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[CU 1877 / November 16, 2018]

Pacific Gas & Electric and Southern California Edison Face Scrutiny as Wildfires Burn

Pacific Gas & Electric and Southern California Edison are facing increasing public scrutiny, state investigations and lawsuits as wildfires spread across parts of Northern and Southern California. While investigators have not yet determined the causes of the fires, both utilities filed incident reports with the California PUC on Nov. 8, detailing issues with their infrastructure.

Developer Says QF Contract Dispute Belongs in State Court, Not Oregon PUC

Pacific Northwest Solar says the Oregon PUC violated its constitutional right to a jury trial by ruling on the developer’s contract dispute with Portland General Electric. It has asked the Oregon Court of Appeals to review the case, which the commission decided in PGE’s favor.

Council Seeks Review of Region’s Salmon-Predator Control Efforts

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After learning that Steller sea lions are on the rise and northern pike are even closer to Grand Coulee Dam, the Northwest Power and Conservation Council called for an economic and biological review of salmon predators in the Columbia Basin. The Council hopes to learn about the impacts of the predators; whether projects to control them are effective; and how much it would cost to effectively control northern pike, the region’s most recent threat. The Council also hopes to determine both the ecological and financial costs to the region if efforts to contain northern pike above Grand Coulee Dam fail.

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