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[CEM 1514 / November 16, 2018]

PG&E, Edison Face Scrutiny as Wildfires Burn

Pacific Gas & Electric and Southern California Edison are facing increasing public scrutiny, state investigations and lawsuits as wildfires spread across parts of Northern and Southern California. While investigators have not yet determined the causes of the fires, both utilities filed incident reports with the California Public Utilities Commission on Nov. 8, detailing issues with their infrastructure.

CAISO Gains FERC Approval for RC Services

The California Independent System Operator received approval from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Nov. 14 to provide reliability coordinator services, a major step in the grid operator’s bid to become the primary RC services provider in the West. But CAISO CEO Steve Berberich told the Board of Governors Nov. 14 that one element of the proposal might be revisited.

Clean Power Alliance Sets Rates Ahead of Massive Residential Rollout

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Clean Power Alliance, a community choice aggregator in Southern California, has finalized its 2019 rates for existing nonresidential customers and future residential customers that will be enrolled early next year as the CCA grows to be the projected largest in the state. The new rates are slightly higher than what CPA envisioned as Southern California Edison looks to recover $743 million in undercollections for 2018.

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