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[CU 1872 / October 12, 2018]

Ruptured B.C. Natural Gas Line Raises Supply Concerns in Pacific NW

A pipeline owned and operated by Enbridge subsidiary Westcoast Energy ruptured late Oct. 9 near Prince George, B.C., raising natural gas supply concerns in British Columbia and the U.S. Pacific Northwest. FortisBC, Puget Sound Energy, Avista, Cascade Natural Gas and Williams Northwest Pipeline issued calls for conservation on Oct. 10, By Oct. 11 operations were returning to normal, but utilities continued to call for conservation.

Study: PSE LNG Project Would Lower Region’s GHG Emissions If B.C. Gas Used

Puget Sound Energy’s proposed Tacoma LNG facility would lower the region’s greenhouse gas emissions, but only if the utility sources the natural gas exclusively from British Columbia, according to the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency’s draft supplemental environmental impact statement. The environmental study recommends that any air-quality permits require that B.C.-sourced natural gas be used. About two-thirds of PSE’s natural gas supply already comes from British Columbia.

Batteries Not Included? Impacts of Montana QF Quarrel Could Be Wide

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The outcome of a dispute between NorthWestern Energy and Caithness Energy could have far-reaching implications for development of QF projects that pair electric generation with storage. The utility asked FERC to revoke the QF status of the four Beaver Creek wind-plus-battery projects, while Caithness insists they comply with PURPA requirements.

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  • NOAA Fisheries Releases Fact Sheet Outlining New Threats to Orcas
  • TransAlta Coal Transition Fund Grants $200K for Student Initiative

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