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[CU 1902 / May 17, 2019]

Looming Capacity Shortfalls Highlighted at Power Markets Conference

Talk of looming capacity shortfalls in the next decade dominated discussions at the third annual Northwest Wholesale Power Markets Conference, co-hosted by CJB Energy Economics and NewsData. The Northwest Power and Conservation Council’s preliminary resource adequacy forecast puts loss-of-load probability at 30 percent in 2024 if retirement dates are moved forward for for the Centralia and Jim Bridger coal-fired plants, a scenario that was studied as a “worst case.”

Washington Begins Process to Change TDG Limit to 125 Percent

Washington state is starting the process to change the total dissolved gas limits at eight Columbia and Snake river dams to 125 percent. The state Department of Ecology wants to know what should be evaluated in an environmental impact statement needed to change state laws governing water quality standards. Oregon is considering the dissolved gas change through its Environmental Quality Commission.

Group Files New Lawsuits Over Oil Leaks at Dams on Columbia, Snake Rivers

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Columbia Riverkeeper is continuing to challenge operations at hydroelectric projects that operate without pollution discharge permits while defending a lower court ruling to force the Environmental Protection Agency to come up with plans to deal with warming temperatures in the Snake and Columbia rivers. In the last two months, the group filed lawsuits in U.S. District Court against Grant County PUD and the Bureau of Reclamation, seeking to require pollution permits for operational oil leaks and spills.

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  • BPA OKs Plan to Offset Most of Spill Costs This Year With F&W Reductions
  • FERC OKs New 40-Year License for EWEB’s Carmen-Smith Hydro Project
  • Grant County PUD Considering Transmission Expansion to Address Growth
  • Turlock Irrigation District Joins Western EIM

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