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[CU 1817 / September 15, 2017]

California Lawmakers Push 100 Percent Clean Energy, Grid Expansion Bills to 2018

With little hope that supporters and opponents would agree by a Sept. 15 deadline on a last-hour package for restructuring the California power grid into a regional organization, the bills were pulled to give stakeholders more time to resolve questions. Senate Bill 100, a measure targeting 100 percent clean energy by 2045, is also being placed on hold until next year. One issue for grid expansion was uncertainty over the California Legislature’s role in reviewing governance structure proposals. Other concerns included impacts regionalization would have on in-state renewables development and jobs, and a lack of time to thoroughly vet the amended bills.

Draft Results From Model Show Benefits With and Without Snake River Dams

This year’s draft Comparative Survival Study dives directly into one of the region’s most contentious issues, breaching four dams on the lower Snake River. The study simulated salmon population trends under breached and impounded hydro-system conditions under a variety of spill levels and flow levels, finding benefits at high levels of spill and the most benefits when dams were removed.

BPA Accepts Cowlitz Load Forecast, Ends Long, Contentious Negotiations

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Bonneville has accepted Cowlitz County PUD’s revised load forecast, with the condition that any power the NORPAC paper mill uses above 80 aMW will be charged $12.75/MWh. The settlement brings an end to long and contentious negotiations that threatened to close Cowlitz County’s largest employer.

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