F&W Budget
[4] Costs of Going 'Natural" at John Day Dam
[5] Salmon Passage Modelers Still At Odds
[6] Gorton's Elwha Bill Tied To Columbia, Snake Dams
[7] Idaho Threatens to Leave Three Sovereigns Process

[1] Most Testimony Supports Scientific Review Of F&W Funding At Senate Hearing
[2] Review of BPA's F&W Funding Process Finds Flaws
[3] Most Watershed Proposals Flunk First Test
[4] Steelhead Strategies Discussed at IT Meeting
[5] Idaho Weighs In On Steelhead

[1] Costs of Dam Breaching Broached, Biological Value Debated
[2] Grand Coulee Spill Blamed For Last Year's Massive Fish Kills
[3] Council OK's Studies for Hatchery, Spending Reviews
[4] Risks of Supplementation Could Be High for Wild Runs
[5] Canadian Fish Minister Stresses Cooperation
[6] Risk, Uncertainty Discussed at Salmon Harvest Forum
[7] WA Governor Outlines Salmon Strategy

[1] River Users Hear From All Sides
[2] Salmon Stakeholder Process Should End, Say Treaty Envoys
[3] Salmon Bring Nutrients Back to Streams
[4] BPA Responds to Criticism of Flow Studies
[5] Hatchery Supplementation Evaluated Once Again
[6] Corps Calls for More Barging in New Steelhead Assesment

[1] Study Says Cuts Needed in Incidental Catch of Fall Chinook
[2] Snake River Recovery Plan Goes On Hold
[3] EPA Wades Into Columbia Basin Controversy
[4] FERC Selects Approach to Idaho Dam Assessment
[5] Dry December Leads to Below Normal Precip Outlook
[6] Scientists Find Big Differences in Neighboring Salmon Stocks
[7] More Diversity Found in Cutthroat than Other Pacific Salmon and Trout

[1] NMFS Takes Issue With BPA's Low-Flow River Option
[2] Council Ends Year On Confused Note
[3] Scientists to Review Columbia River Hatcheries
[4] Protection Sought for Bonneville Hatchery Strays
[5] NWPPC's Casavant Announces Resignation
[6] Judge Orders USFWS to Reconsider ESA Listing For All Bull Trout
[7] WA's F&W Commission Adopts Wild Salmonid Policy

[1] Fiscal, Biological Value of NMFS Flow Proposals Questioned
[2] Tribes Sue Council Over Halt In Salmon Funding
[3] Groups File Petition on Middle Snake Dams
[4] Mid Columbia PUDs Close to Agreement on Habitat Plan
[5] Council Reopens F&W Program, Citing "New" Science
[6] Hatchery Funding Restored
[7] NW Govs Meet With Canadians Over Salmon
[8] Consultant Says Barging Has Helped Idaho Runs
[9] Washington Trout Finds Lost Salmon Habitat

[1] Latest Survival Research Highlighted at IT Meeting
[2] Yakamas Threaten Lawsuit Over Council's Project Review
[3] Congress Allocates Funds to Buy Elwha Dams
[4] NMFS Sued Over Late Call on Coastal Chinook
[5] Washington State Salmon Policy Passes Another Hurdle
[6] Water Temperature Workshop Focuses on Columbia
[7] Wild Fish Win One-PFMC Passes Reduced Coho Harvest Option
[8] El Nino Update

[1] Proposed NMFS Recovery Plan Panned
[2] Council Responds to Tribes' Complaints
[3] No Flow/Survival Link in Snake, PIT-Tag Studies Show
[4] Birds Getting Fat On Salmon Recovery Dollars
[5] Oregon Stubs Toe on Sandy Steelhead Plan
[6] Industry Works to Save Steelhead
[7] Hemmingway Nominated to Power Council
[8] BiOp Lawsuit Dismissed by Oregon Judge
[9] Washington's Proposed Salmon Policy Takes Two Paths

[1] Lower Columbia Tribes Complain About Upcoming Scrutiny
[2] Washington Salmon Policy Looks for Common Ground
[3] Kitzhaber Calls for New Salmon Forum
[4] Bad News At Redfish Lake
[5] ESA Reform, Water Bills Move in Congress
[6] Former Idaho Senator Floats Dam Buyout Idea
[7] EL Nino Keeps Region In Hot Water

[1] Fish Cops Worth Cost, But Salmon May Still Be Missing
[2] 100,000 Fall Chinook Taken In Columbia River Fisheries
[3] Commercial Harvest Cut Over Steelhead Concerns
[4] Skokomish Tribe Wants $100 Million For Dam Damages
[5] Economic Studies Have Limited Value, Says Panel
[6] New Study Finds Enhanced Flows Don't Move Fish Faster
[7] Oregon Wavers On Wild Steelhead Protection

