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[CEM 1442 / June 23, 2017]

FERC Highlights Aliso Canyon Concerns in Summer Reliability Assessment

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has issued its annual assessment of summer reliability in the United States. Power reserve margins should be adequate to ensure reliability in most regions of the U.S., including in the West, the report predicts. But the situation at Aliso Canyon continues to be a concern in California, given the natural gas storage facility’s role in helping to support gas-fired generation in the state.

CPUC Proposes Rulemaking to Evaluate Unpopular PCIA Charge

The California Public Utilities Commission has proposed opening a rulemaking to review and consider alternatives to the much-maligned Power Charge Indifference Adjustment. The CPUC’s proposal responds to longstanding concerns expressed by community choice aggregators and investor-owned utilities. Both believe current cost allocation under the PCIA is inequitable.

Utah’s White Mesa Uranium Mill Seeks Waste Processing License Amendment

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Faced with a downturn in U.S. utility demand for nuclear fuel, the White Mesa Mill in Utah—the only conventional uranium mill operating in the United States—once again will turn to processing uranium-rich waste from other companies and the government for ancillary income.

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