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[CU 1805 / June 23, 2017]

Northwest Delegation Urges CRT Negotiations; Chief U.S. Negotiator Leaving

Members of the Northwest House delegation sent a letter to President Donald Trump on June 21 urging him to commence negotiations with Canada on the future of the Columbia River Treaty, and suggesting the U.S. raise the specter of treaty termination as way of motivating Canada, which has been slow to formally respond to the U.S. invitation to start talks.

CAISO, Utilities Scramble to Cope With Heat Wave

California ISO pulled out all the stops as meteorologists predicted the exceptional strength of a heat wave that was in full force by June 20. Inland temperatures pushed into triple digits and coastal temperatures were in the mid- and high 90s, along with unusually warm nights—even in the San Francisco Bay Area, known for cooling off after dark and in early mornings. Pacific Gas & Electric experienced a large number of outages.

BPA Proposes to Implement Spill Surcharge in FY 2018, 2019

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BPA will implement a spill surcharge in both fiscal years 2018 and 2019 that will apply to customer rates whenever “lost revenues” from additional court-ordered spill reach at least $5 million. The extra spill was ordered March 27 in the long-lived litigation over federal dam operations, well after BPA had released the initial proposal in the rate case last November. The surcharge applies only to non-Slice customers—Slicers will deal with the extra spill during their true-up process—and it can be reduced if savings are made in programs used to set the BP-18 rates

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