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Western Energy Acronyms

AC: alternating current
AMI: advanced metering infrastructure
APPA: America Public Power Association
aMW: average megawatt
BA/BAA: balancing authority/balancing authority area
Bcf: billion cubic feet
BCUC: British Columbia Utilities Commission
BiOp: Biological Opinion
BPA: Bonneville Power Administration
Btu: British thermal unit
BuRec: U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
CAISO: California Independent System Operator
CARB: California Air Resources Board
CCA: community choice aggregation
CDFW: California Department of Fish and Wildlife
CFL: compact fluorescent lamp
CEC: California Energy Commission
CEQA: California Environmental Quality Act
CHP: combined heat and power, also known as cogeneration
COB: California/Oregon Border
CO2: carbon dioxide
CPUC: California Public Utilities Commission
CRITFC: Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission
CRT: Columbia River Treaty
CUB: Citizens' Utility Board of Oregon
DC: direct current
DER: distributed energy resource(s)
DOE: U.S. Department of Energy
DR: demand response
DRECP: Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan
DSI: Direct Service Industries (primarily Northwest aluminum, served directly by BPA)
DSM: demand-side management
DWR: California Department of Water Resources
EIA: U. S. Energy Information Administration
EIM: energy imbalance market
EIR: environmental impact report
EIS: environmental impact statement
ENW: Energy Northwest
EPA: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
EPRI: Electric Power Research Institute
ESA: Endangered Species Act
ESU: evolutionarily significant unit
EV: electric vehicle
FBS: Federal Base System
FCRPS: Federal Columbia River Power System
FERC: Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
FIT: feed-in tariff
GHG: greenhouse gas
GW: gigawatt
GWh: gigawatt-hour
HCP: habitat conservation plan
ICIP: Industrial Customers of Idaho Power
ICNU: Industrial Customers of Northwest Utilities
IDFG: Idaho Department of Fish and Game
IID: Imperial Irrigation District
IOU: investor-owned utility
IPUC: Idaho Public Utilities Commission
IRP: integrated resource plan
ISAB: Independent Scientific Advisory Board
ISO: independent system operator
ISRP: Independent Scientific Review Panel
kV: kilovolt
kVA: kilovolt-ampere
kW: kilowatt
kWh: kilowatt-hour
LED: light-emitting diode
LMP: locational marginal pricing
LNG: liquefied natural gas
MECA: Montana Electric Cooperatives' Association
Mid-C: Mid-Columbia trading hub and a geographical region in Central Washington
MMBtu: 1 million British thermal units
MOU: memorandum of understanding
MPSC: Montana Public Service Commission
MW: megawatt
MWh: megawatt-hour
NARUC: National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners
NCPA: Northern California Power Agency
NEEA: Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance
NEM: net energy metering
NEPA: National Environmental Policy Act
NERC: North American Electric Reliability Corp.
NHA: National Hydropower Association
NIPPC: Northwest and Intermountain Power Producers Coalition
NPCC: Northwest Power and Conservation Council (originally Northwest Power Planning Council)
NRC: U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
NRDC: Natural Resources Defense Council
NRECA: National Rural Electric Cooperative Association
NRTA: Northwest Regional Transmission Association
NOAA Fisheries: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries, also known in legal and historical documents as National Marine Fisheries Service
NWEC: NW Energy Coalition
NWPP: Northwest Power Pool
NWPPA: Northwest Public Power Association
OATT: open access transmission tariff
ODFW: Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
Oregon EFSC: Oregon Energy Facility Siting Council
OPUC: Oregon Public Utility Commission
OPUDA: Oregon People's Utility District Association
ORECA: Oregon Rural Electric Cooperative Association
PF: BPA priority firm power rate
PGP: Public Generating Pool
PIT: passive integrated transponder, a reference to fish-tracking tags
PMA: power marketing administration
PNGC Power: Pacific Northwest Generating Cooperative
PNUCC: Pacific Northwest Utilities Conference Committee
PPA: power purchase agreement
PPC: Public Power Council
PUCN: Public Utilties Commission of Nevada
PUD: public utility district
PURPA: Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act of 1978
PV: photovoltaics
QF: qualifying facility under PURPA
REA: rural electric association
REC: renewable energy credit
RETI: Renewable Energy Transmission Initiative
RFP: request for proposals
RFQ: request for qualifications
ROD: record of decision
RPS: renewables portfolio standard
RTO: regional transmission organization
SAR: smolt-to-adult returns
SCADA: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
SCPPA: Southern California Public Power Authority
SEPA: Washington State Environmental Policy Act
SWRCB: California State Water Resources Control Board
TAC: Technical Advisory Committee (Columbia River fisheries)
TOU: time of use
USACE: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, also abbreviated COE
USFS: U.S. Forest Service
USFWS: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
WAPA: Western Area Power Administration
WDFW: Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
WECC: Western Electricity Coordinating Council, formerly WSCC (Western Systems Coordinating Council)
Washington EFSEC: Washington Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council
WPUDA: Washington Public Utility Districts Association
WRECA: Washington Rural Electric Cooperative Association
WPAG: Western Public Agency Group
WPPSS: the former Washington Public Power Supply System, now known as Energy Northwest
WUTC: Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission

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