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[CU 1855 / June 15, 2018]

Idaho Power Sues EPA for Failing to Act on Water Temperature Standard

Idaho Power is suing U.S. EPA and two of its top administrators for failing to act on a 2012 request by the State of Idaho to change the water temperature standard below Hells Canyon Dam. A decision is mandatory, the company says, and by failing to act, the federal agency has complicated Idaho Power’s quest for a new 50-year FERC license to operate three projects in the Hells Canyon Complex.

BPA Rolls Out F&W Cuts at Council Meeting, Emphasizes Collaboration

With opening remarks from Administrator Elliot Mainzer, top BPA officials explained upcoming cuts to Bonneville’s Fish and Wildlife Program in fiscal year 2019 and answered questions in presentations to the Northwest Power and Conservation Council on June 12. BPA said the cuts are needed to strengthen its financial health, adhere to its strategic plan calling for maintaining costs at or below inflation across all programs, and prepare for sources of uncertainty—in the power market and in the F&W Program.

Resilience Spending Remains Tough Task for Some Utilities

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How does a utility spend money today to prepare for every potential cataclysmic future event? Especially when the list of worthwhile projects is always greater than available resources.

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