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[CEM 1506 / September 21, 2018]

FERC Audit Says CAISO Didn’t Assure Monitor’s Independence

The California Independent System Operator did not adequately ensure that its Department of Market Monitoring was free of influence from the ISO’s management, according to a recent federal audit covering 2014 to early 2018. The Sept. 14 report by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s Office of Enforcement included 10 recommendations and looked at a number of other areas, including the accuracy of market participants’ data.

Brown Signs SB 901, Slew of Wildfire Bills, as Well as DCPP and DA Bills

Gov. Jerry Brown on Sept. 21 signed SB 901 into law along with more than two dozen other bills homing in on wildfire-related issues of insurance, forest management, and fire victims. The legislation is designed to strengthen the state’s ability to prevent and recover from catastrophic wildfires, the governor’s office said in announcing the new laws. Brown also enacted SB 237, which expands direct access, and SB 1090, which requires the full funding of the community-impacts and employee-retention programs in Pacific Gas & Electric’s Diablo Canyon Power Plant closure settlement.

Developer, CCA Eye Offshore and Onshore Wind in Humboldt County

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Efforts to develop wind farms in Humboldt County are picking up steam, with recent proposals for one offshore and one onshore project. Redwood Coast Energy Authority, which for months has been evaluating a local offshore wind-energy project, applied with several partners at the U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management for an offshore lease. And the county is moving forward with an environmental assessment for a 135-MW onshore project proposed by Terra-Gen.

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