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[CEM 1459 / October 20, 2017]

PG&E Facing Scrutiny Over Wildfires

Officials are looking into any potential role Pacific Gas & Electric may have had in causing the Wine Country wildfires, and expect the investigations to continue for months. Despite no clear cause of the fires yet, a Santa Rosa couple sued PG&E, alleging the utility did not properly maintain the vegetation surrounding its power lines. If found responsible, PG&E could be facing $2 billion in liability, one analyst estimates.

SMUD Bids to Provide Key Services for East Bay CCA

The Sacramento Municipal Utility District is making another big play in the state’s burgeoning community choice aggregation market, this time vying to provide key services for East Bay Community Energy, which is gearing up to launch CCA service in Alameda County. SMUD is competing to provide billing, data-management and call-center services to EBCE, as well as wholesale energy services. The district was recently selected to provide comprehensive support services for Valley Clean Energy Alliance, which is implementing a CCA program within Yolo County.

IOUs’ Green Tariffs, Community Renewables Slow to Get Going

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Investor-owned utilities in California are seeing some progress on their voluntary green-energy programs, whereby customers can choose to purchase higher levels of solar power or invest in an off-site renewables project, but overall participation is still well below the enrollment potential. The state’s three IOUs began offering green tariff options to customers in 2016 under the Green Tariff Shared Renewables program, which allows for up to 600 MW of total enrollment statewide. As it now stands, combined customer enrollment in GTSR is about 30 MW.

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