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California Energy Markets / This Week

[CEM 1475 / February 16, 2018]

FERC Approves Rule Allowing Energy Storage in Wholesale Markets

More than a year after the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission moved to allow energy storage resources to participate in wholesale markets, the commission adopted a rule that it says will remove barriers for storage to be included in organized regional markets. The rule is designed to enhance competition and promote greater efficiency, according to the federal regulator.

BLM Move on DRECP Reopens Rift Over Desert Renewables Development

The decision by the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Land Management earlier this month to reassess the conservation and renewable energy designations within the sweeping Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan it crafted with California has defenders of the plan up in arms, while stakeholders who were critical of the plan consider the possible implications.

Stakeholders Balk at CAISO Efforts to Amend Congestion Revenue Auctions

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Stakeholders continued to spar with the California Independent System Operator over proposed changes to lucrative congestion revenue rights auctions, while CAISO said that deficiencies with the financial instrument need to be curtailed.

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  • Lawmakers Send Dam Safety Bill to Gov. Jerry Brown
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