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[CEM 1492 / June 15, 2018]

After Cal Fire Reports, PG&E Expects ‘Significant Liability’

PG&E Corp. expects to face significant financial liability following a series of reports from the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, which found that Pacific Gas & Electric equipment was responsible for causing 12 more of the North Bay wildfires. The reports found alleged violations of state law in eight of the 12 fires. PG&E now faces the prospect of being saddled with damages related to the firestorm.

CCAs Push Back Against CPUC ‘Green Book’ Contentions on Customer Choice

The California Public Utilities Commission’s recent paper that raised concerns over the consequences of California’s rapidly changing energy market draws unfair parallels, pushes unfounded assertions and lacks nuance, community choice aggregators said in informal comments on the report. While several CCAs acknowledged that the so-called Green Book raises important questions, they also protested against the way the paper characterized CCA growth.

Natural Gas Prices Drive Up 2017 Wholesale Power Costs

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Wholesale costs last year to serve California Independent System Operator load jumped about 25 percent, to $9.3 billion, according to an annual market performance report from the grid operator’s Department of Market Monitoring. The increase in wholesale costs was driven mainly by spot-market natural gas prices, which increased by about 27 percent compared with 2016.

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