[1] Council Takes First Swipe At Fish and Wildlife Budget
[2] More Scrutiny for New Hatchery Funding
[3] Power Council Faces Conflict of Interest Issue
[4] Gorton Gives Conditional Support For Removal of Lower Elwha Dam
[5] ESA Reform Bill Introduced by Idaho Senator
[6] Gas Supersaturation Gets Top Billing At AFS Convention
[7] WA F&W Commission Accepts Wild Salmon Final EIS
[8] BC Sues U.S., States, Over Salmon Treaty
[9] New Approach to River Governance Takes Shape

[1] NMFS Memo Spells Out Fish Barging Success
[2] House Subcommittee Scrutinizes Fed's Salmon Policy
[3] NWPPC Staff Makes F&W Budget Recommendations
[4] Dam Breaching Could Put BPA In Big Financial Hole
[5] Fish Passage OK at Bonneville
[6] El Niño Takes Heat for Alaska Run Failure
[7] Fall Chinook Counts Jump In Lower River

[1] Upper Columbia, Snake Steelhead Listed For Protection Under ESA
[2] ANALYSIS: Oregon Delays Listing With Last-Minute Status Review
[3] Tribes Cry Foul Over Possible Cuts in "New" Hatchery Funding
[4] Enviro Salmon Math Doesn't Add Up, Experts Say
[5] Fish Managers Keep Bonneville Powerhouse Shut Down
[6] Sockeye Show in Snake Encourages, Mystifies Biologists

[1] Bonneville Fish Ladder Fix In the Works
[2] Etchart Tells CBFWA Money's Tight
[3] Washington F&W Commission Votes New Salmon Policy
[4] Canadian Scientists Claim Feds Suppress Science
[5] Court OKs NMFS' Use Of Oregon's Coho Plan
[6] Canadians Over-Escape Skeena Again

[1] Science Panel Recommends Cuts in Hatchery Funding
[2] Washington Tribes Voice Misgivings Over New Salmon Policy
[3] Chinook Abundance Up in SE Alaska
[4] Change in Current May Signal Ocean Regime Shift
[5] Hatchery Program Fails in Coos Bay
[6] Economists Report on Previous Studies of Salmon Costs
[7] Senate Bill Calls for Drawdown, Hatchery Studies
[8] New Lawsuit Filed Over Bull Trout
[9] Alaskans Say They're Not Targeting Canadian Sockeye

[1] US-Canadian Fish Fight Gives Way to War of Words
[2] First Sockeye Passes Lower Granite Dam
[3] Mackerel Are Back-Another El Nino Sign
[4] Tribes Say No to Extending Cap on F&W Spending
[5] Surface Collector Improves at Rocky Reach
[6] Oregon Coho May Be Victims of Politics
[7] 9th Circuit Rejects Challenge to Non-Treaty Storage Water
[8] CBFWA Funding Recommendations Go Online

[1] Gas Levels Kill 125,000 Farmed Fish Below Coulee
[2] F&W Budget Shortchanges Wild Fish
[3] WDFW Hosts Hatchery/Wild Stock Forum
[4] Biologists Review WDFW's Proposed Salmon Policy
[5] Bull Trout in Columbia, Klamath Basins Proposed For Listing
[6] Hydro Managers Deal With Record Water Year
[7] Oregon Proposes Coho Hatchery Zone
[8] Fish Won't Wait For Treaty Accord
[9] New Web Site Reports On Hydroacoustic Studies
[10] NW Senators Tell Gore Fish Cap Must Be Extended

[1] House Subcommittee Hears Testimony on Drawdowns
[2] PIT-Stop for Snake River Salmon At Lower Granite Dam
[3] Tribes Meet With States and Feds To Push New Fish Forum
[4] Montana Sues Feds Over Its Water Used for Salmon
[5] Put Fish Ahead of Flood Protection, Salmon Managers Say
[6] New Perspectives On Stream Restoration

[1] TMT Wrestles With Questions of Barging and Spill
[2] Idaho Objects But Fish Go Back in Barges
[3] CRITFC Leaves BiOp Management Process
[4] Salmon Talks Fizzle Again
[5] Flows Rise and Counts Slow at Bonnevillle
[6] Grande Ronde Chinook Show Diverse Migration Patterns

[1] Another El Nino Building in Tropical Pacific
[2] Fish Counters Keep Hopping at Dams
[3] Ultra-High Gas Levels At Dams Questioned
[4] US, Canada, Still Talking Treaty
[5] Removing Dam on White Salmon Could Cost $37 Million
[6] Groups Intend to Sue Feds Over Oregon Coho
[7] Oregon Public At Odds With Scientists Over Recovery
[8] Lawsuit Filed to Protect Umpqua Cutthroat
[9] Ore. Forestry Dept. Tests State's Coho Plan

