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[CU 1863 / August 10, 2018]

Macquarie Exits Puget Holdings; Begs Question, ‘What Is a Long-Term Investment?’

Macquarie Infrastructure Partners, the majority shareholder in Puget Sound Energy’s parent company and architect of the utility’s 2009 sale, has sold its shares in the utility’s holding company. OMERS, the defined benefit pension plan for municipal employees in Ontario, Canada, and the Dutch pension fund manager PGGM will now have 23.9 percent and 10 percent positions in Puget Holdings, respectively. In addition, a pair of Canadian pension funds have also increased their stakes in PSE.

Montana Court Sides With PSC in Colstrip Outage Charges Dispute

NorthWestern Energy customers aren’t on the hook for $8.2 million in costs from an unplanned 2013 outage at Colstrip, after a Montana district court judge ruled in a dispute between the utility and the Montana PSC. NorthWestern has been trying for two years to recover what it spent on replacement power when Colstrip Unit 4 was down for seven months.

CAISO OKs Reliability Coordinator Terms, Delays FRACMOO

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The California ISO board of governors approved the proposed rate design and terms for provision of reliability coordinator services that it says are significantly cheaper than competitor Peak Reliability, which recently said will close its doors at the end of 2019. Meanwhile, CAISO is modifying the development process for enhancements to its day-ahead market, splitting the initiative into two parts in response to comments from market participants, which in turn will delay development of its Flexible Resource Adequacy and Must Offer Obligation initiative, commonly known as FRACMOO, being developed in parallel.

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