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[CU 1822 / October 20, 2017]

Mid-C Hourly Coordinating Agreement Fades Into History

One of the bedrock agreements of Northwest hydroelectric production has fractured under the shifting landscape of energy markets and environmental policies. The Mid-C Hourly Coordinating Agreement has orchestrated energy production and river flows between five non-federal dams and two federal dams on the mainstem of the Columbia River since the early 1970s. But as of June, the Mid-C utilities and BPA are no longer coordinating spill and hydro production.

Pot’s Power Demand Large in Washington, But Integration Smooth

Legal marijuana producers and processors use a lot of energy, and the booming industry is expected to add between 180 and 300 aMW to Pacific Northwest load by 2035. So far, utilities in Washington have largely managed to smoothly integrate the industry, which state voters legalized in 2012.

LEDs Help NW Utilities Blow Past 7th Plan’s 2016 Conservation Target

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The Northwest utility system achieved energy-efficiency improvements of 275 aMW in 2016, far surpassing the 185 aMW first-year efficiency milestone in the Seventh Northwest Power Plan, Northwest Power and Conservation Council staff reported at the Council’s meeting earlier this month. Overall, the savings are equivalent to what 184,000 average Northwest homes would have used, a result largely due to lighting efficiency improvements, especially from the growing market for LED lights, the report noted.

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