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[CEM 1429 / March 24, 2017]

CARB Approves Methane Emissions Regulation for Oil and Gas Facilities

The California Air Resources Board has approved a new regulation aimed at tackling fugitive and vented methane emissions from oil and natural gas facilities in the state. The regulation, described as the strictest in the nation, establishes standards designed to facilitate early detection of gas leaks, with an eye toward preventing the type of catastrophic leak that occurred at Aliso Canyon.

Task Force Charts Course for Offshore Wind Development

An intergovernmental task force is looking at accelerating siting of offshore wind projects along the California coast, but the group is hampered by a dearth of data. The effort comes as the U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management may issue a lease as early as the end of 2018.

IOUs Fail to Find Community Renewables Projects to Offer Customers

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Investor-owned utility customers eager to invest in local renewables will have to wait, as the IOUs have yet to secure projects for their community renewables programs. The utilities had hoped to have executed power-purchase agreements by now, but responses to a solicitation issued last year were sparse and ultimately did not result in any contracts. While some have blamed the lack of interest by developers on the program’s newness, others are questioning whether there’s enough benefit from the cost.

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