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[CEM 1471 / January 19, 2018]

CCA Supporters Push for Interim Solution to Address RA Issue

Community choice aggregators are asking the California Public Utilities Commission to consider interim measures to address concerns related to resource-adequacy procurement, rather than approving a draft resolution that would more drastically alter the CCA implementation process. The draft resolution calls for aligning the process of review for CCA implementation plans with the timeline for mandatory load forecast filings in the commission’s RA program, and would result in a one-year stay for launching service in new or expanding CCA programs.

CCAs Question Cost-Shift Estimates

Community choice aggregators questioned whether cost shift estimates suggested by utilities might be overstated during a two-day workshop at the California Public Utilities Commission, held as part of the agency’s effort to revise the Power Charge Indifference Adjustment. The CCAs raised concerns about “sensitive” data that is open to manipulation, and suggested other avenues to bring down costs for bundled customers.

SONGS Settlement Talks Proceed; New Scoping Ruling Clarifies Issues

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Southern California Edison, San Diego Gas & Electric and a number of parties in an investigation into costs related to the premature shutdown of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station appear to be making headway on negotiations for a revised or updated settlement, months after an earlier round of talks stalled. If the parties still cannot craft a settlement, they may be bound by a new schedule proposed by the officials at the California Public Utilities Commission overseeing the case.

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