[1] NMFS Bows to Oregon Over Coho Recovery
[2] Bonneville Fish Count up 600%
[3] Montana Leaves TMT Process
[4] Bevan Team Comments on ISG Report
[5] Hanford Spawners Picky About Habitat
[6] Cost of Law Enforcement, Squawfish Programs Questioned
[7] TMT Debates More Spill For Fish
[8] Puyallups, Utility Agree Over Fish Enhancement

[1] Oregon Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Over '95 BiOp
[2] Stelle Says Half the Fish Will Stay in Barges
[3] Drawdowns Will Sink Barge Business, Council Hears
[4] Heated Testimony at Casavant's Confirmation Hearing
[5] NMFS Tells Congress Marine Mammals Eat ESA Salmon
[6] Scientists Find Major Flaws with Hatchery EIS
[7] Flow Only One Factor in Run Timing
[8] Bull Trout Could Be Proposed for Listing in 60 Days

[1] Oregon Irrigators Win ESA Standing In Supreme Court
[2] River Users May Sue Feds Over Salmon Recovery
[3] New Lawsuits May Be Filed Over Endangered Salmon
[4] Montana Groups Seek Immediate ESA Listing For Bull Trout
[5] NMFS Meets With Environmentalists In Secret Settlement Talks
[6] Report Says Watershed Councils Can't Save Oregon Coho
[7] Washington Releases Draft Of Wild Salmon Plan
[8] Oregon, Montana Debate Water Management Plan
[9] Confirmation Hearing for Power Council Representative

[1] Power Council Wades Into Deep Drawdown Issues
[2] River Managers Cope with Big Water Year
[3] Oregon Coho Plan Fails Scientific Review
[4] Environmental, Fishing Groups Say No to Barging Salmon
[5] American Rivers Left Out of Settlement Talks in BiOp Suit
[6] CBFWA Managers Recommend Cuts to Balance '97 F&W Budget
[7] Some Bull Trout Warrant Listing
[8] New Species Muscling into Northwest Waters
[9] Spill Costs Up For Hatchery Chinook
[10] F&W Program Review Slated For March 25-27

[1] Oregon Will Grant NMFS Spill Waiver
[2] Tribes Go to Court for More Cohos
[3] Four Wild Coho Make it Back to the Clack
[4] Agencies and Utility Work to Maintain Runs
[5] Salmon Budgets up at Some Federal Agencies
[6] New Economic Board Named by Power Council
[7] Modifications Slated for Wanapum Surface Collector
[8] Shad no Fad on the Columbia
[9] Oceanographers Speculate on Salmon's "Thermal Curtain"
[10] Public Asked to Review Latest Salmon Study

[1] Power Council Members Raise Irrigators' Ire
[2] Stakeholders Meet Over Salmon Treaty Talks
[3] NMFS Hits the Road with Salmon EIS
[4] Biologist Spells Out Risks of Supplementation
[5] Convention Highlights Questions of Science and Salmon
[6] Biop Lawsuit Spawns New Legal Briefs
[7] Salmon Managers Try to Circumvent TMT Process

[1] Power Council Says Science Rules Salmon Studies
[2] Fish and Wildlife Workplans Look for Common Ground
[3] Idaho's Steelhead Plan At Odds with NMFS Barging Studies
[4] Oregon Coho Survive Last Year's Flood
[5] Latest Storms Cause $51 Million Damage to USFW Facilities
[6] Washington Residents Favor Taxes For Fish Protection
[7] New Salmon Migration Forecaster Evaluated
[8] Fishermen's Alert! NMFS Wants Comments On Salmon Harvest EIS
[9] UW Dean Pleads Case For New Fisheries Building

[1] NMFS to Army Corps of Engineers: Study Deep Drawdowns
[2] NMFS Barging Studies Stay on Course
[3] Archeologist Takes Long Look at Salmon Recovery
[4] Fish Managers Call for Belt Tightening
[5] Council Finally Approves Fish Passage Center Funding
[6] PATH Researchers Deliver Preliminary Conclusions
[7] Hatchery Impacts Still Unclear from Latest Study
[8] Oregon's Watershed Restoration Efforts Tested by Last Year's Flood
[9] Canadian Fishermen Use WWW to Rally Against Fleet Reduction Plan
[10] Science Board Gives PIT-Tag Study Provisional OK

[1] Corps Nixes Lower Snake Seasonal Drawdowns; Final Decision on Dams Due in 1999
[2] Hatchery Study Finds Little Impact on Wild Fish
[3] Canadians Propose Protection for Endangered Species
[4] BC Salmon Stock Review Finds 600 High-Risk Runs
[5] Alaska Salmon Stocks Doing Fine, AFS Study Shows

[1] More Fish Means More Flow for Fall Spawners at Vernita Bar
[2] Harvests Cuts Pay Small Dividend at Snake River Dams
[3] After Years of Debate, Yakima Hatchery Goes On Line
[4] Environmentalists Turn Up Heat Under NMFS Lawsuit
[5] Fish Passage Center Does About Face Over PIT-Tag Research
[6] Region Gets Drenching from "Java Jet"
[7] Salmon Peer Review Group Nominees Named by National Academy of Sciences

[1] Varied Views Floated at Salmon Symposium
[2] Gas Bubble Research Review--Big Questions, Few Answers
[3] Army Corps' Gas Research Proposals Questioned By States, Tribes
[4] Snake River Spring Chinook Far From Starved
[5] Final Elwha Dam EIS Released; Will Removal Really Aid Fish?

