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[CEM 1445 / July 14, 2017]

Brown Testifies On New Cap-and-Trade Bills; Senate to Vote July 17

After a lengthy hearing July 13 that featured impassioned testimony from Gov. Jerry Brown, the state Senate Committee on Environmental Quality passed a bill to extend California’s cap-and-trade program to 2030. A companion bill would implement programs to fight air pollution at the local level.

Commissioners Extend Cost-of-Capital Time Frame Despite Omissions

The California Public Utilities Commission voted to extend the date for investor-owned utilities to file their cost-of-capital applications by two years, but commissioners strongly criticized the utilities and ratepayer groups for what they considered to be “troubling procedural irregularities” in the petition. The commission is also looking to implement a policy outlining a formal process for consultations with tribes.

Net Metering Debate Takes Center Stage at San Francisco’s Intersolar Confab

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The future terms of state net metering laws are likely to be the greatest determining factor in the continued growth of the solar industry, according to solar experts gathered in San Francisco at this year’s Intersolar North America conference and trade show. Energy storage costs and growth rates were also a hot topic at the show.

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  • Potomac: House Appropriations Panel Moves Bill Cutting Energy Research
  • NRG To Shed Up To 6 GW of Generation Assets In Restructuring
  • AMS Raises $34 Million In New Funding

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