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[CEM 1479 / March 16, 2018]

Department of Defense Outlines Obstructions to Offshore Wind Energy

The U.S. Department of Defense has made it clear that without its approval California’s plan for developing offshore wind-energy farms will remain beached, with the U.S. Navy claiming nearly the whole coast of the state off-limits or subject to vigorous site-specific preconditions. A new map from DOD outlines large swaths off the Pacific coast where wind development would overlap with naval operations.

Stakeholders Discuss Details of RA Program Modifications

Utilities, ratepayer advocates and other stakeholders are pitching ideas to the California Public Utilities Commission on revamping the resource-adequacy program. More than 20 stakeholders suggested changes to the program in recent comments filed with the commission. While many embraced the idea of a multi-year RA framework, opinions on the duration of the process varied. Parties also have differing thoughts on whether to create a centralized procurement system, or leave it up to individual LSEs.

Imperial Irrigation District and CAISO Settle Antitrust Suit

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The Imperial Irrigation District and the California Independent System Operator have reached a settlement in an antitrust lawsuit filed by IID that accused CAISO of monopolization of the power grid. IID announced the settlement after CAISO approved upgrades to the district’s S-Line, which will allow more renewable energy to flow from the IID service area to the CAISO grid.

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