[1] Judge Orders Fish and Wildlife Service to Give Bull Trout Another Look
[2] New Salmon Peer Review Group Takes Shape
[3] Grande Ronde Salmon Dispute, Native v. Non-Native Stocks
[4] Washington Ag Community Weighs in Against Proposed Wild Fish Policy
[5] NMFS Gives Oregon's Coho Initiative Mixed Review
[6] Washington's 'Wild' Fish-Born to be Mild?
[7] Final EIS Will Make Dam Run in the Red, says Tacoma City Light

[1] Power Council Calls for Changes at the Fish Passage Center
[2] Fish Managers Develop Multiyear Salmon Production Plans
[3] Federal Judge Nips Washington's Fin Clipping Program
[4] Central California Coho Listed as Threatened Species
[5] Scientists Study 400-Year-Old Record of El Nino Events in Coral, Sunspot Cycle May Be Behind It All
[6] Canadian Report Says Salmon Farms Threaten Wild Stocks

[1] Scientists Share Signals for Clues to Ocean Abundance
[2] Columbia Estuary Birds Go For Salmon In a Big Way
[3] Hatchery Supplementation- an Idaho Perspective
[4] Fall Gillnet Catches Up, Prices Down
[5] Barge Funding Hits Snag, Decision Promised Soon
[6] Fish Passage Center Operations Scrutinized

[1] Ups and Downs in the Ocean -The Biggest Factor in Salmon Productivity?
[2] High Flying Iron May Fertilize Salmon Pastures
[3] New Director for Fish and Wildlife Authority
[4] Study Says Lower Snake Dam Removal Only Viable "Drawdown" Option
[5] Barely Passing Grade for Oregon's Coho Initiative

[1] "Return to the River"-the ISG's New Report on Salmon Restoration
[2] Salmon Spending Cap Signed, Sealed, and Delivered With Some Misgivings
[3] Adult Counts Up at The Dalles During August Spill Curtailment
[4] Columbia Netters Get a Season of Sorts
[5] Atlantic Salmon Conservation Efforts Face Same Problems As Pacific salmon
[6] Ninth Circuit Wants NEPA action on ESA salmon Harvest

[1] Tribes and Commercial Fishers Pan Washington's Wild Fish Plan
[2] Sports Group Supports Shank's Proposal
[3] Survival of the Unfittest? NBS Biologist Says Hatchery Fish Reduce Survival Fitness of Wild Salmonids
[4] Idaho's New Hatchery Policy
[5] Oregon Farmers Frustrated Over Drawdown Proposal, Close Access to Hunters
[6] Salmon Spending Agreement Nearly Nailed Down
[7] The Northwest Salmon Crisis-a new book traces the historic roots of the region's most contentious environmental issue

[1] Jack Counts at Lower Granite Signal Growing Run Strength Next Year
[2] Montana Power May Soon Transfer Kerr Dam License to Tribes
[3] Canada, Montana Swap Water: State Still Cries Foul Over Flow
[4] Media Flips Over Curtailing Spill at The Dalles
[5] Mid-Columbia PUDS Face Changes to Habitat Plans
[6] ESA Petition Management Guidance Policy Announced
[7] Gillnetters Find Sympathy But No Funds to Support License Buyout
[8] Fraser Run Up, Sockeye Stocks Rebound Coastwide
[9] Alaska Fisherman Struggle with Strong Runs, Weak Prices

[1] Senate Amendment Calls for New Peer Review for Salmon Funding
[2] Mid-Columbia Steelhead Proposed for Endangered Status
[3] NMFS Inconsistent, Environmentalists Say After Steelhead Announcement
[4] Council Allocates $125 million for F&W, Votes to Reopen Program
[5] Tribes Mum on MOA After White House Discussions
[6] New Report Shows Smolt Survival Fell as Gas Went Up
[7] Sparks Fly Over Passage Model, PIT-tag Forecaster Review
[8] Alaska Chinook Catch Better Than Expected
[9] Salmon Saviors or $3 Billion Boondoggle?






[5] Chelan PUD Promised Seat at NMFS' Table as Northwesterners for More Fish Disbands









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