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Clearing Up

Clearing Up is the definitive news and information resource for electricity and natural gas in the greater Pacific Northwest.

Published weekly since 1982, Clearing Up is recognized as a common frame of reference for the regional energy industry, helping energy professionals stay well-informed on topics critical to their work.

Clearing Up focuses on energy policy, resources and markets in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana, along with Northwest-relevant coverage from British Columbia, California and Washington, D.C..

The newsletter closely follows Bonneville Power Administration, investor- and publicly owned utilities, legislatures, regulatory agencies, the Northwest Power and Conservation Council, energy-related associations, independent power producers, advocacy groups and more. Also spotlighted regularly are regional energy economics and Western wholesale electricity and natural gas prices, while a weekly column adds perspective to the regional energy dialogue.

Clearing Up editors and reporters bring deep experience and understanding of energy to each issue. The result is reliable, accurate and insightful reporting, with a knack for detail, relevance and occasionally humor--the latter exemplified by the annual April Fools section.

Clearing Up is an independent, subscription-based service of NewsData LLC, which also produces several other energy newsletters and information services.

We invite you to browse through a summary of content in the latest Clearing Up issue, and to contact us for questions and/or more information.

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