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[CU 1826 / November 17, 2017]

BLM Signs Boardman-to-Hemingway Record of Decision

The BLM has signed a record of decision for the 293-mile, 500-kV Boardman to Hemingway transmission line project. The ROD, announced Nov. 17, allows the BLM to grant a right-of-way to Idaho Power on BLM-administered land. The preferred route runs across 100 miles of federal land, 190 miles of private land and 2.9 miles of state land. Estimated to cost between $1 billion and $1.2 billion, the line would run from the proposed BPA Longhorn substation near Boardman, Ore., to Idaho Power’s Hemingway substation near Melba, Idaho.

Solar, Batteries, Non-Wires, Energy Efficiency Dominate PSE 2017 IRP

Puget Sound Energy could use solar power from eastern Washington and a series of non-wires solutions, including battery storage, to delay the need for thermal resources by eight years, according to the utility’s 2017 integrated resource plan. The utility’s 20-year resource road map shows an increase in energy efficiency and creation of a demand-side response program that will help eliminate the need for any new baseload generation. But the IRP suggests the utility will need a natural gas-fired peaking plant in 2027.

PGE Revises, Trims Renewables Request in IRP

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Portland General Electric asked the Oregon PUC on Nov. 9 to acknowledge a revised renewable energy procurement plan that would allow the utility to issue a request for proposals for 100 aMW—75 aMW less than its original request. The utility has also proposed a new cost-containment screen and pledged to renew the value of RECs produced prior to 2025.

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