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[CEM 1539 / May 17, 2019]

CAISO Frets Over Late-Afternoon Ramp, Passes Behind-the-Meter Reporting Rules

California Independent System Operator officials noted the massive growth of the afternoon generation ramp as solar resources go off line each day, saying that the ability to import energy from other areas in the West to meet ramping needs is tightening. The CAISO Board of Governors on May 15 passed a new set of rules for behind-the-meter generation load reporting.

Bankruptcy Judge Allows Termination of PG&E Storage Contract With mNoC

U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Dennis Montali on May 13 issued an order authorizing mNOC AERs LLC to terminate a contract to develop energy storage resources it had signed with Pacific Gas & Electric in 2018. The contract was to develop one portion of a 567-MW package the California Public Utilities Commission had ordered PG&E to procure, that is now seeing other partners seeking to exit.

Communities Explore Microgrids to Weather Utility Line Shut-Offs

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With the looming specter of utilities de-energizing power lines this wildfire season, many communities in California are exploring how microgrids might help them keep the power on. Fire stations, hospitals, water districts and other local facilities are looking beyond diesel backup generators for power security.

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