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About NewsData

Founded in 1982, NewsData (formerly known as Energy NewsData) provides a common frame of reference for thousands of energy professionals, keeping them well-informed on Western energy policy, markets, resources and other topics essential to their work.

NewsData's team of skilled, experienced journalists have a long-earned reputation for reliable, accurate, balanced and insightful reporting, founded on their deep understanding of energy matters.

A subsidiary of Pioneer Utility Resources (formerly known as Ruralite Services), NewsData publishes four primary energy newsletters: Clearing Up, covering the greater Pacific Northwest; California Energy Markets, focused on California and the Southwest; Water Power West, covering water power issues, development and hydro relicensing in Western North America; and NW Fishletter, which centers on the interplay of salmon and the Northwest hydroelectric system.

Other services include a weekly report on Western wholesale electricity and natural gas prices; a Northwest seasonal fish-tracking report; and an energy jobs portal.

We invite you to browse our website, and to contact us for more information on how you can access the West's premièr energy news and information services.

Energy Jobs Portal
Energy Jobs Portal
Check out the fastest growing database of energy jobs in the market today.
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