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[CU 1787 / February 17, 2017]

Oroville Emergency Highlights Concerns Over Dam Safety, Climate Change

Heavy rainfall and damage at Northern California’s Oroville Dam that nearly caused catastrophic flooding have provoked questions about whether California’s dams are safe enough to withstand similar rain events, which are anticipated to increase with climate change. We take a look at pre-existing damage to the dam, including previous seepage at Oroville’s emergency spillway noted by a FERC inspector. At [11] the emergency unfolds; repair efforts are described in [12]; and seepage in [13].

Low-Priced Gas Power Shortens Life Expectancy for Arizona Coal-Fired Plant

The Navajo Nation is reviewing the feasibility of taking over the Navajo Generating Station in 2019 after owners of the 2,250 MW, coal-fired plant voted to cease operations at the end of 2019 because natural gas-fired generation is cheaper. To lessen the sting, co-owner Salt River Project offered to help with electric transmission, water rights and developing natural gas reserves.

Bill to Create Washington’s Next RPS and EE Standard Stalls; Others Move On

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A bill meant to create Washington’s next-generation renewable-energy and conservation standards appears to have stalled, tabled without receiving a vote before the Feb. 17 deadline to be moved out of committee. The NW Energy Coalition, a principal backer of the measure, was “disappointed” and somewhat surprised that the bill, along with 11 others, were sidelined the day before a potential committee vote.

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