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[CEM 1454 / September 15, 2017]

Lawmakers Shelve 100 Percent Clean Energy, Western Grid Expansion Bills Till Next Year

With little hope that supporters and opponents would agree by a Sept. 15 deadline on a bill package for the restructuring of the California Independent System Operator into a regional organization, the bills were pulled to give stakeholders more time to resolve questions. SB 100, a bill targeting 100 percent clean energy by 2045, is also being placed on hold until next year. One of the issues for the grid-expansion measure was what role the California Legislature would have in reviewing any proposed governance structure for a regional grid, but other concerns included impacts on in-state jobs and renewables development, and a lack of time to thoroughly vet the bills.

Aliso Canyon Wells Remain Off Line Due to Pressure Buildup

A number of wells at the Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility have been taken out of service by Southern California Gas Co. due to a buildup of pressure within the casing of the wells during the first two weeks of resuming injection operations at Aliso. SoCal Gas reported pressure anomalies after personnel observed a buildup of pressure within the casing of 13 out of the 39 operational wells at the gas field. As SoCal Gas contends with the issue, a late-session bill amendment would mandate the Aliso field closes by 2028.

Peninsula Clean Energy Stocks Up on California-Based Solar Energy

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Peninsula Clean Energy is continuing to stock up on power supplies for its community choice aggregation program, with a new deal for 100 MW of solar power with San Francisco-based Recurrent Energy. PCE initiated generation service in October and now serves close to 300,000 accounts within all 20 municipalities and unincorporated areas of San Mateo County.

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